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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

This would allow you to take pictures of birds flying in the sky and not fall down while doing so.  Because you would not have to hold the camera up to your eye to aim, you could hold it away from your face and align the peep hole with the bird and push the shutter button.

The hot shoe of the camera is on top of the camera and can be used to attach accessories.  But I have never seen a remote aiming peep hole or rod hole on the top of one.

I would patent this if my mind was distraction free of voices and I was therefore able to.

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, September 8, 2017

Monkey Verbiage 09 08 2017

 Monkey Verbiage 09 08 2017

Compare these two sentences.

1.  Where my food at?
2.  Does not promote tooth decay.

"Where my food at?"  A linguist could probably analyze that sentence and find a commonality to monkey behavior in some way?

But what about "Does not promote tooth decay?"  That one is a far worse monkey isn't it?  The common context of the word promote is that it is something that a person does.  As in "We are using money to promote a candidate for public office."  "I am promoting that you use this product."

How many instances can you think of of that word  being used as a non person is doing the promoting?  It is indeed promoting a false authority isn't it?  Or a denial of responsibility?  It is a nasty lie isn't it.  But by someone very clever.  Someone that wants to make a monkey out of you?  Someone that wants to make a monkey out of a human being is no better than a monkey themselves.  That phrase always bothered me.  That and the person who wrote it can get on the next train out of here.  It is a weak phrase made to look strong?  "We are promoting that this product will not cause tooth decay?"  They didn't want to say that did they.  So instead they attempt to put the authority inherent into the product.  It is a lot like a Corporation is a person.  No it isn't.  A corporation is a collection of rotten people, who do not want to be held accountable for their actions and the liabilities that they create in order to "change American money"  A few standards less than that of men.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

On Immigration 09 08 2017 Subtitled "Horses Head Wants a Drink"

On Immigration 09 08 2017 Subtitled "Horses Head Wants a Drink"

You never want to participate in anything so horrific that no other foreign country on earth would accept you as an immigrant.

Conceptualize a country that would accept all those who committed horrific acts if they paid large sums of money to get into it?

When you hear someone very wealthy and connected saying that we should send immigrants back to their own country do you consider it to be posturing so that they pay more money to come into that country in some way? "Buy in now before it is too late." Marketing principle.

I don't believe in Communism but I wonder if we can credit communism countries with any medical breakthroughs because those countries were not subject to corruption based on money?

So lets say you wanted to create a criminal world order? You would need to defile the strongest country on earth in some way? You would need to defile a country where the men think like men should. How would you do that?

First you would need to make their currency the equivalent of your own so that you could buy your way into it. You might even create a Communist country out of your own so that you could accumulate great wealth from slavery operations like mining or manufacturing.

This would be your way of saying all countries are equivalent and all people are capable of living in a standard of equality; when in reality you are creating a criminal empire.

After too long it wouldn't matter if your currency was convertible or not because you would already control ALL countries on earth.

Per our Constitution Congress has the power to declare foreign currencies worthless.

Are there wealthy that live in democracies who want to declare the currency of the normal individual worthless? Actively create the symptoms of mental illness in the normal individual? Could such individuals be said to have all come from one foreign country?

Should Congress also have the power to declare the currency of the individual, who is a member of the corrupt faction above and is a United States Citizen, should Congress have the power to declare that criminal minded persons currency worthless?

What about a new family member that is born into corruption and can learn nothing else? Is there a genetic component to corruption? Should Congress have the power to declare the value of that family lines currency worthless? In other words you participated in something so horrific that we declare your money is worthless here and everyone else in the world?

Is that really the equivalent of Genocide? Does it really justify genocide? How are you to root out a criminal element from your country, a nation that fought and died for freedom, a nation that believed wholeheartedly in equality, how to you bring that criminal element to justice other than genocide?

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

What if somehow the drugs coming into this country are part of a scheme to build wealth in foreign nations and in this nation? Lets say you had something called organized crime in the United States. Would that organization develop a way or scheme to profit from bringing drugs into the United States while at the same time evading our labor laws to pay people less than they would have to pay a white citizen? Could it all be done through blind trusts of the non working wealth class? They have to keep the money in the family some way don't they? Do I mind someone that is capable as a boy or young man of doing everything a man should be able to do such as mechanical work, applied reading writing and math having what is termed unearned income? Do I mind someone like that winning the lottery? No. Do I mind someone that can and never will attain the right of passage to manhood having unearned income? You give him a wrench or hammer to work with and as you watch him try and use it it would be like watching one queer touch another? What I really mind is being taunted with voices of the by definition ineffectual.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Humor: 08 30 2017

Humor: 08 30 2017

"That little piece of eggshell in your scrambled eggs; that's your lucky charm!"

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Humor 08 29 2017

Humor 08 29 2017

About as dumb as a "Tattoo Typo."

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

I always heard the saying loud pipes save lives which is in favor of loud traditional motorcycles.  The Police used to ticket people who drove cars that had an exhaust leak and were very loud, they likely still do.

My outboard motor is a Direct Injection 25 horsepower and it is very fast.  It is also very quiet!!!  It weighs about 160 pounds.  I have to wonder how fast it would be in a motorcycle?

But one of the reasons I like it is because it is quiet.  I for the life of me don't understand how riding a motorcycle would be any different.  To get off of one of those things after it being that loud all day?  You have to have a certain degree of deafness.  Now tell me this, HOW IS OPERATING A MOTORCYCLE WITH A CERTAIN DEGREE OF DEAFNESS GOOD FOR YOUR LONGEVITY?  It doesn't make sense does it.  If you need the cars to hear you then you are not operating it defensively as you should.

The real reason you like it loud is because you like to cause trouble?  I have to wonder how many motorcycle riders were known to be that type of trouble in their lives?

Also ever go out to the country and someone has put a glass pack loud muffler system on their truck?  To me that is terrorizing the neighborhood.

Is a direct oil injection motorcycle even made?  It would be less polluting and more energy efficient.

You would have to compare motorcycle accidents on loud bikes versus motorcycle accidents on more quiet bikes.  I'll bet you a buck the quiet ones have fewer accidents.


What if every small town in the United States had to have a breakfast house were everyone had to try a hand at working at at some point in their lives?  I think that would bring back what America is supposed to be.  This would have to occur is a post alcohol world though.

Is a German American really even a German?  Are they really an American?


So does anyone make a direct injection motorcycle?


How many car accidents do loud motorcycles cause?
How many shop accidents as the person working on the machine tool is distracted by the noise of one?
How many kids in school are distracted from learning when they hear one going through their neighborhood?  Do you want to know something?  There is nothing the mentally deficient like better than a distraction in a learning environment!

Main point?  How can you get off of a loud motorcycle after a day of riding and not have a pounding headache from the noise of it? Irritable when someone asks you something because you can't hear?

Do you know why loud motorcycles are around?  Because it is a kiss the butt of anyone who has money economy.

©  2017 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recipes: Tomato Soup Recipe 07 13 2017

Recipes: Tomato Soup Recipe 07 13 2017: Tomato Soup Recipe 07 13 2017 I purchased a bucket of 10 large tomatoes for about $1 and decided to make soup out of 7 of them. ...

Friday, June 23, 2017

A manufacturing economy relies upon the intelligent of us to readily spot weaknesses 06 23 2017

A manufacturing economy relies upon the intelligent of us to readily spot weaknesses. It relies on the intelligent among us to readily exert our right to free speech with regard to the weaknesses we see.

There is a great difference between being responsible when it doesn't matter if you are or not (health care and corporate America) and being responsible. That difference needs to be eliminated.

The reason that immigration is booming is because they don't care how you treat them as long as you pay them in Lincoln Pennies. It means that they are of a weaker standard of character than the average American.

I heard on the radio this AM that 65 million Americans were displaced from their homes in one of the last few years. I can't validate that stat. But that is about 1 in 5 of us or 20%. That isn't a manufacturing economy that is a insurrection financial economy.

“We” will never have a manufacturing economy in the United States again because the mentally defective loath being spotted! They drive those who do insane with voices.

So watch your High School fagot playing sports in tights.


How does a Monarchy form? Whack off to the same woman one too many times and she and all her retarded hench people will have the exact same mind as you; imprinted on the voyeur class by your Holy Spirit. Don't you dare spot their weaknesses.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Monday, April 3, 2017

Opening Day of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team 04 03 2017

Opening Day of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team 04 03 2017

What do I think about this?  It is a gathering of a bunch of drunken low lifes!

What is it really?  A new concept for Government to understand.

"Neglecting your children through by the use of alcohol."

Perhaps I could even go one better than that,

"Abusing your children while neglecting them through the use of alcohol."

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

On Trumps claims of being Wiretapped 03 16 2017

On Trumps claims of being Wiretapped 03 16 2017

Whoever it is that did it, the FBI?, agreed with what his plans were for our Democracy.  If it was the FBI they then upon agreeing with what they learned from the wiretap delayed evidence that helped Trump?

But on Wiretapping.  They can likely wiretap anyone without even having to go in their home.  They focus a laser on the window and it is able to record all that is said inside of the home!

If you have a cable box, computer, television, phone or digital radio they can likely wiretap you with ease.  It involves intercepting signals and decoding them.  They can likely toggle up an inherent camera in your laptop to view you.  They likely have those in all the latter devices mentioned too.  The founder of Facebook puts a piece of tape over the laptop camera.  I have been doing that since I bought my first laptop; black electrical tape.

Every computer screen puts out its own radiation signature.  Using a radiation reciever they can see what you are typing as you type it just as if they are looking at the exact same computer as you are.

They can crack 256 character internet browser passwords.

They can likely readily crack the osiris ransom-ware in a millisecond!  That software technology AES and () was created FOR the United States Government in the 1970's.  They know the skeleton key of ratios to large prime numbers to do that.

And anyone with high technology aptitude can likely do that.

They also have the ability to see inside your home every single thing that goes on in there remotely, through millimeter wave technology.  A woman who worked for Honeywell told me that they have had awful stuff like that for well over 35 years.

They even have the ability to pyscho deenergize your human brain via emf technology!  Once they pyscho deenergize your brain they can indeed brain wash you and control you.  Which makes you wonder if Trump isn't being controlled?

So if the NSA is wiretapping you so is Great Britain because they have an ungodly alliance.

So Trump is cutting Department of State funding?  Better to do it legitimately like that then the US Gov blow up the Pentagon and a CIA building as what happened in 911???


Lets hope that Trump is on the side of man.  He may be wily enough to know that he was wiretapped and to have said what he knew they wanted to hear that he didn't believe himself?

There is some indication that is true.


So in WI they want to increase the High Capacity farming wells and make them easier to own?  So you can flush more cow manure into the Wisconsin River?  Some people would think a lot better if they ate no meat at all.  In fact perhaps all of those of low IQ,  I am not going to run out the list of disorders that have it, should be prevented from eating meat.  If meat isn't good for them milk likely isn't either.  You want to give the retard a strict diet of vegetable DNA so that it doesn't have to convert (digestively break down to base proteins) animal dna and become a harbinger of new viruses and cancers.

(Pardon my grammar I got a kid with a big round head and bulging eyeballs talking to me via microwave broadcasting.)  The Bible is pretty clear about them, "Why try and teach a fool it is like trying to glue a pot of water back together.)

And what do you want to use those wells for?  So that you can produce more grains going into beer and alcohol?  So that another drunk Captain of an Exon Valdez can run aground and ruin our life sustaining ecosystem?

But increased funding to boarder patrol?  Can I be reading into that what I think I am?

If you hear voices you are indeed being "wiretapped."  Something in the Bible about a race of people that spend their whole lifetimes attempting to be someone else.

They don't need to install wires to wiretap you!  And if you are planning something they already know what it is just as if it were themselves doing that planning.  It makes them look like a great hero.  This is indeed why the FBI had to create false chains of evidence; they didn't want it revealed that the soulless all have the minds of the victims of their hate crimes; someone they labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Suggestion for Microsoft 03 11 2017

Suggestion for Microsoft 03 11 2017

You would think that Microsoft create a simple way to allow you to sort file results that are viewed by icon by date.  Currently you have to pull up file details, sort it by date and then change to icon view.

They need to create a way in their next operating system so that when you are in icon view you can sort results by date with just one click.  This would save a lot of productivity time.

How long have we had the windows operating system without that ability? Why aren't they able to think about it?  Perhaps it has to do with what the FBI said about their ability to hire people with software expertise, they couldn't find any that weren't pot users.  Which brings me to the next point.  The FBI wants to hire someone and they find they are a pot user.  Shouldn't they put that person in jail?  Looks like their job just got real easy for them?  If not what are we paying them for?

I believe that every marijuana user in the United States should be sent to a penal colony/detention center.   They should be evaluated to see if there is a brain abnormality preventing them from living among us without being drugged out mean freaks.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Friday, March 10, 2017

News Alert on Schizophrenia 03 10 2017

News Alert on Schizophrenia:

The Bible tells us of more than one person having the same mind/soul in 1 Corinthians 6. Christ was indeed a man in human form.
But what it doesn't tell you is that the modern term for the person they all have the same mind/soul of is a schizophrenic.
You need something stronger to pray when you have schizophrenia. Try this prayer in self defense. It accurately labels who is who in this world puts the word of God out there!

" The Bible tells us of more than one person having the same mind/soul
Lord God Our Father deliver us from the Devil
Lord God Our Father deliver us from the Beast.
Lord God deliver us from this hell."

Repeat that prayer with very strong Conviction as to what it means and the demonic possessor of your body will start to leave you. It completely debunks schizophrenia as a medical illness and proves it is fraud. Pray it silently in personal defense. It is a form of exorcism because the demonic possessor knows what it means and can't stand it. Therefore they cannot link up or tune in to you as well. It is a abject put down to them. It deflates any and all pretense they have in life. And you can feel free to start versus 2 through 4 of it with either "Lord God Our Father" or just "Lord God" for variety or how it suits you best.

The fact that the Bible tells us of more than one person having a same mind/soul validates what every schizophrenic says about themselves when they assert more than one voice is talking/cursing to them and it is not their own voice.   There is also implication that these are prostitute and therefore hag type of women.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Monday, March 6, 2017

Diatribe Date 03 06 2017

Diatribe Date 03 06 2017

The biggest threat to American Capitalism is a communist country adopting capitalism and being far better at it than we are and waging war on us. How many of you would turn a blind eye while the corrupt where cleaned out of the United States?

Enough about Donald Trumps tax records I want to see his report card from school the year before he was sent to the New York Military Academy by his father.

What about Charities. Lets say one billionaire gives a substantial donation to the charity founded by the son and daughter of another charity and the billionaire father of the owner of that charity donates a substantial amount to the charity of the first billionaires son. They never have to work in their life because of the interest they earn and the charity management fee they receive from that what amounts to gift money.

They don't want you to see their tax records because of whose charities they have given to. Let me expand upon that concept a little bit.

Any women that drinks while pregnant and has a mentally defective child should be charged with a crime against humanity. While are they not held to the same standard of criminal intent as the rest of us? You do something bad to someone it is established that you had the intent to do it. You throw a snowball at someones head and you blind them in one eye the law says that you had the intent to blind them.

I have to wonder if someone's first wife drank like a horse while pregnant?

Now lets say you have what amounts to be a unified world religious organization, that is mired in lawsuits for sexually molesting children. They are a charity. They take a stance on a political issue doesn't really matter too much, but it has to be something morally compelling to negate the culpability of their satanism. Now you have a very wealthy man who 1. Takes that same political stance on the issue. 2. Makes a large donation to that Satanic religion and in doing so also promotes that other people should to. He has just very cheaply bought the best advertising and promotion for his political candidacy possible.

But look at the function of a private school being a charity. Do know what I come up with, “Welcome to the military academy Big D, see that gentile over there on cot number 13, you can do anything you want to him.”

Copyright 2017 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Humor 02 04 2017B

Man reading book "The Voyage of  the Cauldron Skipper"  in Mobile Angle Iron Hammock

Copyright 2017 Thomas Murphy

Humor 02 04 2017

Spotted the watchdog in the window, poised and likely waiting for his master to come home.  Had to take a picture.  Something to do with loyalty that is endearing?  Perhaps what is funny is that a Dog is looking over us?

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If you wanted to criminally fake an election result 01 31 2017

If you wanted to criminally fake an election result you would travel around the country before the election and use "Emolument Grease" on members of the Electoral College, their family members or business associates "To Be" thereof. It would indeed be treason and treason is punishable by death.
Did we just see that "Emolument Grease" come out of the pocket yesterday in the form of decreased regulations?
"Go ahead Donald Trump publicly make fun of me directly and see if the tide turns in even greater favor of you?"

Just watch how this administration is working in direct conjunction with the media.  They are always doing or saying two things that are the exact opposite at once!  1.  One is the real intent.  2. Two is the broom that sweeps away the emotional tracks of those who would catch on.   The second keeps you from getting pissed about the first.  But why do you do this?  Because if you had to make money in a fair system you would never be able to. 

Look at the amount of money spent by Political Action Committees (PAC) year round and tell me that that isn't "Emolument Grease" 

A good way to tell who doesn't belong in the Professional Position they are in in our society is just ask yourself, "Would this person even make a good restaurant waiter?"  It is really that simple!

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Here is how dumb you really are 01 18 2017

Here is how dumb you really are   01 18 2017

"The man whose wife died of ovarian cancer contracted through his tobacco tongue!"

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, January 9, 2017

Inventions Needed: Shallow Water Boat Trailer modification 01 09 2017

Inventions Needed:  Shallow Water Boat Trailer modification 01 09 2017

This invention helps a boater launch his boat and retrieve it to the trailer in very shallow water.

It is basically a second set of bunks that extend out from a channel under the main set of bunks and/ or attach to the tail end of the main bunks via a hinge pin.  The very end of them are weighted so that they sink.  It would seem to be a very easy way to accomplish a shallow water boat launch.  The diagram tells more about it.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Humor about the Golden Globes 01 08 2017

Humor about the Golden Globes 01 08 2017

The other night when I heard a TV commentator use the term "Hollywood Movie Royalty" my counter emotion was "Eviction Class Transport Ships."

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy
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New York Giants 13 at Green Bay Packers 38 01 08 2017

New York Giants 13 at Green Bay Packers 38 01 08 2017

How to run back a kickoff or punt. I think of this as I watch the Giants player studder stepping while the defense is still 10 yards away from them.

Very quickly you catch the ball and secure it in your running arm. That should be second nature but is still critical. While you are catching the ball you have to have a sense from your peripheral vision of just where you are going with it! You should have that planned out in about 3 different moves right then!

The next thing you do is level your vision from catching the ball to the field and start running as fast as you can in the direction of the touchdown end-zone. Speed kills! If there are defenders a few paces in front of you do not attempt to psych them out from a distance like we saw the Giant's player doing. Run straight for them as fast as you can!!!! When you are one and a half steps from them that is where you quickly evade them as you are still going in the general forward direction. One or two steps sideways forward and you are past them building up horrendous speed again!

Let me tell you what happens next. After you get past that first defender the rest will be in a state of defensive shock and not able to step up and make the tackle of you. Psychologically they are the second best jug heads on the field who are not fast enough to get down the field to you first in the first place. These are the players that expect specialized players to be able to do all the work on a specific part of the field for them. That field should be yours to the end-zone.

This is exactly how all the great kick receivers do it. It is how I did it as a boy.

But if you do not have the speed, balance, sidestepping and studder stepping ability in order to accomplish the above you should not be on that Professional Football Field in the first place.

Speed kills defense and they don't expect it. They expect you to be the little Shirley Temple girly man that dodges left and right falls down when tackled and then takes a big box department store smoking break on the bench out front.

Any player who has to look up the field after a catch as if he needs to draw a map with fishing spots on it should not be in that position. After quick catch and securing of the ball you turn up the rockets and take off. Speed kills defense!

Now lets expand this concept with the passing game! That is exactly what every good or great quarterback expects you to do. When they toss that ball out there you as the receiver should never expect that you can be overthrown. You have to know about what time that ball is going to leave the quarterbacks hands so that you are not constantly looking back. You also have to have the ability to run as fast as you can forward with your head looking to the side as you can with your head looking forward. That should be standard prerequisite to be hired as a receiver in the NFL. Which means you have the ability to glance back in a manner not to que the defender and it not affect your speed.

If you are overthrown it means that you couldn't naturally figure out a way to get where that ball was going to be when it was going to be there; which means most of the time it is your fault.

Now what do you do when you are flat out running and for some freak reason someone comes out of the horse stable and is naturally faster than you and gaining on you? At the very moment of approach you have the have the pure movement ability without any contact to them that they land in the grass like a big sissy mommas boy that couldn't learn anything in school. A big pile of cud stuck in there mouth as you stopped on a dime at the moment of tackle and went around that wreck of a person diving into the ground. This move can be accomplished when you are being narrowed out at the sideline or anywhere on the field in the above circumstance.
As a running back your studder step should be so good that the shortest and best player on the other team falls to the ground when confronted by you. And sadly enough it is usually only the small backs that have that level of talent in the NFL today. It should not be that way.

But without making an analysis of this in terms of studder step evasion you have to look at the defender the gestalt of their silhouette? No the coaches always say to look at their waste and hips to know what direction they are going in or expect you will be going in in a studder step confrontation. But you look at that level and the gestalt image of that persons body and you will be able to tell how they are going to fall like a tree in relation to your own footwork. You are not really looking because it is happening so fast you are more or less anticipating how fast you are going to be going in the other direction after they fall to the ground and trip on their own dunce hat feet.

Your feet should be moving so fast that a defender would be erring if they attempted to knock the ball from your arm rather than tackle you. But if it gets tight and they are closing you want to keep the main part of your body and where you are holding the ball directly opposite of them.

Cobb just caught a hail marry in the back of the end-zone! Absolutely beautiful. From the play before that when the Packer dropped the ball who would have expected that excellence. The player in the prior play looks a little sluggish. The score is now two field goals Giants to two touchdowns Green Bay, 6 to 14 in favor of Green Bay.

What do I really think of the professional athlete that came from a poor neighborhood to be famous? That they sold out the neighborhoods they came from and this country.


Off topic:

“Wouldn't you like to be up there in the cold watching that game.” A family member asked me.
“Things like that used to be fun. However you really didn't care about the game you more cared about how long it would take you to finish your beer before you get another one.” If you are able to not drink and become alcohol free you will realize how much of your lifetime was complete wasted doing just that!

And what kind of a man smokes at home? Then his wife starts smoking too because the second hand smoke addicted her to it. She can't stop and gets breast cancer and is long gone in his life. Because he couldn't handle his own emotions without a cigarette?


Time check. 7:32 minutes: seconds into third quarter. Doesn't' seem to be much going on. Grinding the ball to keep the lead and playing solid defense.

As I think about the advice I just gave you I have to question players that are in the game and use extra force to hurt or disable another player. Every player knows how hard they have to tackle someone to get them down. Perhaps when there is an injury such as a broken rib from a helmet spearing into the side the player that speared him should be out of the league. What are those cameras for if not collecting evidence. Wouldn't you like to watch the game I described above rather than that. Send the bad ones home to mow lawn for a living and you have truly made the game more Professional. “What you say your coach told you to play that way? Upon confirmation he is out of the league and pre-leagues too!”

“I didn't know I was sticking my fingers in his eyes.” “I didn't know I was stomping on his hand with the cleats of my heal.” ~”Yes you did, you are out of here!”

Time Check 4:20 left in the third quarter. Giants scored a touchdown while I was vacuuming out a crumb from under the space bar of my laptop, making it Giants 13 Green Bay 14.

Rogers just threw an arrow from a 70lb bow to Cobb for a touchdown. Score Giants 13 Green Bay 21.

Was that high stepping or was it really stretching of horse legs in long stride? Was it more of a safety type running? Whereby when you run that way you know you are unlikely to fall? I have never really ran that way, it looked like fun.

Giants just caught the ball on the 3 yard line, they are looking like somehow they have become confused?

I thought he had that ball enough to make it an interception.

And after the kickoff had Hyde started running faster and sooner could that have been a touchdown? As it stands it was a 23 yard gain which is really good.

Humor: Adams looked like a gobble necked goose as he tried to stabilize his body after making a really good catch.

Time check. 1:15 left in 3rd q

If the defense is solid running into the center than trick the run out to the side for awhile and see if that defense follows to it and loosens up. But you need lateral speed to do that.

Crosby Field Goal, score 13 NYG to 24 GB. Time check: 21 seconds left in third.

For the record I believe in always running the football back no matter how deep in the backfield the kick is! Again speed beats defense. I don't like the kneel down. I also don't like the torpedo tackling of a receiver as he is looking up and securing a catch. Again there is an issue of you knowing how much power it takes to tackle him and how much power it takes to tackle him and also likely physically disable him at the same time. One is indeed mean spirited and non competitive. “Where is the other teams players today?” “We disabled every single one of them in the last game before the playoffs! This is football it is about winning! Go knit your fishing net some more.” In fact I want everyone who is like that to leave the United States!

Time check 9:19 left in the fourth. Rodgers just through a clothes line pass to Cobb in the End-zone. A 16 yard pass. What do I have to say about this? We are very lucky the defense isn't bright enough to intercept these.

NYG 13 GB 31

At the beginning of the game NYG defense looked solid but our pinpointing offense picked them apart and kept them in the defeated haven't even caught up state all game.


Mathews created a Quarterback fumble and then was the only player with the prescience to go claim it while it was rolling on the ground!!! Where is everyone else? Wondering how another joint makes them feel? The Celtic Viking spirit you just saw there is classic!

Will be interesting to see how Green Bay does in the playoffs. Our weakness would be a stronger defense breaking through and sacking the energy out of Rogers.

Interesting to watch Green Bay play. It seems to go at a wining pace you don't expect? Which means what? They are not discouraged by a few plays that don't go well. And also that they are not carried forward by a consistent winning spirit even though they are winning. They just seem to keep fighting at above whatever the competitors effort is; and beating them. When you see the great completions you don't seem to keep an image of them in your mind because they were so narrowly attained? And yet someone the team they are playing against you can see they know they are going to lose after a certain point. And perhaps it is just this. Time after time those fast straight passes that are right on the numbers and completed. That is it isn't it. The passes that are on the numbers! You don't see many outstretched arm completions. Very few pick up from the feet level catches if any. It is like a working mans effort? “This is how it is done. We keep on this course.” And perhaps it is just that it doesn't form much of a highlight image of memory in your mind as to how it was done. Because it was all mundane right on the numbers stuff.

Ritkowski (sp?) just ran one in for a touchdown. (Looked like his right knew was down to me :)

NYG 13 GB 38

Time check 2:30 seconds left in the Q4.

We just missed an easy interception, because two of our players were going up for it at the same time. What happened to the “I call it!” rule? It could matter early in the heart of another game sometime in the future.

I see a lot of running to the side line. The great ones have the confidence and skill to use all the field, cut back into the center and run to the end-zone.

Randall just caught an interception in the end-zone and ran it perhaps 65 yards back!!! Love it!

Final Score NYG 13 Green Bay Packers 38 for the win!

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Off topic:

Are there white teachers who work at Black Schools and ruin the kids by targeting them to be mean to? I have to wonder, knowing how a bad teacher will play off the mind of one student in order for the rest to learn?? I want to bring back Prohibition until the end of time.

I don't watch the half time show crew. To me to have to listen to that; it is like being a teacher in a classroom full of disrespectful juvenile delinquents.

Friday, January 6, 2017

How to Revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall 01 06 2017

How to Revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall  01 06 2017

They seem to have tried everything and it doesn't work!

You want to revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall you put a Gun Store in there with a Gun Range!!

They should also do the same thing with the North Ridge Mall!

And you indeed have to maintain high standards of conduct at a place like that!

There also needs to be a fishing store.  Seems like the fishing stores all went away in Milwaukee when the shore fishing on Lake Michigan got bad.

When I was a boy there was a M&M Sporting Goods just off of Capital Drive on Richards, there was a Crown Sporting Goods, and there was a Spheris Sporting Goods on about 76th and Capital.  And they were all great places to go to shop.  Kohls Department stores and Sears had fishing lures too!

To be fair you really wouldn't want some low life drug user juvenile delinquent (retard) fishing next to you on shore or even in the same park as you.

Is mention of that word in that context a hate crime?  You will be very surprised when you find out what type of person is guilty of one of the most horrific hate crimes in human history; the mentally retarded being trained to cause schizophrenia in the normal!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stock Market Reform Proposal: Market Makers in a stock must share that profit from short selling directly with the investors in that stock!!! 01 04 2016

Stock Market Reform Proposal:  Market Makers in a stock must share that profit from short selling directly with the investors in that stock!!!  01 04 2016