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Friday, April 22, 2011

The National Debt 04 22 2011

The National Debt 04 22 2011
So we have a financial or money industry in this country.  What does that mean?  It means our government borrows money.  That borrowed money is what is called our national debt.  The money is used to fund our government and also loaned to a few of the “money center banks of the United States.”  (That is just a fancy name for Citigroup and its ilk.)  The money center banks get the money at the lowest interest rate, and it gets loaned out to other banks and used in the economy in a trickle down process.  That loaned money is our national debt and it is in the trillions of dollars.  The money center banks went bankrupt and the United States Government bailed them out with loans that are only a small portion of that national debt.  Do you get it? What that really means is that we are worth no more than that small amount of money it took to bail the banks out of bankruptcy and not the entire national debt?  Why?  Because the principle amounts do not matter anymore all that matters is the interest.  What is interest really; it is the amount of money a bank can say that it earned on the money it lent out.  It is the amount of money a banker can take home and feel like he earned and spend on himself.  Banks had no assets that they could sell to raise the money to pay even this small amount that the government ended up bailing them out with.  Foreign countries could have cashed in the money they loaned us and we would have gotten cash for our debt.  But they would have to sell dollars to buy whatever currency they owned and that would have caused prices to skyrocket.  (Where did these foreign countries get the money to loan us if they didn’t print it anyway.)  These foreign countries value the interest they earn on United States debt. They make money by loaning to us. And they reinvest that money with us to earn more money. They do all of this and yet they often find themselves in conflict with the United States at the same time.  What happens when they are in conflict with the United States?  Their money becomes worthless.  What causes them to be in conflict with United States?  They often do not have the same standards of humanity that we are said to have and they have natural resources that we use.  The former is not true as I will get to in a minute.  Why do they loan money to us? Because they see all that we have and want to be like us.
Why did foreign countries really give us so much money?  Because we capitalized the souls of real living Americans to them.  What you read in my article titled “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” regarding POW Larry Guarino happens to United States citizens in the United States every day by foreigner diplomats.  But it happens in a very subtle way.  The victims of this torture are discredited and labeled Schizophrenia and their souls are stolen by the likes of those from foreign countries who beat Larry Guarino.  Foreign Countries are paying our banks to steal the souls of red blooded Americans!  That is what makes up the balance of our “National Debt!”
I know what you are thinking.  That if our largest banks went bankrupt our national debt will never be paid back.  Here is what you don’t know, it doesn’t have to!  Why not you ask?  Because our government violated the very basis our constitution when it capitalized the souls of Americans.  United States citizens owe nothing.
I sure as hell didn’t spend my life’s fraction of a trillion dollars!  More was taken from me than I could have ever spent!  Do you want to know who owes all that money?  Those who did not earn it and spent it!  Those who did not earn it and yet spent it so responsibly.  Those who did not earn it and yet spent it so responsibly on themselves.  And I am not speaking about those on entitlements, because they are defined as Capitalized Americans.  I am speaking about those who know of the wealth mechanism of soul stealing and they are of the feeble dependent minded race of wealth creation who profits from stolen souls, (members are of all race, colors and religions).  
If a foreign country ever came asking for it, all we have to do is give the members of that race to them and say, “Here this is what you paid for.”
 I’ll follow on with, “We don’t have anything with the image of Abraham Lincoln on it here to give you.  We have money with the image of Nixon, Reagan, Bush to give you.  But wait we really don’t have those so we don’t have anything to give you.  Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, Old money that bears those names is often worthless and there is a reason for this, nothing belonged to the person who was printed on it.  Nothing anyone ever wanted to remember.  What am I really saying, that the image of Lincoln and Washington on our money has not been maintained by these presidents, you can add the face of the President that brought the German Nazi “scientists” to America after World War II to that list of worthless dollars, Harry S. Truman.   If you saw them on the video after the war they were gloating.  (Harry S. Truman a genius who used Nuclear weapons on Japan and sold them on reliable Nuclear Energy ever since.)  If the Japanese did not have minds poisoned with Mercury from a great environmental spill that brought them into WWII, what will they do with their recommended daily allowance of radioactive water and fish, (mercury in the fish was bad enough.)
Not all Americans owe this money that makes up our national debt.  “Here this is what you paid for!” you can have those Germans back to and if their descendents happen to be related to the Bush family you can have them too.  Pinkerton was a body guard who worked for Abraham Lincoln; he had established a database of crime families in the United States.  This database was lost in a fire.  If we could resurrect that database you could have them too.
“Here this is what you paid for.”  Why can you have these people, because they had no Human Right to do what they did!  And these foreign countries are not going to like what we give them back for their money, because they have very little substance.  But that is okay, we, true American Citizens, do not owe the foreign countries anything anyway.  Why not?  Because they have profited and taken possession of stolen goods- the souls of Americans.
As an American I want those souls back!  I don’t care that the foreign countries and banks paid for them.  It was illegal for them to buy them.  Just as it is illegal for a high school brat to smoke dope.  But that isn’t enforced. Just as it is illegal for high paid actors and lawyers or Wall Streeter's to sniff cocaine- another relic of Nazi psychiatry!  Just as it is for a whole state of  “Snow Birds” (Fl.) to abuse prescription drugs.
You want to come and collect on our national debt owed to you?  You can have these people.  And for all I care you can have a great parade through your streets to honor them, because you will be so proud to have them!” They will value you so much they will have a parade for you!  “We’ve got the people that sold the world!  “What should we do with them?” they will ask.  Do not fear if you are one of these persons we have given a permanent foreign vacation to.  Here is what you do if you are one of those people..all you have to do is say these words and you will be okay, “I believe in tax CUTS!”
            You do not believe me that Americans have been capitalized and need visual proof of the phenomenon?  Does or does not the average American look like a sickened piece of livestock to you?  Livestock is a farmer’s term for milking cows, swine’s, at all that other stuff they raise by fattening up quick.  By the way the farmers were never poor during the great depression, when they needed money they went to the back yard and dug it up from mason jars just like they do planted potatoes..  (It is all a hidden plot of those farmers to get us to live in cities and worship false idols you say? J)

What have we gotten for all that money you loaned us that comprises our National Debt?-that we can give back?
1.      Landfills full of your worthless shit.
2.      I’ll give you back every foreign car and foreign made car.
3.      I’ll give you pollution from our waters and air, (We are already giving it to you.)
4.      I will give you highly advanced technology, (We already gave you that and you took some too.)
5.      I will give you every foreign made television.  They are about the size of a cooler and are infinitely populated with something that mocks America.  Therefore you can have what is inside of it too.  Oh and Japan do not think that I do not know or remember the time decay piece of Gauze tape that served as a fuse to ruin my VCR or CD player of a Japanese brand.  You know the one that stopped working, the one I took apart to figure out why in spite of the label that said not to open the back.  That’s right I took it apart and saw how you built it to break when the adhesive on the back of the gauze tape that was used to hold a spring in place, as a matter or mass production… the adhesive on the gauze tape finally let go and the spring sprung and ruined the whole thing.  Were you trying to tell us something that we would never hear?  That you deeply resent us and want to sell us something that hurts us but we don’t know it.  Here I’ll sell you this but it is held together with gauze tape, like the kind we used on our citizens when they were burned with nuclear radiation.  A subliminal war against America you fight.  I understand that you were one of the first countries to develop electronic weaponry of nonlethal origin to drive people out of their minds with, that is a known researchable fact.  So our government paid to have you not build machines of war but you do anyway today, and instead you build electronic weapons of Satan.  It is all coming back to haunt you now; you built your nuclear reactors well didn’t you.  You were truly concerned for safety weren’t you.  You have always been truly concerned for the safety of human beings and not wealth creation haven’t you! 


6.      We have a whole generation of idiot zombies of vacant headed souls, you can have them too. 
7.      I’ll also give you all the pharmaceuticals we ever made.  Because once I give you all this other stuff- the tangible things we got for our money, you will need them.
8.      I will give you any American with traces of illegal narcotics and illegally abused painkillers in their blood, you can have them too!  Because they are not us.  What are they then? - They are those who wanted to become much like others that they abused them.  It didn’t work they did not become like them.  But you who abusing drugs when we give you to a foreign country you will find your true salvation as you are found to be the key attraction of the parade.
9.      All that stuff that you gave us blinded us to the pollution that you created.  And I know that billions in the world would be honored to clean that up!
10.  And just like we gave to the American Indians you can have our entire current crop of tobacco and all of our stock of alcohol.  We won’t be growing these crops or mass distilling the soul of Satan anymore or fermenting the American minds.
11.  And all the Mexicans who were not strong enough to create a good Mexico and poured over our borders, they can have you back so you have a chance in salvation to stand up for what is right.
12.  And all the blacks who are no more intelligent than the ones brought over in chains you can go back to Africa.   And this is not a bad thing, because the land in that country is far more beautiful than America’s littered landscape.
13.  And all the foreign “diplomat type” Americans that resent white Americans in reverse racism, and give us the “Gaurino” treatment when they see us out in public or through subliminal means in our homes, you can have them back too.  And it does not matter that some of them escaped from your countries by immigration in the first place, what matters is that they are no better than you in terms of their humanity, you can keep them home.
14.  You can have Monosodium Glutamate back to; you will need more of it to improve the “flavor” of your Nuclear Irradiated fish.
15.   You can have your opium fields…we will leave those with you where they are.  American troops will no longer covet and protect those as they do today in the name of “God and Country”!  American troops protecting opium fields?  Who knew?
16.  And all of the singers who have their voices augmented to perfection with computer programs in the United States and make up part of our culture of false idolatry.  A culture of false idolatry can be defined today as, “I paid to allow my child to perform for everyone. And everyone believed they were good.  Because there were others like me who paid to have our children perform to.  And we no longer paid those who were not our children.  You can have all those.  I will throw in Simon Cowel even though he doesn’t belong to us, but that never bothered you; selling something that doesn’t belong to you, so I will make an exception.  I will of course have to broaden this exception and give you Vladimir Putin, Mubarak and the Japanese prime minister.
17.  Bonus Items or items of special note.  I am throwing in or including.  All of our Doctors and I in the deal I will pair them with the Republican proposals for a no health care system.  I will throw in all lawyers.  I will give you crass Jay Leno and filthy curmudgeon David Lettermen.  I will provide you with other American celebrities that you will highly covet too; Rush Limbo, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Carl Rove, Jane Coutier, the Bush family.  Basically all these great people who populate the media and insult the American people.  Every priest (you will need religion too) as a related item you can also have everyone one on our sexual offender national registry.  I will through in Warren Buffet to because he will show your country how to truly make money and not run up a national debt like the rest of our banks did.   I will through in Bill Gates for the wonder of the completely error free computer software that never caused lost productivity or frustration with the American people.  And I will make special note of all the effort that he has put forth so that his software has always been error and hacker free.  But do not be personally offended if your name is listed above because as I have said I am giving everyone that is infinitely present somehow in the television box that resides in my home to pay off our National Debt.  By the way if you are seen on television and would like to be pardoned from paying for our national debt, you must contact me immediately, and make a serious case as to why not.  As I said serious inquiries only and no solicitors allowed.
18.  I’d offer to invite all mentioned over to my house but it is apparent that you have already been here.  And still are here.
19.   You can have all the members who wear the uniform of defense in our country and have not stood up for what is right too.  Of course they will help you with all these other lawless people I am giving you!
20.  And if that ‘ain’t’ enough I can always think of more things that belong to others to give you.  Where did I learn this!  Hmmm.  Where did I learn such fairness, to give something to someone else that does not belong to me?  I haven’t done it before but, gee whiz it sure sounds like a good way to satisfy my responsibilities in life.  Gee Whiz it sure does!

The best thing for these full Americans would be hard times- it would make them lean and live longer.

There is no true Capitalism in the United States if there was people would not need entitlements.  What are entitlements like?- communism.  What happens if we took away entitlements- there would be a revolution and much death.  Because when people can’t eat they still have a human will to live.  And when those who capitalized them for money don’t want to feed them, one of the two has committed a crime against humanity.

You want to throw a Tea Party it should be thrown by Americans that have had their souls stolen and capitalized not the rude brat face of the current tea party.  We will call our Tea Party, TEA PARTY III.  The current tea party mocks every basis this country was founded on.

What will we do?  Those who are not taken to the parade?
After we parted with them, we will have our soul back and we will still have our land to grow food on.  Now all we need to do is repopulate our country by raising people of sound principals.  I will plant my crops in the park across the street and I would encourage everyone not taken for the parade to do the same with available “public” spaces.  I will cut and burn wood from your vacant houses, little by little to heat my home in the winter.  I will install solar panels on my roof and have all the electricity I need.    You won’t be around to pollute my water anymore, so in a ten thousand years it should be clean again.

In Summary:
If you took all your money back what would you find out?  Yours wouldn’t be worth anything either.
You want your money back?  You participated in the stealing of Americans souls. You were paid already!  And you owe us!
What is truly us, is something you can never have, and it is the essence of the words on this paper.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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