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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dateline Episode related to this link Remembering Erin 12 03 2016

Dateline Episode related to this link Remembering Erin  12 03 2016

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So I watched Dateline last night on 12 02 2016.  The episode was about a man named Chris who was a Marine who killed another Marines wife in the dessert and put her 140 down in  a mineshaft with a valve open propane tank.

What I didn't really understand was what Chris's true motive for killing Erin was?  What as the motive?  There was an alibi given but it seemed false and therefore not the motive to me.  So what was the motive?   So what was the motive?  Was it money?

Was it something like this.  Chris saying to Erin.  I am going to Alaska.  But I need money to get there?  And once he got the money he didn't go to Alaska but killed her?

I had to wonder if he was a hit man for the mafia too!

One of Chris's friends who mysteriously bailed on going with him in the desert that day stated that Chris talked about burying a body upright, so that ground penetrating radar couldn't see it.

So this is what he learned in our armed services?  How to perfect murder?

Initially I also believed his motive might be alcohol related.  When one drinks they open themselves up to the influence of the Devil?

But that body was 140 feet down in a narrow hole.  And it was placed to the side of the bottom of the hole?  Which means someone had to have gone down in that hole on a rope to put it there. 

It was 90 degrees and stuffy in that hole.  Could one man have climbed down 140 feet and back up.  Perhaps but I don't think they would want to chance it alone!  Not wanting to pass out?

Why was the torch not lit?

But why didn't he blow the mine hole?  Because he had planned on putting more people in it!!!!

{Psychiatry is 'Paranoia Accusational' and has made the United States defenseless against the actions of what amounts to the born mentally defective/criminal minded living devil among us!!!!}

Why not light the torch?  Because Chris got to the bottom of that shaft and smelled gases?  He knew he would be blown up if he did?

How many people have had their bodies put down in mineshafts and the shafts blown up with propane tanks?

Just about everyone in the story looked culpable except the husband.  Who looked to be honest although perhaps a little slow.

So was there money transfer?  Was there money transferred and then hidden.  Is there no money trail because banks were never used by participants.  Was there money missing from her accounts?  Did she have something of value she gave to him????  Gold ring perhaps?  Perhaps an expensive wedding ring?

Or was his motive for killing her more than she knew something criminal, hence a witness knowledge type motive?

I don't believe he went down in that hole without having someone to pull him up out of it!  So could that have been his wife with the truck?  They would have needed a mounted pully above the hole?  Or perhaps a different way to reduce friction on the rope used?

Accusational Psychiatry and Accusational Religion:  They are about the exact same.  Fear of being accussed of being a bad person for questioning something that doesn't seem right to you.  Accusational Psychiatry and Accusatioanal Religion cost Erin her life!

What am I getting at?  When her husband or her mother was asked a question by the investigators as to why they didn't think a certain thing.  Their answers were based on belief systems indoctrinated through Accusational Psychiatry and Accusatioanal Religion!

A common religious principle is to forgive.  And the husband erred in forgiving the man who his wife cheated on him with who ended up killing his wife.  He stated that accusational religious indoctrinated principle "Everyone deserves a second chance."

Accusational Religion is:  You are believing in yourself rather than Jesus Christ!  What an absolute horror someone who would preach that to you is!  Again in this case the living devil used that technique in order to lessen the personal defenses of his victims.

Often the criminal minded chide and toy with the concept of accusational psychiatry to loosen the defenses of their intended victims too.  Comments like "That is funny farm thinking." etc.  You know what I am talking about.  "You must be a tin foil hat person."

Accustational Psychiatry and Accusational Religion are tools of the Devil.

A psychiatrist will say "Who doesn't like you?"  The answer is very simple just read the newspaper everyday and you will see people do horrific things to people.

It seems any member of the health care community will divert to Accustational Psychiatry.  Also it seems to be unified to the academia system too.

There is indeed a reason the United States vowed to stop European Expansion!

Did I mention that you can't put someone off to the side in the bottom of a mineshaft unless you go down in it?

The only thing that brought a tear of this horrific individual was when he realized that he had booby trapped fire and rescue personnel who were likely former Marines too?  There was a false bottom in that mine shaft!  So that is your core?  A core being what two or more people have in common?  Like runts suckling on a pigs teats.   The thought that he might have harmed a fellow suckling brought the living devil to tears.  Can't get much more odd than you!

An invincible army man in times of peace; can't get much more of a contradiction to the United States Constitution than that, what we believe in in the United States, what we fight for in the United States, what we risk blood, life and limb for!  What we have fought throughout the history of this country for!


Had a few more points but I will stop here.

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Post Script.  What did I just flush out here with regard to an unconstitutional army in times of peace?  Why did the great founders of our Country hate that idea?  Because it is giving a Communal (ie Communist) mind to the mentally retarded in lei of Euthenization.  And it is a great threat to our Democracy and therefore human freedom worldwide!

The only emotions that Chris had were Communal emotions from bonding with men (homosexuality like) in the service in times of peace.

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