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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiller based Outboard Motors

New Outboard Law I Propose 04 28 2011

All tiller based outboard models should be designed so that when they are tilted to go through shallow waters the operator, held close to the motors exhaust by the tiller, is not asphixiated.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scott Walker must explain his Boston Accent Immediately

Scott Walker must explain his Boston Accent Immediately!
Nowhere in his biography does it say that he lived on the east coast.  According to the accepted biography on Wikipedia he was born in Colorado moved to Plainfield Iowa and then Delavan Wisconsin when he was ten.  Is there a missing gap in his history that Wisconsinites need to know about?  Donald Trump caused enough distraction from our nation’s problems with his false and baseless accusations regarding Barrack Obama that were politically motivated that…maybe we need to look more thoroughly into the background of some of our officials in public office who erroneously entitle themselves to be conservatives.   One does not have to be born in Wisconsin to become Governor of Wisconsin.  But every state is different and has a history of culture that strongly relates to the nature or specific needs of a State.
We do not hear Scott Walkers Boston accent too much, but it does come out some times.  We know that he does not watch old Kennedy speeches on tape because he does not think like Kennedy.  Did he get his accent then from watching movies of Kennedy with the climax for him being his assignation? Both of his parents are said to come from Germany, so where does this Boston accent come from?  We do not just get our accents from nowhere.  Accents come from influence.  Those who strongly influence us often impart their accent.  So who influenced Scott Walker to have this Boston accent?  Who did Scott Walker look up to that had this Irish Accent and why?  And I am not saying it is a bad thing.  But I am saying this people are strongly influenced by someone that imparts their accent to them, so who did Scott admire and want to be like?  Was this the person that motivated him to become a politician?  Massatuecettes and Ohio were said to be the loci of witchcraft in the history of the United States.  Most people think this is not a reality that society must confront today, but I do.  I have seen people go to live in Ohio come back to Wisconsin tainted by what would appear to be aspects of this.  If there are children raised as Wiccans they do not share the ideals the United States of America was founded on.  What if the hidden religion of the United States has transitioned to wiccanry?  What if, hidden from the public eye like the KKK is, it gained a following?  What if members of this religion stoles souls in the manner of wealth creation?  Matters of the soul represent a reality that is completely ignored.  Jesus Christ was crucified because the wife of Pontius pilot said that he gave her a terrible dream.  Are American boys being sent off to war because they gave someone a terrible dream?  Or is the reality more that those who have the terrible dreams terrible themselves?  Are human beings being victimized like Jesus Christ was because someone’s wife said they gave her a terrible dream? Once such an occult gained a strong underground momentum it would be very hard to stop and would have disastrous consequences for the great foundation this country was built upon.   This is why the military industrial complex always poses a great threat to countries, because they get a free check from the government and are often unaccountable to the people and act to betray their interests.  When a military industrial complex gains enough power it can also control the government and this can lead to conflict and war.  The year is 2011 we need to transition our military industrial complex into one that builds infrastructure for the United States and not one that degrades its foundation.   A hidden occult in power would degrade the very strength and integrity this Nation built so hard to establish. 
That is not a Midwestern accent Scott.  We know Obama is not a transplant.  He is not a political device as a man whose picture would sell more baby food than anyone else’s would suggest.  (You can just see his jowls are full of it waiting to blather.  Donald if it is money that you are after I would suggest that you develop your own brand of babyfood with your picture on the label because that would sell.  Please don’t aspire to put it on our paper currency, because it wouldn’t be worth spittle.)  Does your accent suggest that you are a transplant or political device?
Scott where do you get that accent from?
There is something about Mitt Romney that I find very disturbing too, but that is the subject of another article that I have not had time to publish and is sitting in a heap of same such papers. 
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Prayer of the Soulless 04 25 2011

Prayer of the Soulless 04 25 2011

Lord, protect my family and I from Satan.
Return our souls to us.
Restore our bodies back to health.
And make us what we were supposed to be. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

This prayer is very simple and very effect.  Say it when you get up in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you go to sleep.  It is effective because those who stole your soul know what you were supposed to be.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

The National Debt 04 22 2011

The National Debt 04 22 2011
So we have a financial or money industry in this country.  What does that mean?  It means our government borrows money.  That borrowed money is what is called our national debt.  The money is used to fund our government and also loaned to a few of the “money center banks of the United States.”  (That is just a fancy name for Citigroup and its ilk.)  The money center banks get the money at the lowest interest rate, and it gets loaned out to other banks and used in the economy in a trickle down process.  That loaned money is our national debt and it is in the trillions of dollars.  The money center banks went bankrupt and the United States Government bailed them out with loans that are only a small portion of that national debt.  Do you get it? What that really means is that we are worth no more than that small amount of money it took to bail the banks out of bankruptcy and not the entire national debt?  Why?  Because the principle amounts do not matter anymore all that matters is the interest.  What is interest really; it is the amount of money a bank can say that it earned on the money it lent out.  It is the amount of money a banker can take home and feel like he earned and spend on himself.  Banks had no assets that they could sell to raise the money to pay even this small amount that the government ended up bailing them out with.  Foreign countries could have cashed in the money they loaned us and we would have gotten cash for our debt.  But they would have to sell dollars to buy whatever currency they owned and that would have caused prices to skyrocket.  (Where did these foreign countries get the money to loan us if they didn’t print it anyway.)  These foreign countries value the interest they earn on United States debt. They make money by loaning to us. And they reinvest that money with us to earn more money. They do all of this and yet they often find themselves in conflict with the United States at the same time.  What happens when they are in conflict with the United States?  Their money becomes worthless.  What causes them to be in conflict with United States?  They often do not have the same standards of humanity that we are said to have and they have natural resources that we use.  The former is not true as I will get to in a minute.  Why do they loan money to us? Because they see all that we have and want to be like us.
Why did foreign countries really give us so much money?  Because we capitalized the souls of real living Americans to them.  What you read in my article titled “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” regarding POW Larry Guarino happens to United States citizens in the United States every day by foreigner diplomats.  But it happens in a very subtle way.  The victims of this torture are discredited and labeled Schizophrenia and their souls are stolen by the likes of those from foreign countries who beat Larry Guarino.  Foreign Countries are paying our banks to steal the souls of red blooded Americans!  That is what makes up the balance of our “National Debt!”
I know what you are thinking.  That if our largest banks went bankrupt our national debt will never be paid back.  Here is what you don’t know, it doesn’t have to!  Why not you ask?  Because our government violated the very basis our constitution when it capitalized the souls of Americans.  United States citizens owe nothing.
I sure as hell didn’t spend my life’s fraction of a trillion dollars!  More was taken from me than I could have ever spent!  Do you want to know who owes all that money?  Those who did not earn it and spent it!  Those who did not earn it and yet spent it so responsibly.  Those who did not earn it and yet spent it so responsibly on themselves.  And I am not speaking about those on entitlements, because they are defined as Capitalized Americans.  I am speaking about those who know of the wealth mechanism of soul stealing and they are of the feeble dependent minded race of wealth creation who profits from stolen souls, (members are of all race, colors and religions).  
If a foreign country ever came asking for it, all we have to do is give the members of that race to them and say, “Here this is what you paid for.”
 I’ll follow on with, “We don’t have anything with the image of Abraham Lincoln on it here to give you.  We have money with the image of Nixon, Reagan, Bush to give you.  But wait we really don’t have those so we don’t have anything to give you.  Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, Old money that bears those names is often worthless and there is a reason for this, nothing belonged to the person who was printed on it.  Nothing anyone ever wanted to remember.  What am I really saying, that the image of Lincoln and Washington on our money has not been maintained by these presidents, you can add the face of the President that brought the German Nazi “scientists” to America after World War II to that list of worthless dollars, Harry S. Truman.   If you saw them on the video after the war they were gloating.  (Harry S. Truman a genius who used Nuclear weapons on Japan and sold them on reliable Nuclear Energy ever since.)  If the Japanese did not have minds poisoned with Mercury from a great environmental spill that brought them into WWII, what will they do with their recommended daily allowance of radioactive water and fish, (mercury in the fish was bad enough.)
Not all Americans owe this money that makes up our national debt.  “Here this is what you paid for!” you can have those Germans back to and if their descendents happen to be related to the Bush family you can have them too.  Pinkerton was a body guard who worked for Abraham Lincoln; he had established a database of crime families in the United States.  This database was lost in a fire.  If we could resurrect that database you could have them too.
“Here this is what you paid for.”  Why can you have these people, because they had no Human Right to do what they did!  And these foreign countries are not going to like what we give them back for their money, because they have very little substance.  But that is okay, we, true American Citizens, do not owe the foreign countries anything anyway.  Why not?  Because they have profited and taken possession of stolen goods- the souls of Americans.
As an American I want those souls back!  I don’t care that the foreign countries and banks paid for them.  It was illegal for them to buy them.  Just as it is illegal for a high school brat to smoke dope.  But that isn’t enforced. Just as it is illegal for high paid actors and lawyers or Wall Streeter's to sniff cocaine- another relic of Nazi psychiatry!  Just as it is for a whole state of  “Snow Birds” (Fl.) to abuse prescription drugs.
You want to come and collect on our national debt owed to you?  You can have these people.  And for all I care you can have a great parade through your streets to honor them, because you will be so proud to have them!” They will value you so much they will have a parade for you!  “We’ve got the people that sold the world!  “What should we do with them?” they will ask.  Do not fear if you are one of these persons we have given a permanent foreign vacation to.  Here is what you do if you are one of those people..all you have to do is say these words and you will be okay, “I believe in tax CUTS!”
            You do not believe me that Americans have been capitalized and need visual proof of the phenomenon?  Does or does not the average American look like a sickened piece of livestock to you?  Livestock is a farmer’s term for milking cows, swine’s, at all that other stuff they raise by fattening up quick.  By the way the farmers were never poor during the great depression, when they needed money they went to the back yard and dug it up from mason jars just like they do planted potatoes..  (It is all a hidden plot of those farmers to get us to live in cities and worship false idols you say? J)

What have we gotten for all that money you loaned us that comprises our National Debt?-that we can give back?
1.      Landfills full of your worthless shit.
2.      I’ll give you back every foreign car and foreign made car.
3.      I’ll give you pollution from our waters and air, (We are already giving it to you.)
4.      I will give you highly advanced technology, (We already gave you that and you took some too.)
5.      I will give you every foreign made television.  They are about the size of a cooler and are infinitely populated with something that mocks America.  Therefore you can have what is inside of it too.  Oh and Japan do not think that I do not know or remember the time decay piece of Gauze tape that served as a fuse to ruin my VCR or CD player of a Japanese brand.  You know the one that stopped working, the one I took apart to figure out why in spite of the label that said not to open the back.  That’s right I took it apart and saw how you built it to break when the adhesive on the back of the gauze tape that was used to hold a spring in place, as a matter or mass production… the adhesive on the gauze tape finally let go and the spring sprung and ruined the whole thing.  Were you trying to tell us something that we would never hear?  That you deeply resent us and want to sell us something that hurts us but we don’t know it.  Here I’ll sell you this but it is held together with gauze tape, like the kind we used on our citizens when they were burned with nuclear radiation.  A subliminal war against America you fight.  I understand that you were one of the first countries to develop electronic weaponry of nonlethal origin to drive people out of their minds with, that is a known researchable fact.  So our government paid to have you not build machines of war but you do anyway today, and instead you build electronic weapons of Satan.  It is all coming back to haunt you now; you built your nuclear reactors well didn’t you.  You were truly concerned for safety weren’t you.  You have always been truly concerned for the safety of human beings and not wealth creation haven’t you! 


6.      We have a whole generation of idiot zombies of vacant headed souls, you can have them too. 
7.      I’ll also give you all the pharmaceuticals we ever made.  Because once I give you all this other stuff- the tangible things we got for our money, you will need them.
8.      I will give you any American with traces of illegal narcotics and illegally abused painkillers in their blood, you can have them too!  Because they are not us.  What are they then? - They are those who wanted to become much like others that they abused them.  It didn’t work they did not become like them.  But you who abusing drugs when we give you to a foreign country you will find your true salvation as you are found to be the key attraction of the parade.
9.      All that stuff that you gave us blinded us to the pollution that you created.  And I know that billions in the world would be honored to clean that up!
10.  And just like we gave to the American Indians you can have our entire current crop of tobacco and all of our stock of alcohol.  We won’t be growing these crops or mass distilling the soul of Satan anymore or fermenting the American minds.
11.  And all the Mexicans who were not strong enough to create a good Mexico and poured over our borders, they can have you back so you have a chance in salvation to stand up for what is right.
12.  And all the blacks who are no more intelligent than the ones brought over in chains you can go back to Africa.   And this is not a bad thing, because the land in that country is far more beautiful than America’s littered landscape.
13.  And all the foreign “diplomat type” Americans that resent white Americans in reverse racism, and give us the “Gaurino” treatment when they see us out in public or through subliminal means in our homes, you can have them back too.  And it does not matter that some of them escaped from your countries by immigration in the first place, what matters is that they are no better than you in terms of their humanity, you can keep them home.
14.  You can have Monosodium Glutamate back to; you will need more of it to improve the “flavor” of your Nuclear Irradiated fish.
15.   You can have your opium fields…we will leave those with you where they are.  American troops will no longer covet and protect those as they do today in the name of “God and Country”!  American troops protecting opium fields?  Who knew?
16.  And all of the singers who have their voices augmented to perfection with computer programs in the United States and make up part of our culture of false idolatry.  A culture of false idolatry can be defined today as, “I paid to allow my child to perform for everyone. And everyone believed they were good.  Because there were others like me who paid to have our children perform to.  And we no longer paid those who were not our children.  You can have all those.  I will throw in Simon Cowel even though he doesn’t belong to us, but that never bothered you; selling something that doesn’t belong to you, so I will make an exception.  I will of course have to broaden this exception and give you Vladimir Putin, Mubarak and the Japanese prime minister.
17.  Bonus Items or items of special note.  I am throwing in or including.  All of our Doctors and I in the deal I will pair them with the Republican proposals for a no health care system.  I will throw in all lawyers.  I will give you crass Jay Leno and filthy curmudgeon David Lettermen.  I will provide you with other American celebrities that you will highly covet too; Rush Limbo, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Carl Rove, Jane Coutier, the Bush family.  Basically all these great people who populate the media and insult the American people.  Every priest (you will need religion too) as a related item you can also have everyone one on our sexual offender national registry.  I will through in Warren Buffet to because he will show your country how to truly make money and not run up a national debt like the rest of our banks did.   I will through in Bill Gates for the wonder of the completely error free computer software that never caused lost productivity or frustration with the American people.  And I will make special note of all the effort that he has put forth so that his software has always been error and hacker free.  But do not be personally offended if your name is listed above because as I have said I am giving everyone that is infinitely present somehow in the television box that resides in my home to pay off our National Debt.  By the way if you are seen on television and would like to be pardoned from paying for our national debt, you must contact me immediately, and make a serious case as to why not.  As I said serious inquiries only and no solicitors allowed.
18.  I’d offer to invite all mentioned over to my house but it is apparent that you have already been here.  And still are here.
19.   You can have all the members who wear the uniform of defense in our country and have not stood up for what is right too.  Of course they will help you with all these other lawless people I am giving you!
20.  And if that ‘ain’t’ enough I can always think of more things that belong to others to give you.  Where did I learn this!  Hmmm.  Where did I learn such fairness, to give something to someone else that does not belong to me?  I haven’t done it before but, gee whiz it sure sounds like a good way to satisfy my responsibilities in life.  Gee Whiz it sure does!

The best thing for these full Americans would be hard times- it would make them lean and live longer.

There is no true Capitalism in the United States if there was people would not need entitlements.  What are entitlements like?- communism.  What happens if we took away entitlements- there would be a revolution and much death.  Because when people can’t eat they still have a human will to live.  And when those who capitalized them for money don’t want to feed them, one of the two has committed a crime against humanity.

You want to throw a Tea Party it should be thrown by Americans that have had their souls stolen and capitalized not the rude brat face of the current tea party.  We will call our Tea Party, TEA PARTY III.  The current tea party mocks every basis this country was founded on.

What will we do?  Those who are not taken to the parade?
After we parted with them, we will have our soul back and we will still have our land to grow food on.  Now all we need to do is repopulate our country by raising people of sound principals.  I will plant my crops in the park across the street and I would encourage everyone not taken for the parade to do the same with available “public” spaces.  I will cut and burn wood from your vacant houses, little by little to heat my home in the winter.  I will install solar panels on my roof and have all the electricity I need.    You won’t be around to pollute my water anymore, so in a ten thousand years it should be clean again.

In Summary:
If you took all your money back what would you find out?  Yours wouldn’t be worth anything either.
You want your money back?  You participated in the stealing of Americans souls. You were paid already!  And you owe us!
What is truly us, is something you can never have, and it is the essence of the words on this paper.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Give me Liberty or give me death, wanted Wall Street for Capitalizing Americans 04 21 2011

Give me Liberty or give me death, wanted Wall Street for Capitalizing Americans 04 21 2011

Even if you argue that Wall Street banks make their money on commissions it still does not add up to their salaries and the contribution they have failed to make to the United States of America.
If an institutional buyer ( That is like a mutual fund manager or pension manager… pension manager what good have they done the country) pays a 3% commission on a buy of a large block of stock to a institutional salesperson, the broker makes a lot of money on that one sale, tens of thousands of dollars.  Here is the problem, the broker did not earn that money and they buyer did not pay the commission (his investors and those he managed the money for did, that is you and me as it was skimmed from the large pool of investor money) There is absolutely no justification for the commission to be that great.  It is based on the real estate house sale model but there is no relevant reason why it should be.  These brokers do not have the practical knowledge to earn this money.  And if you add the brokers and analysts together they still do not have the knowledge to earn this money and nor should they.
So who pays this money to the broker and why?  The small investor pays this money.  It comes from the performance of their mutual funds, and mutual funds do not perform that well.   And if you have a salaried employee of a mutual fund buying stock they will always claim to be just as smart as the “Sell side” analyst anyway.  So why do they pay the commission to the sell side analyst?  The only reason is because it ensures the stability of the siphoning mechanism of Wall Street.
If the broker does not have the shares on hand (and why would he) he has to get them from somewhere.  There are specialists and the NYSE and there are Market Makers on the NASDAQ.  What do they have in common?  They are said to make a market in the specific stock.  What does this mean?  It means when they sell it to someone if they do not have inventory of the stock to sell they have to short sell it to the customer.  They maintain long and short balances of stock in their accounts.  And they do control the price of the stock by how much they are willing to buy and sell for.
There are event driven days in the price of a stock that raise and lower the price of the stock on high volume.  But usually these only occur every three months when the company releases earnings.  So what happens in between these event driven days, in the three month span?  They level their account balances by lowering the price of a stock to a point where they can clear their balances and make a profit.  This lowering of stock price has nothing to do with the company whatsoever; it has to do with the broker making money.  Because it has nothing to do with the company that you bought shares from this lowering of stock price to clear the books should never be allowed to happen.  When the stock price goes lower many investors sell for fear that something bad might happen to the stock price, this is not always the case sometimes it is just lowered to clear the books.  What this serves to do in take money away from the small investor and leaving them with the feeling that they are ignorant.  The small investors are the ones who have the best ideas for America and they are often cleaned out.
The stock brokers only usually have to take it down by one to three dollars.  But the irony is, “Do you know how quickly they can raise the price of a stock to get it back in the range where it looks healthy?”  As fast as you can snap your fingers, that bid can be raised.  Congratulations Americans you just supported what the general public believes to be the upper class, but they are not.
Some stocks have very few shares.  In the case of these they keep time on their side and use time and investor frustration to balance their books, in the same manner that I described.
For all we know when you own two thousand shares of a common stock…I wouldn’t doubt they market makers would play hot potato with those two thousand shares between themselves all day long, until they have changed the price of the stock through the series of trades to something different.  They could do this all day long with only your two thousand shares and manipulate the price of the stock with just those two thousand shares.  The way to mitigate this behavior by the brokers is to have your certificates issued to you.  When you do this they can no longer short that amount of stock that you took away from them.  When you hold it with them it is in the street name. If you do not believe me have just one certificate that you own of stock that you plan on holding onto sent to you as a certificate and see how much the stock price goes up on the day the certificate is issued to you. I would be willing to bet the stock price goes up on the day they issue you your certificate.  But this cost more money and decreases your liquidity.  Could there easily be a requirement that no customers shares can ever be issued in street name?  It would be a very easy policy to institute because the Government has already put in place what amounts to an electronic stock certificate.  If when you bought the stock it was required to be immediately placed with that government registry agency it would be a whole different game of fairness.  The margin account feature should also be eliminated entirely.  These accounts are often abused by the brokerage companies.  In other words if you were on the inside of business and knew that if you changed the price of something , just changed the price tag of something you were guaranteed a sale and profit what would prevent you from doing so.  This is exactly what happens when the price of a stock a customer bought goes down and he borrowed on margin to pay for it.  This is what caused the Great Depression.  The Great Depression was then caused by our banking system.  And our brokerages and financial companies are indeed part of our financial system.  If you weren’t watching we just grazed our way out of another great depression because we have a President that stood up to the financial markets.  More of this needs to be done so those who earn a great living and contribute nothing to our society in fact detract from it do not have the opportunity to drain us of our money, evict us from our homes, and tell us there is no food for us to eat.  And that is just how it happens and nobody ever believes it will.
So once again where do these commissions come from that afford them billion dollar bonuses?  It is very simple, “The Soul of America.”  Wars used to be about communism the current ones are about oil.  Wars in the future will be more along the lines of Capitalism and expansion.
The United States has benefited very little from Wall Street.  Why hasn’t it?  Because Wall Street favors companies that do not change.  The favor these types because it makes the siphoning easier to work and get away with, because there is less volatility from the release of good news.  Large companies have less of a release of good news in proportion to smaller ones. Wall Street hates unexpected GOOD news because it catches them with sold short balances.
New companies on Wall Street are subject to high volatility and it is not just volatility related to whether they will be successful or not.  It has to do with how the siphon works to drain their potential quicker.
Here is why new technology does not catch on in Wall Street, and I am talking about alternative energy, because for all their high degrees they still do not have the practical knowledge to make these decisions for America and they don’t.  They are paid to walk the straight line.  That is how thieves operate, they have to do exactly the same as everyone else for fear of getting caught, in this case it means not thinking for yourself, or speaking up about what you believe to be right.  For all their high level degrees they are only concerned about their own pockets.  They drive expensive gas guzzlers and America goes to war in the Middle East because of them.
Now I know what you are going to say, that I cannot possibly be right!  Well here is another thing that you do not know about them, they are of the soulless mind.  And when I say soulless I do not mean like Mother Theresa!  I mean of soulless satanic dependent mind.  The kind that thrives and fills its empty voice daily by insulting others.  Insulting others is the primary tool the satanic use as a distraction when they are accused. And what else do they do with regard to their satanic mind?  And this next part is very important because it is the reason we have made very little progress “For the People”, they drive good people out of their minds and stigmatize them with the label of schizophrenia.  They then live off the soul of the one they victimized and their children are taught to learn from the pain and torment of that soul.  I would venture a guess that most lawyers children are also raised this way, to be of soulless satanic minds.  Do you know how you can tell who they are, because they insult when accused.  How else can you tell who one is?  Because they are able to get ahead of you in speech.  And they are able to get ahead of you in speech because they are able to get ahead of you in thought.  And the result from both of these actions of them you will find to be that you got no real benefit from them in life or barter.  “You got a very poor deal” from your dealings with them.

If you talk to one (and they are everywhere), and they are of dependent mind to your soul, you will see that they use terms that are relevant to how you see the world and yet they could have never developed the real life experiences to form this basis of thought from.  It is very odd and you should probably consider a compliment.  But think about what people say and what their basis of understanding is regarding what they say, often it is only a verbal type understanding with little regard to the concepts and meanings of the words.  The spirit of the words!  Now this is a very, very subtle distinction, but it is there.
How do I know they get ahead of you or me personally in thought?  One cannot deny the reality of personal experience; they raise their children on your soul and mental pain and anguish.  And they rely on those they victimize through soul theft to have breaks where they lose their mind.  They can then be silenced though Nazi psychiatry.  And those they cannot silence through Nazi psychiatry often break and commit violent acts and serve as a reminder to society that there are bad people in the world and we should medicate them.  In yesterday’s paper there were two conflicting statements regarding Rod Serling.  One was that he was not able to say everything that he could about what was wrong with the world for fear of repercussion and the other was that he abhorred racism.  His episodes were very cryptic as he used science fiction to relay these disguised messages.  There is a hidden racism that runs in the name wealth creation and it is the demonization and people and the theft of their souls and the resultant stigmatizing label of schizophrenia.  Those who victimize people and steal their souls are the worst racists the world has ever known and very few people are believed when they speak about this.  If all our stories are about the same as they classify us to be are we all wrong!  Can we all be wrong?  We are not all wrong and some of our stories are beaten into our weakened minds.  Some of the stories that seem farfetched are indeed a product of demonic possession meant to discredit us by us discrediting ourselves.  How many of you would start to say odd things if you experienced what POW Larry Guarino did?  Come on those family people didn’t do all that stuff to him to try and weaken him.  He made that all up didn’t he!  That was all in his head.  Many of Serling’s episodes were indeed of the nature of how people are persecuted for no reason for subtle differences.  One was of a woman who had her face made to look like a pig snout to be like everyone else.  This somehow strikes a chord with me when I watched a television show where Chinese children laughed and jeered at an American while saying Big Nose.  Was Serling prophetic of what is to come?  Soul stealers get a taste of your soul and then sooner or later they want the whole thing.  Will China become this way regarding the United States?  In other words they have lapped up everything about us in order to learn and become more like us, how long will it be before in their quest for fulfillment they decide that what they really need to do is posses us?  What happens if they shift from clean energy someday once they have built this to the hilt to defense systems?  With those billion people and trillions going into defense we would not have a chance.
In my Investor’s Business Daily dated today 04 21 2011 there was an article about POW Larry Guarino.  He was shot down in Vietnam by communist and here is what they did to him:
“Wrists were tied behind him, he was marched through villages.”  “Everywhere crowds jeered him, stoned him, pulled his hair, kicked him and knocked him to the ground.”  “He was threatened, bloodied and frightened.” “And this was just the beginning. He spent nearly eight years in prison.  He was tortured and starved.” “marching POW’s through the city to a stadium.  The captive pilots were cursed, threatened and pounded by thrown rocks.” “The Americans were blindfolded, tied to trees in the courtyard and kicked in their groins.”  “He was tortured frequently.  First came a week of sleep denial.  Then he was repeatedly flogged.  Guards bashed his shins with bamboo clubs.  He was denied water.  He was kept on his knees until they swelled to the size of basketballs.  Guards rubbed their dirty shoes on his wounds to cause infection.”  And I have heard stories about guys who lost “Things” too.  Now this is racism.  Racism will always be a part of human beings, why because comparison is the nature of learning, because we often seek to marry people that are most like our parent of the opposite sex, because we are jealous of those that have more than us, because when we are harmed by someone that is different than us in some way it is part of how we learn, by comparison to avoid people like that, i.e. “If you touch a hot stove, you learn rather quickly not to touch hot stoves.”  “If a Chinese student in college hits you on the head and is disrespectful to you, you might not think much of Chinese.”  To be fair to the Chinese and get to the heart of the problem there is a race of people that is different, and members of this race are from every creed, color, religion, race, country of origin etc. and they are of dependent mind. 
Did the Government of the United States legitimize soul theft and label it through psychiatry because it thought if people within a country were allowed to victimize others of a country in a similar manner as what happened to Guarino that this would serve as a catharsis and therefore make the demonologist happy because they got their fill and therefore there would be less wars because of this.  This legitimized ability to victimize people and get away with it.  If that is indeed the case we are no better off because of it.  How many people who have spoken out against the majority were proved to be right by history and went to prison before the world caught up with them and was forced to admit they were right.  The world is flat you insist, okay I will agree if you promise not to torture me.  The world would have gotten nowhere if people did not speak up for what they knew to be true.  If you do not offend established beliefs you know to be false are you safe from persecution?  No.  Because what is true is still true.  And what is true needs to be accepted as true.  Is it out of shame that what is true is not to be accepted as true?  Or is it because it is a hidden mechanism of wealth creation that what is true is not accepted as true.
I can hear everyone already; I don’t know what all those symbols mean that they are communicating with.  They are pointing a gun at me and motioning for me to leave my house.
Does all of this sound farfetched?  The Bible the book of religion tells us of Satan and how he is soulless and how he can read men’s minds.  Once Satan can read your mind he/she can communicate with it.  Why?  Because they become very in tune with your thinking.  Once they can communicate with it they can make you hear voices.  And once you are made to hear voices they will train every mind they can on your heard mental voice.  Believe me with every fiber of your being.  With every fiber of your being and the will of God.  If you are driven to hear voices by them, they hear yours just as well.  And this is where you also have power.  If they never shut up, neither do you have to.  Their mechanism only works good if they can shut you up, and I mean dope your mind.
When they drive you to hear voices and then can’t shut you up you can drag every one of them behind you it two for all eternity.  If you hear the satanic do as I do, and remember this, if you are made not to sleep by hearing voices keep every one of them up too.  They got wise to this though and developed nonlethal weapons today that fragment you mind, they also do other kinds of awful things to you.  I had a friend in college his relative was president of a very large bank and his sister worked for the FBI.  He told me that the Government has a system that can put you in a trance if you try and rob Fort Knox or something, this was back in 1990.  Wouldn’t you know that I an innocent United States Citizen know exactly how this system feels as I have been a victim of it and I have never tried to rob anything?  This is one of the worst crimes against humanity that has ever been perpetrated in the United States.  Seems to me like they need to turn these nonlethal subliminal weapons on themselves for the good of this country.  If the Satanic bankers incapacitated themselves with these instead of who they chose we would be in a lot better shape as a country. But what is even more painful is when you are made to share your mind with them, you are also meant to share all the pain that goes along with their minds and bodies in yours.  They heal their sick by tormenting you in your home.  And your home is like their keep for you.  They can bring every moron to the house nearby that they live in to put you to the test.  They bring every moron to the house or apartment next to yours to share and heal pain of their minds and bodies with your mind and body.  They psychic, well you know him the Italian looking guy with short curly hair, was said to have been able to feel pain from the injured body parts of the dead within his own body at the same place on his body.  Those are dead soul’s energy, I ask?  When you are made to feel the pain of a living person’s body as it tries to resonate with your soul are you healing them?  This would seem to be the mechanism Jesus used to heal the sick.  But here is the thing; these people do not live responsible lives. They live the lives of capitalism, and that means tobacco, Alcohol and chemical foods.  It means promiscuous filthy sex with whomever.  Alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for your body and mind.  I never drink.  So as a further victimization of you they steal your soul and then come back and superimpose their filthy minds and bodies with yours.
Off topic, they say the only reason they drank in the times of the Bible was because it was they needed something sterile to drink in comparison to the water.  But that is absolute bullshit because what happens when you drink alcohol?  You become dehydrated and have to find some water anyway.  They did it back then, instead of ensuring clean water they created a substitute and they do it today also, all our water is polluted…
Back to the Money industry.  They don’t have good ideas for Americans because they are of this dependent mind.  In other words they don’t have their own minds.  But in shame they will never admit to it.  Because they don’t have their own minds they are bad.  Why are they bad?  Because they won’t admit they don’t have their own minds.  What does this mean?  They work against all the good ideas for America.  You have to remember they made their way and money in life by fighting the good soul.  They steal everything from the good soul, thoughts, inventions, ideas, phrases, etc.  The irony is that the good soul has all the good ideas and when the thieving Satanic can’t figure out how to make money from the ideas that would benefit everyone the good ideas don’t get implemented.  And that is why every year going forward we realize a worse future.  It is also why the world trade center was bombed.  It is a great understatement to say I am the only one to know of these things.  ( I am not a terrorist or advocate of violence.)  It is a great overstatement to say I am not the only one who has the wherewithal to articulate them.
Back to the stock market swings.  The pattern of rising and falling and volume on no events or information only makes sense in these terms.  If a system were to be put in place where institutions share trading were limited to a commission of $1000.00, strike that because no matter what the size of the trade… they would just trade more to make it up.  The function of trading in shares of stock must be operated by the United States Government.  It must be transparent and accountable.  And it must not be commission based.  Reserve shares were the idea I had before.   A computer type program of fairness.  Too many families breed criminals of the satanic mind because of Wall Street.  Evenly matched buy and sell orders, with how much a person is willing to pay to improve the price determined by individual buyers and sellers.  It would have to be designed with no ability for banks to manipulate it to advantage.  Fundamental success therefore would be dependent only on choosing companies that do well.  And companies that do well should benefit America.
The United States has traveled too far in the wrong direction regarding greed of the few in the place of our rights and living standards.  Too far away from the principal it was founded on.  And it did so in the name of satanic greed (Satan dependent minded soulless.)
Not all the soulless are bad.  Some have faith in good at times.  Some of the soulless do greatest things ever for people in general.  But when the good soulless are up against the bad soulless who have no limit to what they do to hide this fact about them, this shame in life, they commit violence and resort to subliminal torture.  The good soulless become a small minority labeled for being weak.  Just the opposite is true.  After the bad soulless claw their way to the top they want nothing other than to be like the ones they victimized.  But they do not know how to defend themselves against the insult from the bad soulless.
The constitution of the United States guarantees us life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  What does liberty mean?  The right to be free from Satan.
Wall Street’s satanic machinations run counter to The Constitution of the United States.  They wanted to get rid of the Bible in this country and they have also subverted the Constitution.  Very little will remain of the great United States.  It was founded by men of philosophy- “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”  The Satanic Republican party has no philosophy whatsoever.  What they offer in terms of philosophy amounts to insult.  They twisted the term conservatism to act like they are proponents of it.
Here is a term for the Democrats to use when they are labeled a liberal.  Liberal has the same root word as Liberty, say this when called a liberal in insult, “Give me liberty or give me death!”  But you better grab this one before the Republicans twist it like they did the word conservative and how they mocked our nations great Tea Party.

Every woman on Wall Street I ever met was of the Satanic mind bitch who acted and behaved like Hitler’s lamp skinner.
If they are doing the country so much good why did they go bankrupt and have to be bailed out by the taxpayer, I mean if they really served their function of adequately lending money in the case of banks and in the case of stock brokers providing an avenue for the American to participate in Capitalism why did the automakers go bankrupt, why have we relied on oil for energy that has gotten us into wars when Wall Street could have funded alternative energy projects and so could have banks?  They do not serve their purpose or the purpose has been degraded to the point that they are useless.

What does it mean when we go to war for oil and banks, mortgage and auto companies fail?  It means that the Oil companies are really our banks.  And what do the oil companies also give us? Every kind of pollution imaginable.
What did billionaire Bernie Madeoff do with all the money he made?  He distributed it and took it to China.   Billionaires don’t do anything good with all their money.  I say we tax them in favor of project of clean energy to benefit the country.  I say we tax them to pay for health care.  I say we tax them to pay for entitlements.  And we also need to regulate the oil companies because they have far too much negative influence on this country.  It is very simple, we need clean energy, we don’t have the money for it, we have billionaires who do and won’t spend it or do any good with it whatsoever, tax them for clean energy.  And if it can be proved the oil companies got us into the war, tax them for all their profits, and use them specifically for clean energy and to clean the environment so Americans don’t feel obligated to drink wine.

Judas Sold Christ, Bernie Madeoff tried to sell the United States to China.  You cannot tell me for a minute that in Germany there was not one person on each block who was raised differently and thought that they would get the belongings of everyone else on the block when they were evicted.  This was alluded to in the book NIGHT.  But it did not work out that way, the confidants got in line too.  An Orthodox Jew who worked at the investment firm that I worked at once said to me, “There were Jews fighting Jews in that war.” The Jews get a bad rap from the Bible because of Judas in many ways; first he serves as a bad role model for them.  And second the Bible is the most read book of Religion there is.  When you think of Jews from the Bible you often think of Judas.  Jesus Christ was a Jew too and he was the best role model ever but he was tortured and killed.  How many young people really want to be like someone who was nailed to a cross?  I mean when we are growing up we say I would like to be wealthy.  We don’t say I want to be paraded through the streets and nailed to a cross just like Jesus was. 
America has been sold by one piece at a time.  Good souls (of all religions and races) are sold and labeled as schizophrenic to feed, clothe and enrich those of dependent mind.  May God strike me dead if I am believed to be a racist.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 22 2011 at: