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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Inventions Needed Modular Additive Laptop Hard Drive 12 03 2016

Inventions Needed Modular Additive Laptop Hard Drive  12 03 2016

Okay so they put 2 Terabytes of storage space on what is about the exact same size as the inserted end of a plug on a usb cable.  It cost about $12 on Ebay.

That is a reality.  But because that is true what should also be true is that the hard drive on a laptop could be configured with that much storage space and also cost $12.  But it doesn't that amount of storage would likely cost you $1000.oo for a solid state laptop drive.  So apparently they are different technologies?

So what would then be needed would be a laptop drive that allowed you to incrementally increase the storage of such drive by adding small memory cards to it that cost $12 per 2 Terabytes.  In effect on a 2.5" form factor laptop drive you could put perhaps two or three layers of those and about 3 by 4.  Which would be 12 x 3= 36.  36 spaces times 2 Terabytes equals 72 Terabytes of hard drive space on a laptop.  The cost being 36 x `$12 =$432 for 72 Terabytes of data.

For photographs and music and movies that you created.  It seems like the pixel capture rate on Cameras keeps going up giving you more quality.

But what else could you accomplish with such a laptop drive?

Immediate duplication of data whereby if your computer became infected a second copy of you "Computer files" could immediately be up and running while the first was being formatted and replaced with the second copy good ones!

But why else would this be good?  You could upgrade your computer without ever having to upgrade the hard drive of it.  Swap it in the new one when the features of the new one got better and the that technology caught up or just improved.  Sometimes computers just wear out because of typing and screen bulb failure and main board failure.  And sometimes we like a new one just to have a fresh start one that isn't as beaten up and shabby.

PC's are not getting faster today.  However they are getting more energy efficient.

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