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Monday, November 28, 2016

Smoking and Drinking; why they do it. 11 28 2016

Smoking and Drinking; why they do it. 11 28 2016

A person takes a smoking break at work. Why?

To hide how unhappy they are at work. (Their is some legitimacy to that in our current limited liability legal form of business structure, ~Who wants to enrich those who are not capable of working or thinking for themselves?) Is it fair for me to assume that everyone I see in a low level job isn't capable of anything greater? When I see that they smoke and drink that assumption is indeed backed up for me!

A person drinks. Why? It numbs their mind and suppresses it? Why? Because they don't like how they think and express themselves? They can't stand the emotional pain of that? Well let me tell you that that emotional pain is needed in order to mentally develop, mature, learn and grow. So for some reason they are unable to learn or have been convinced that they are unable to learn?

They don't like how people see them? Hence they drink and smoke later to deal with that? And here we have been given a bunch of sore losers haven't we! How were they created? By a false idol structure! All you have to do to be successful in life is play professional sports and you don't even need to play them fairly to be considered a professional! And that sore looser mentality, trickles right down to be a burden to every son and daughter in the world doesn't it! Not everyone is going to make those millions even though you don't have to play fair to make them! But the sore loser still equates themselves to being one of those million dollar cretins! Really insightful point on that coming up considering the psychology of the sore loser based on false idolatry.

As long as you have a clear conscience you should like yourself and not care what other people think of you.

They smoke and rink to fake fitting in the role that they are in in society? What have we been conditioned to do? When we achieve success to drink alcohol in order to celebrate? Are we to believe that that somehow reinforces that success or achievement? That is milestone marks it? I would assert that it detracts from it! In effect it is a construct of the mind of the thief being instilled in us! “I made it hah hah hah, now I am going to numb my mind of that achievement with alcohol!” Now if you cheated in the process you need that alcohol in order to self legitimize don't you!” I so want to take that away from you!

To suppress hatred and envy of others because they know they themselves to have nothing to be proud of!

Why do they smoke and drink? Perhaps this belief system is an indoctrinated form of demonic possession in itself! Do you see it? Controlled by a bad parent all their lives equates to demonic possession because of the belief system forced upon them?

Why do they smoke and drink?

The smoker and drinker never has any human conscience as to children who were abused, neglected and abandoned by the smoker and drinker! To not have a human conscience defines you as not being human as far as I am concerned! The embodiment of a crime against humanity!

So why do they smoke and drink? So they can feel like some star they see on television. (I won't capitalize the word television anymore; it does not deserve that respect!)

Now here is the real illness I alluded to earlier. ~ TO DEFEND AN IDOL AS IF YOU ARE THEM BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE ANYTHING YOURSELF!

Out of fear the rest of us end up saying, “Yes Chris that Quarterback would make a great civic leader.”

The male who is promoting that stuff to us thinks like a woman doesn't he! And he attempts to imprint it on us. Why? The pain he would experience in life of him not doing so would be much greater. He has been conditioned to be that way! Brutally emotionally abused and beaten up by his rag of a woman mother and then wife. ~We tend to marry women who are like our mothers. Or perhaps having memories of how he was when he didn't comply with such woman at some point in his life? Perhaps seeing the negative example of those who were ruined by such women was enough to make a weak minded man of him.

But do you see how the hag of a woman benefits from false idols?

(You could shut up with the voices any day for good and I wouldn't be compelled to write this.) You believe that me writing this is only what makes it true. And that is wrong, reality doesn't work that way. It is true whether I wrote it or not! And people you claim to love are victimized by it! So it is best that someone articulate it for YOU! Even though you hate it!

Again do you see how the hag of a woman benefits from false idols? She likes to offer them as a negative comparison of you; to you! A certain way of her to compare you negatively to someone else. And if you were born a jughead right from the start how else is she supposed to raise you? Right there might be a reason women should never be allowed to vote!

It is big business! The retard is the business!

She likes to offer a false idol to you in comparison because it makes the retard use more alcohol and tobacco in order to compensate for lack of happiness.

And who controls our belief systems in the world today? With regard to normalization of homosexuality as was the topic of a prior article I wrote today? Those with the most money control our belief systems. And who are they? They are the alcohol and tobacco companies!!!!


And when she negatively compares you she elevates her emotional self and empowers herself over you!

“So what if I don't play the game as well as that defensive back; he is cheating on every play.” {Might be your personal defense as you are sucked in the void to watch that. And do you know what I think? There is no better place than a jughead to be; glued right to that television set rather than being out and about and causing a potential danger to mankind.}

Hence the hag creates and fosters the criminal mind in you! “He is cheating in life, highly successful and not getting caught. So should you!”

Again, the hag has just lessened men!

What does the jughead know already? That anyone who defies the hag is subjected to the unholy grail of demonic voices! He wants no part of that, hence his life and persona is really one of a dog that walks with its tail tucked between its back legs!

The hag wants everyone to think under her domain or not at all!

Look at how the coven berates a man who can think for himself. “That is what will happen to you too Anthony, if you attempt to think for yourself. Tony junior you take note too! Now help us curse this man Tony Junior!”

Right there she is making a miserable queer out of him!

Much worse than just penis envy this retard has envy of human beings that can think for themselves as much as the hag woman does!

The Eugenics Movement and Prohibition came together!

Let's just say there was nothing more beautiful than Prohibition to the human race!

Every time I mention that hag and hagmen seem to pop up everywhere that I go next spitefully promoting alcohol in ostensible manner!


A little off topic. A hag sees a switchblade and say's it is scary even though it is far safer than a kitchen knife because it quickly retracts the sharp blade into its own enclosed handle; and therefore protects everyone from the sharp blade. No somewhere in there, there is symbolism of male fertility isn't there?

I have seen very few if any made with a six inch out the front German steel blade. Puzzles me. Cost of a cast handle? Likely 10 cents. Cost to produce a German steel blade likely $1. Shouldn't cost a person who lives in a country with the Second Amendment Right $400 retail, if they were even made!

Make it with graphite handle inserts and there you have something nice and great again. Our Supreme Law says you have the right to have such things. That Supreme Law also directly means we are not to be oppressed by those born mentally defective!


The hag curses you with voices because you are human. What are the odds that beast will victimize you or your born normal child in any way possible? 100%

The normal children might curse a hag because she is as per above evil and a threat to them! But she soaks that up like a sponge! She takes ownership of that! She waits and thinks along with it. Until you are just about ready to entire the real working world after college! Then boom! The coven curses you and you develop what is labeled schizophrenia. It is the hag and hagson that was with you all along soaking up the product of your human mind like a sponge; as if it were their own!

The normal child does not curse out of envy like the hag does. Why not? Because the normal child doesn't know the meaning of it!!!! It is foreign to them! They were born and raised in love!

However that is the first thing the hag teaches her children; no matter how she attained them!

Any mousy sized runt the hag bears is the worst at it! A mousy coveting miserable little tobacco stained skin kid with a shriveled placenta brain that takes great delight in negatively comparing you to false idols! Why? Because it makes him feel like one himself; rather than what he is! We were forced to accept the normalization of homosexuality concept because of that breed!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
It is a little bit of false propaganda “A man can hold his alcohol.” Just the opposite is true, men don't drink alcohol and have no reason to!

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