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Friday, December 23, 2016

Inventions Needed: Semi Automatic Slide Based Handgun Improvements 12 23 2016

Inventions Needed: Semi Automatic Slide Based Handgun Improvements 12 23 2016

If I were engineering a new slide or OEM slide for these types of guns I would put an aiming hole in the upper left hand corner of the slide as you are looking at the gun from the rear.  This hole would extend the entire length of the slide and out the front end of the slide in the same place.

This would allow for a more fail safe handgun.  Sights tend to go out of alignment, however an aiming hole running the length of the slide parallel to the barrel would never go out of alignment.

Sights can also fly off of these types of guns if not properly attached.

This would be a great addition to a military model of this general type of gun.

That aiming hole would allow for far more rapid target acquisition!!

It would perhaps be about 1/16" in diameter and would not take up much more room.

I also believe this type of sight is what should be used on top of these guns to replace the sight system that is there already  One tube running the entire length of the slide, on top of the slide as a gun sight.

Many decades ago I reconfigured the front sight on my shotgun.  I had never shot Skeet before.  But with that new sight I was able to shoot better than a friend who had shot skeet quite a bit.

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Two 1911 plunger tubes aligned and mounted/swaged for and aft on top of a slide might indeed be a very inexpensive way to get a highly accurate sight.  Bore sight/laser align them, tap the slide, swage them, may have to countersink for the width and it would be set.  Never have to worry about it drifting!  In fact if I could pick up a very inexpensive slide I would attempt it.

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