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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scott Walker must explain his Boston Accent Immediately

Scott Walker must explain his Boston Accent Immediately!
Nowhere in his biography does it say that he lived on the east coast.  According to the accepted biography on Wikipedia he was born in Colorado moved to Plainfield Iowa and then Delavan Wisconsin when he was ten.  Is there a missing gap in his history that Wisconsinites need to know about?  Donald Trump caused enough distraction from our nation’s problems with his false and baseless accusations regarding Barrack Obama that were politically motivated that…maybe we need to look more thoroughly into the background of some of our officials in public office who erroneously entitle themselves to be conservatives.   One does not have to be born in Wisconsin to become Governor of Wisconsin.  But every state is different and has a history of culture that strongly relates to the nature or specific needs of a State.
We do not hear Scott Walkers Boston accent too much, but it does come out some times.  We know that he does not watch old Kennedy speeches on tape because he does not think like Kennedy.  Did he get his accent then from watching movies of Kennedy with the climax for him being his assignation? Both of his parents are said to come from Germany, so where does this Boston accent come from?  We do not just get our accents from nowhere.  Accents come from influence.  Those who strongly influence us often impart their accent.  So who influenced Scott Walker to have this Boston accent?  Who did Scott Walker look up to that had this Irish Accent and why?  And I am not saying it is a bad thing.  But I am saying this people are strongly influenced by someone that imparts their accent to them, so who did Scott admire and want to be like?  Was this the person that motivated him to become a politician?  Massatuecettes and Ohio were said to be the loci of witchcraft in the history of the United States.  Most people think this is not a reality that society must confront today, but I do.  I have seen people go to live in Ohio come back to Wisconsin tainted by what would appear to be aspects of this.  If there are children raised as Wiccans they do not share the ideals the United States of America was founded on.  What if the hidden religion of the United States has transitioned to wiccanry?  What if, hidden from the public eye like the KKK is, it gained a following?  What if members of this religion stoles souls in the manner of wealth creation?  Matters of the soul represent a reality that is completely ignored.  Jesus Christ was crucified because the wife of Pontius pilot said that he gave her a terrible dream.  Are American boys being sent off to war because they gave someone a terrible dream?  Or is the reality more that those who have the terrible dreams terrible themselves?  Are human beings being victimized like Jesus Christ was because someone’s wife said they gave her a terrible dream? Once such an occult gained a strong underground momentum it would be very hard to stop and would have disastrous consequences for the great foundation this country was built upon.   This is why the military industrial complex always poses a great threat to countries, because they get a free check from the government and are often unaccountable to the people and act to betray their interests.  When a military industrial complex gains enough power it can also control the government and this can lead to conflict and war.  The year is 2011 we need to transition our military industrial complex into one that builds infrastructure for the United States and not one that degrades its foundation.   A hidden occult in power would degrade the very strength and integrity this Nation built so hard to establish. 
That is not a Midwestern accent Scott.  We know Obama is not a transplant.  He is not a political device as a man whose picture would sell more baby food than anyone else’s would suggest.  (You can just see his jowls are full of it waiting to blather.  Donald if it is money that you are after I would suggest that you develop your own brand of babyfood with your picture on the label because that would sell.  Please don’t aspire to put it on our paper currency, because it wouldn’t be worth spittle.)  Does your accent suggest that you are a transplant or political device?
Scott where do you get that accent from?
There is something about Mitt Romney that I find very disturbing too, but that is the subject of another article that I have not had time to publish and is sitting in a heap of same such papers. 
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