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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Truthful Diagnosis 05 29 2011

Truthful Diagnosis 05 29 2011

Does a doctor have the right not to tell you the truth regarding a diagnosis?  No, he does not and here is why.
1.      Even if he feels it is in the patient’s best interest that they do not know the truth, it is not, it is in the patient’s best interest to know the truth because his loved owns might be suffering from the same affliction or be subject to it and a truthful diagnosis would help them too.  For example:  what if an aspirin a day burnt a hole in his stomach and he had an ulcer?  Wouldn’t it be in his best interest to know?  Yes it would.  Keep in mind that it was only recently we saw the reemergence of aspirin in powder form.
2.      He paid for that health care diagnosis and so did the taxpayer.  He/she did not pay to be told a lie; in what the doctor felt was just his best interest in any case.  If his family also knew the correct diagnosis other lives could be saved too.  As a matter of fact there might be a national movement that could emerge regarding treatment of specific diseases.
3.      If a doctor were allowed to make it a habit of not diagnosing correctly it would be the most irresponsible and costly form of practicing medicine known- and it could lend to or amount to genocide in the name of wealth creation.  With regard to point three when I was in my mid twenties I was told by a doctor, and not in jest, that many doctors were of the feeble minded race. You know the kind of people that go to prestigious ivy league universities where they also practice rape chants and run for, no less a goal, than public office.
4.      “I felt you should know the truth.” What would be a more appropriate term for doctors to say would be, “I am obligated to tell you the truth.”
5.      Proof.  How different would the world be if doctors started saying decades ago, “That pack of cigarettes a day you or so and so smoked gave you or so and so lung cancer, or emphysema or metastasized no localized cellular deformations that caused cancer somewhere else in your body- and oh- all those nights you spent in smoked filled bars are the reason your offspring are mentally retarded.
6.      What if all those pale faced elderly in wheel chairs really had aspirin a day ulcers?  Being slumped over in a symptom of gastric distress as much today as it has been throughout the history of mankind.
7.      Assassinated President Kennedy was quoted as saying something to the effect, ‘What purpose does a private university have if it does not benefit the country.
8.      What doctor is ever going to tell you, “Your child is having its mind raped by the young of the feeble minded race like I did to people when I was both young and “somewhat” older.”
9.      The Food and Drug administration has not truthfully lived up to its title and designation.  Have the Presidents of the FDA received money for opinion or have they been personally threatened?  I am willing to bet an investigation would reveal both and more.  Now here is a quote from me, “If the FDA does not truthfully serve the purpose it what created for, what good does it do our country? -It is a vehicle of wealth creation for the feeble minded race.”  I see Lee Harvey Oswald’s every day.

Happy Memorial Day
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Perfect Father's Day Gift

Old Motor Cars in Forest Calendar or Image

While hiking deep into a Southern Wisconsin forest I came across this hidden group of old motor car.  I felt that they had so much “character” that I wanted to make these photographs available to you.  The calendar would make a great present for Father’s Day.
These pictures combine my love for nature with that of “Motor Cars”.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dead Sea Scroll exposes the truth of the label Schizophrenia 05 21 2011

Read this very carefully. This was written in Hebrew and was found in the Dead Sea scrolls. It is titled Songs of the Sage Q4510-11. I am going to be quite blunt with you- this Song of the Sage is what everyone “labeled” schizophrenic goes through. I have italicized the more relevant parts regarding suffering in this passage:

“…praises. Benedictions for the King of glory. Words of thanksgiving in psalms of…to the God of knowledge, the Splendour of power, the God of Gods. Lord of all the holy. His dominion is over all the powerful mighty ones and by the power of his might all shall be terrified and shall be terrified and shall scatter and be put to flight by the splendor of the dwelling of his kingly glory. And I, the Master, proclaim the majesty of his beauty to frighten and terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels and the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers and the yelpers…they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart and their…in the age of the domination of wickedness and the appointed times for the humiliation of the sons of light, in the guilt of the ages of those smitten by iniquity, not for eternal destruction but for the humiliation of sin. Exalt, O just, the God of marvels. My psalms are for the upright…May all whose way is perfect exalt him.”

The is the sum of Dead Sea Scroll 4Q510. It is a Jewish script. I just started reading this today. But there are two very relevant phrases that resonate with me that I have typed with italics. Why do they resonate with me? Because they are very similar to what I have written about the “They who’s

The first is Howlers. This was also how the character Roy Batty acted in the movie Blade Runner. The author Philip Dick was telling you the same thing that I am. But here is what I said concerning Howlers.

Friday, March 12, 2010Numbskulls


“When they fail at arguing from the premise of logic, they resort to semantics, after that fails, just endless howling.”

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The second is: For the humiliation of the sons of light.

I will just provide my link for you to read on this one. The title of my article was “Light Houses of Soul Extinguished.

Find it here:

Schizophrenia is a word used to label those who are indeed victims of these types mentioned here: “spirits of the destroying angels and the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers and the yelpers…they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart….”

You see I have proven again, with this holy reference, those labeled are as I say not what the “spirits of the destroying angels and the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers and the yelpers…they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart….” have illegitimated us to be.

This has been one of the greatest secrets of wealth creation known and I have exposed it. This is exactly how they steal intellectual property and skills from us; their modus operand is “they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding”

Let me be very clear, “the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers and the yelpers…they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart and their…in the age of the domination of wickedness and the appointed times for the humiliation of the sons of light,” violate our rights as guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States.

This country was not founded to benefit;“the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers and the yelpers…they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart and their…in the age of the domination of wickedness and the appointed times for the humiliation of the sons of light,” It was founded as a country to be free of that ilk.

You will never hear the Howlers openly and publicly complain, why? Because they are well off. And indeed by labeling us and legitimizing the driving of people from their minds they have created, “the age of the domination of wickedness.” Why else will you not hear them complain? Because they like nothing more than, “humiliation of the sons of light.” Why do they like this? Because they like nothing more than intruding in on the soul of “the sons of light.” It is like a drug for them. And it is the greatest hidden abuse of human rights the world has ever known.  I want it stopped!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Republicans are Drug Dealers and Litterbugs 05 20 2011

Republicans are Drug Dealers and Litterbugs 05 20 2011

Sacrilegious you say?  The infant minded adults say’s we should stop using what they consider inflammatory language only after we have put up with theirs for over four decades.  If they find the truth inflammatory maybe there is something about themselves they need to change.  How about this, and I hope you appreciate the irony, “Maybe they need to become immune to the inflammatory affects of the truth by indeed agreeing with it.  Maybe they need to think about the truth and why it is hurting them so much.”

Tobacco is a drug.  Tobacco lobbyists support the Republican Party.  They pay to put them in office.  Tobacco is indeed the chief drug of the dark side of religion.  Tobacco ruins the potential of minds.  Minds grow from learning through personal experience.  Tobacco deprives people of thinking about personal experience as it is a drug of escapism.  What is a drug of escapism?  It is something you can buy to make you feel happy when you aren’t.  It is something that makes you feel happy when you shouldn’t be.  When you are not happy that is the time to express your rights and stand up for yourself.  When you are not happy that is not the time to give yourself lung cancer.  When you give yourself lung cancer you are indeed making yourself more unhappy aren’t you?
What does tobacco do?  It might protect one against Candida infection caused by too much sugar it the American diet while at the same time giving one lung cancer.   Because Tobacco is an escape drug it potentiates negative coping within individuals.  Because people smoke tobacco instead of dealing with the reality of themselves they do not learn and grow as an individual.   Escapism is really agreeing with the evil that was done unto in this world rather than speaking against it.  Escapism is really someone being content with quiet suffering.
When you do not speak against the evil that was done unto you, you in effect are accepting it. When you accept it you legitimize it.  When you accept it you have internalized it and you become your own worst enemy. 
Cigarette smoker and those who support them are smoldering people who cannot cope with reality and are therefore irresponsible.
Bottom line, Americans should not need to take drugs of any kind in order to be happy, and that includes carcinogenic tobacco.  We gave the American Indians Tobacco and Alcohol for land.  What is the Republican Party giving us Tobacco for?  The American Government even subsidizes Tobacco Farmers.
Most people in this world resort to Tobacco as a response to personal insults.  When faced with personal insult one should be either to dismiss it as not being true or grow from it.  Often one can consider personal insult as being a complement by the jealous.  Often personal insults seemingly come at us out of nowhere and it is only upon reflection that we rationalize about them if we are so fortunate to be able to think in logical terms about what was said to us.  Those who are good people will be faced with personal insult after personal insult in life.  Always take the time to think about what was said to you and why it was not true, and then what was the true motivation behind the comment.  And do not be afraid to ask yourself why you think the way you do.  What in your life has influenced you to form opinions?  Where you influences by just someone or instead by something you agree with?  Do you agree with something just because someone said it or because it rings true with you?  To be influenced just by someone is to worship false idols- this goes against God and country- and yourself.
Nothing bothers me more than seeing a restaurant worker ditching out the back door for a cigarette.  People must learn good kitchen coping skills. Ramsey, if that is his name, was not that.
 I can imagine that there would be many negative repercussions if cigarettes were banned completely.  There would probably be an era of people who used to smoke going nuts.  You might see them sitting in the corner and rocking while they cry like little babies.  It was a long time coming and you should thank whoever will force you to quit.   Sometimes the problems we have that lead one to escapism were not our fault.  How can a child that was harmed by an adult blame themselves, you cannot not.  Self destructive smoking is indeed blaming yourself.

Republicans are Litterbugs
You had better believe it.  They have fought and undermined every environmental policy since I have been alive.  Fish the food responsible for making us human (the DHA- fish oil is believed to be the source of human brain development) is now contaminated with the pollution from these smoking litterbugs.  Just because we cannot see their pollution with our naked eyes does not mean it is not there.  You cannot go swimming without fear of getting the deadly E-coli.  E-coli is fecal matter bacteria.  The air you breathe is polluted too and the protective layer of ozone has been eroded.  The polar ice caps are melting.
“What do you mean, you never saw us litter!”  Yes we did!  You have also done a lot of other bad things over time that we have seen.
How can a litterbug call themselves conservative?

  Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Recall Scott Walker 05 20 2011

Recall Scott Walker 05 20 2011

If those who own billboards that are used for political advertising do not allow any political platform to buy billboard space they should lose their ability to advertise.  Why because this is in effect propaganda. 
What are the dangers of propaganda? -  first comes loss of rights and then genocide.
Truth in campaign.  If a politician springs a policy from out of the blue that in effect takes away our rights he was not true to us during his campaign.  What does this amount to?  Betrayal of the public trust. 
Think about it this way.  A politician runs on smiles and blunt words that encourage the support of those who follow him in blind ambition alone.  And I am speaking about those who untruthfully call themselves conservatives.  The moment he is elected we learn that he is a member of the KKK and the police are coming to your door to seize everything including you.  Is it fair to say the American People never elected such a person?  It is very fair to say the majority never would have voted for such a person.
So what can you really do to remove such a person from public office?  There is very little you can do because they will have oversight control over armed forces, such as either the military or law enforcement.
The founding fathers of this country knew very well of the reality and danger like this that is present in human nature.  That is why they put into place the parts of the constitution that guarantee Americans the right to keep and bear arms.  Now I am a Democrat because I believe what is in the interest of the people in general provides me a better life and standard of living, and I support the NRA.  That is the National Rifle Association.  The right to keep and bear arms was added to ensure the Constitution of the United States.  You may think that I am an extremist for saying that but it is indeed the reality of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
Let me put it a different way, if every Jew in Nazi Germany had owned a gun would there have been a holocaust?  When someone comes to our front door to take us away from our home for no reason whatsoever are we to assume that it is for our own good?  Adolf Hitler went to great lengths to destroy the records of his ancestry and the only reason could be that he hated himself and knew he was a Jew.  Every Jew in the United States should own a gun to protect themselves from those of the new likes of one of their own- Adolf.  The Bible tells us we are all Jews.  (Adam and Eve were the first humans and they were Jews.  Therefore if you are human you are a Jew.  That is rock solid logic.)
Owning a gun teaches one a great responsibility at a young age.  I have been against the DNR’s right to take ten year old children hunting with them for the very reason that resulted- one was thought to be a turkey and shot already.  The flipside of this has not happened yet where the ten year old shoots an adult he thinks is a deer but time will likely prove that one out too.  But I see nothing wrong with a father taking his child to the rifle range.
And what do we do about those who under duress sell drugs to our children, rape them, net them when they runaways into prostitution rings?  Our right to keep and bear arms applies here to when our judicial system has failed us.  What is my point- the judicial system should not allow such criminals once caught the opportunity to pick up where they left off and ruin more lives?
You cannot tell me that the Republican Party is the majority in this country.  You cannot tell me that.  Other than their parents children are often influenced greatest by their teachers.  Children are sometimes also unduly influenced under duress by drug dealers, bullies and nannies.  But my point is this- the greater vast majority of children who grow up to be adults where strongly influenced by their teachers.  In case you are forgetting children learn from their teachers and this is called education.  Are you trying to tell me the greater majority in this country or state thinks that their teachers do not deserve the pay they were getting?  Are you trying to tell me that the greater majority who grew up in the state of Wisconsin did not value their education?  Or are you trying to tell me that Republicans think they are smarter than their teachers and that their teachers had nothing to do with their intelligence?
You cannot tell me that the majority in the State of Wisconsin support Scott Walker.
We found out that Bush tortured.  We only found out after the policy Scott Walker would put in place.  What else are we going to find out after the fact?
Are we going to find out that those voting tabulating machines whose source code we are not allowed to see are also manipulated behind the curtains?  We do not need any of these behind the curtain policies.  There has to be a way to account for our votes more accurately and prevent voter fraud, I probably even thought of one and published it in my Politics website a long time ago.  I think the voter ID card is a start to this. 
The counterargument to voter ID is that it makes it harder to vote.  Education is funded by our Government.  The basics of Government are taught in education.  Next they will use an argument similar to separation of church and state to prevent high schools from seeing that every 18 year old has a voter ID card. 
The counterargument to a voter ID card was also that if someone is moving from house to house in a State or in from out of State that it makes it harder to vote.  The back of the Voter ID card should have infallible instructions for absentee voting.  And the voter ID card should also be designed to make voting more accountable.  A person should be able to look at an Address in a database and say yes that is my neighbor and I believe he did vote for so and so.  And I also know that he has a second house up north and I see that he didn’t vote there also. I also know that he has a home in Florida and he didn’t vote twice their either.  The only way votes will be made fair will be if there is no longer anonymous record. 
America was founded on those who stood up for what they believed in and they did it with guns.  Is it too much to ask that they stand up for their votes?  That is true Patriotism.
I started arguing with a Democrat last night that the voter ID card led to more accountability and he argued counter point that the benefits would not be seen until the future.  Serving the public is all about planning for the future needs of the people.  Sometimes the good of the people can be met with decisions that can be implemented in short time.  But the greater needs of the people are met with long range plans that stay constant administration to administration.  That is another problem today, long range plans are subverted by changes in administration and because of the Bureaucracy no President has been able to accomplish anything meaningful.
Barrack Obama is said to have given us free health care.  Is he suffering from a self delusion?  Is free health care is dependent on him winning the 2012 election.  The basis of his health care plan amounted to one single line of text in a stack of papers.  What American does not know that we have been duped on this one?  The first thing the Republicans who do not like teachers will do when they get into office is take a black crayon and cross that line out.  That is literally their mentality.  For those of you who do not understand what just happened, Barrack Obama just instituted the greatest tax on Social Security we have ever seen.  You need to think of it this way as a double entry accounting.  Social Security is an account with the government so is Medicare.  This President just slicked us all and you do not even realize it.   We have paid for the health care before we got it and we are not likely to get it.  Cuts in Social Security that the Republicans wanted happened with a Democrat as President and with him telling us Universal Health Care would be implemented at a future time, when he might not be President and maybe not at all as it would be subject to repeal.  But we got the cuts in social security right now anyway.  I am not being negative on Barrack Obama I voted for him.  Barrack Obama was hit with a one two punch the minute he took office.  1. His friend was arrested.  His friend was likely demonically possessed by one of them when he acted the way he did.  It is not too hard to become negatively influenced just turn on the television set.  And 2. Those beautiful British whom we escaped from to found this country were responsible for blowing the head off of an oil well that ruined a great Natural Resource- the Gulf.  Both of those incidents were likely to have motivations behind them that amount to treason.
Am I the only one who believes that if a party with money wanted to rig a vote count the best way to make it seem legitimate would be to pour money in on advertising every where the public looks?  It would make it seem more likely that the candidate that revealed no details of his agenda, and that means had no platform to run on, won the election.  Somehow every voter should be able to see that he voted for who he did.  If this means that there is no longer anonymous voting so what.  You should be proud of whom you vote for and what you stand for when you vote.  I do not see this as a violation of rights.  Where does it say that we should be anonymous with our actions concerning others?  I have always been very wary of those who do not want you to know what they truly stand for and so should you be. 
When I had friends in college who were wealthy Republicans their only argument against me was personal insult.  They had strong verbal ability but little true intellect.  Intellect is derived from the experience of solving problems for yourself.  Intellect is not the ability to win arguments through personal insult.  Compared to me they had little practical skills you would think a male of college age should have.  Even though they had strong verbal ability they could not build a basis of premise for what they blindly believed in.  My point is this Republicans know who the Democrats on the block are already and give them a hard time as it is.  In fact I have found that there has always been great peer pressure against Democrats.  Peer pressure is the same tactic of drug dealers.
Who is it that likes to remain anonymous in this country, the occult, the KKK, secret societies and until recently Yale University? (The paranormal effects of the occult are real and harmful and they are part of a mechanism of wealth creation otherwise there would be no occult.)
If Republican wealth owns all the billboards in this country and does not let the other side pay to advertise on them does this not amount to untold horror! Is this not another violation of the constitution in some way in might be termed, “Silencing the voice of Freedom of Speech.”  Or better yet, “Silencing the voice of our Constitution.”  “Silencing the voice of our founding fathers.”
Just because you do not see it on billboards does not mean that it is not a relevant and popular opinion.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger let’s change the rules for him 05 17 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger let’s change the rules for him 05 17 2011
So we finally know what Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing while California was being turned into a druggy state.  He was having sex with the help.  Many of the help in California are said to be illegal aliens from Mexico.  So we also see how he handled California’s problem regarding this.  We really get a clear idea of the level of responsibility of this Republican. The one the Republican Party was so proud of they wanted to change the rules just so that he could become President of the United States.  How many other illegal aliens are mistresses to the California rich we have to ask?  And when you seek who is taking advantage of a national problem you also get a fair idea of who caused it.  And when you see who does not want anything done about it you also get a fair idea of who caused it.  Makes you wonder how many Mexican "men" or women are used for personal cunnilingus too.
And another thing, Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to be the model of health and there he was smoking the cigar, what a contradiction. 
Here is what we should do, we should deport Arnold Schwarzenegger back to Russia and see what they would say about him.  Russia is said to be a virtual crime zone and I am willing to bet they would not like him. 
He made a good actor but an irresponsible public servant.  Arnold the only movies you will be allowed to make from here on out will be ones where you play a government agent that addresses the drug problem in California or ones in which you are a social worker who counsels unwed mothers or how about a border patrol agent that fights drugs and corruption.  Either way your new characters will have to be straight laced and you are not that kind of actor.  Your characters as is your life are ones who eagerly look for advantage and take it.
Take that trip to Russia and familiarize yourself with your roots.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Profile of a Drug Lord who lives in the Suburbs 05 15 2011

     Profile of a Drug Lord who lives in the Suburbs 05 15 2011
This would probably be someone who has a mentally challenged child.  Therefore they resent parents and their children who are normal.  You have to ask yourself who else would sell drugs to your children?
It would have to be someone who does not feel that the world is fair.  It would probably be someone who thinks the only way to get ahead in life is by taking.  It would probably be someone who does not feel that they are as good as others.  It would probably be someone who had a hard time learning and therefore believes that there is something special about those who are more intelligent.  It would probably be someone who is so jaded that the neither care nor recognize the destruction they cause in others lives.  Someone like this would measure their life by money alone and value material possessions of great value.  It would probably be someone who has a subtle if not unknown prejudice.
It would be someone who attended college or has connections.  There would have to be a network in place to keep it running.  To analyze the network in order to defeat it you would have to look at it in terms of logistics issues.  This means what skills are needed to do what at the various nodes of the business.  Where are they sourced from?
You also have to look at how we have been defeated from beating drugs in America by analyzing who would be at the various nodes of the business that might be crooked.  That is working in a capacity of the public trust and betraying it. 
We ought to be able to randomly drug test all lawyers in this country and they would be disbarred if they were found in their blood.
 Defense lawyers are required to be licensed.  That license is granted because it is a profession that involves the public trust.  A lawyer who has drugs in their bloodstream is betraying the public trust and should be disbarred.  They would then be required to report to an office of the government the sources of their income going forward.  If they don’t like it they can leave the country.  How can we ever tackle the drug problem when the law is on their side in terms of usage?  It is one thing to defend and another to aid and abet.  Using drugs is indeed aiding and abetting the very crimes defended.  They should be disbarred.  This country would clean up rather quickly. 
You say we do not have the right to randomly drug test them?  What right do they have to make us watch them put our country in a sink hole?  They don’t have that right.  You can run it by the Supreme Court all you want but you do not have the right to slowly transition America into a junkieville of freaks.  Those who take drugs pity themselves and those like them, I would give you a one way travel ticket to go live in another country.  You might like it in Switzerland.  You might be able to avail yourself of other legalities there.

Is this a true statement? -  We must be close to cracking down on drug dealers because there is a great push to legalize them.  What if we were to just arrest those who want the drugs legalized and vie for it on suspicion of being a drug dealer?  Do we not have enough probably cause to arrest someone than they want to legalize narcotics?  Americans have to be able to learn to have a better life than taking drugs.  And it does not involve demonizing others.  It involves issues of self and dealing with self.  Drugs are escapism from the horrors of such selves.  And they are used to rob the best and brightest Americans of their potential and this robs America of its potential.  There are those in America who are mentally challenged and seek to compare themselves favorably to others by labeling and destroying them.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Relevant Issues to Government of the United States of America 05 14 2011

Relevant Issues to Government of the United States of America 05 14 2011
On Smoking Cigarettes 05 14 2011
We know that smoking causes cancer and we know it causes birth defects.  We know that second hand smoke has the exact same effect because it is the same smoke isn’t it.
They have always said that you have the right to do to your body whatever you want to.  That is your right in this country.
What happens when allowing you to have the right to do destructive things to your body negatively impacts my body?  The smokers’ rights have won this one.  How? They have financed this decision for us.
What happens when granting your right to be destructive to your body negatively impacts our health care system because the prominence of disease it causes.  Now you have lessened the rights of responsible people in two ways haven’t you.  Not only do you make others sick but we have to pay for your sickness and ours.  And then what happens?  Those same people who supported the right to smoke and harm others then want to limit and decrease our health care and social security. 
When one constitutional right has been transitioned in that violates the constitutional right of everyone else, maybe it is not constitutional?  In other words, we know for a fact that smoking is bad for our health; we have proven that just like we have proven that the earth is not flat, so why can’t we make a responsible conclusion regarding it?  Because money controls the decision process in government and not what is best for the people.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

On Drugs 05 14 2011:
How come some people are allowed to use illegal substances and then want them to be legalized?  That is an expensive habit they afford.  And in contrast how come there are some people whom they would seek to forcibly medicate.  People whom don’t want to and shouldn’t have to!  They also want you to develop an expensive habit you are hooked on that profits them.
Is there a balancing act played out here?  Whereby those who push medicine on others are part of a mechanism of wealth creation?  And when they sell you the medicine they then have very little about themselves that they like so they in turn take illegal drugs and then seek to have them legalized.
As you grow through life how many of you avoided taking illegal drugs or having them pushed on you when you were a child only to see those same types who are now adults like you push another form of drugs on you?
“They give you the drugs and try and rape you!” has been my standing slogan on drugs.
In ALL CASES when DRUGS are pushed on you it is because those who push them on you want to be exactly like you and cannot.
From my standpoint I see this very clearly.  There are those who cheat in life and will never be happy no matter what they do.  They would try and change the reality of the world in a negative manner to support themselves.
Both forms of drugs; medicines and narcotics are fatal.  So it balances out here.  But here is one things that you did not know; the narcotics are more fatal and those who take them do so because of guilt and shame for what they are.  What is medicine really and what has it done to the world.  Medicine is really the product of alchemy.  What is that- the turning of lead into gold.  Most if not all of medicines are based on natural ingredients.  The “medicines” on the other hand should always be free.  Do you remember what the Bible tells you that everything you need you have on earth. 
What would the history of the world be like if every time someone spoke their opinion in contrary to popular belief they were forcibly medicated?  We would not have gotten much past the stone age!  “A rock on the head would do him good they would says!”  Does it seem to you like America is stuck in a rut today?  It does to me in terms of progressive programs of change.
Here is another secret that they do not want you to know about.  Those who profit from the mechanism of wealth creation do so by stealing the souls of others.  And after they have stole it they do not want to have to listen to it anymore.   They tell you those psychiatric medications are for you but they are not.  They are for the ones who stole your soul.  From the Bible we know for a fact of the existence of Satan and that he can read men’s minds.  They, “Satan”, want to be blissfully ignorant of the crime against humanity they committed and the irresponsible things they have done in life.  If you are forced to take medication because you hear voices I am going to tell you the revelation from the bible that will change the world:  Those mental voices you hear in your head are the mental voices of people that now longer want to hear your mental voice.  I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE OF THAT!  They want you to suffer from mental attrition and become zombified on their medicines of wealth creation. 
Believe me if you come off of psychiatric medicine those of the mental voice you hear in your head will know it too! This is where the term living well is the best revenge comes into play.
All of those medicines that shut up your thinking and mental voice are fatal.  What do I mean by fatal?  I mean you aren’t going to die of old age when you take them.  You’ll die of something on the label or something not on the label, but it won’t be of old age.
Your mental voice is your conscience, your personality and it is you.  It is what defines you and once it is lost….
I am not afraid of repercussions from what I write here because I know that it is true!  Those of the mechanism of wealth creation know that it is very true too and any repercussions from this are there responsibility not mine.  Why?  Because I am on the side of the truth and I have the truth behind me.  Their foundation is not based on the truth and they know it.
I would never fight you to steal your mind.  But I will fight to keep my own and for those want to keep their own minds too.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

A Word on Alcohol 05 14 2011
You will have already drunk too much in your life long before you realize how bad it was for your long term health.  There ought to be a way we can limit someone’s drinking to no more than two drinks a day.   Any more than that and the overall health care system is then paid for by the taxpayer and he/she foots a bill and that is not feasible.
Many drink during their formative years as a matter of coping.  There ought to be a way or programs to help reduce the stress on individuals in these formative years.  These are years when social skills and responsibilities are being developed.  Responsibility is sometimes forged through stress.  So this is a hard one to fix.  I will ask that my school of thought do some work on this one and will comment on it at a later date.

On Alchemy in Diet 05 14 2011
How many of us would need medicines of alchemy to make us healthy if there was not an abundance of chemicals of alchemy in our everyday lives.   What am I talking about?  Our high sugar diets.   This American diet makes us sicker than anything else and necessitates the need for mechanisms of alchemy.
What is medicine really and what has it done to the world.  Medicine is really the product of alchemy.  What is that- the turning of lead into gold.  Most if not all of medicines are based on natural ingredients.  The “medicines” on the other hand should always be free.
 If my recent memory is correct the founder of McDonalds had these two diseases when he died, diabetes and multiple sclerosis- what more do I need to say?  Other than he wasn’t happy with his wife and stole the wife of another man away from him.
Well, we ask where is the money to pay for our health care? It has been alchemized into fat bellies, water contaminated with chemicals of alchemy and up in smoke.  If you want the money to pay for health care you have to clean all three of those up, and you might have to dig some holes to do it to because the ground is polluted also.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Labor Pools 05 14 2011
What can we do with the young people that need jobs?  Yesterday as I was driving to go fishing I passed a man in an intersection stacking concrete stones to form what looked to be a garden structure in the island of the intersection.  Some six hours later when I was done fishing I saw that he had only stacked one or two bricks for the day and then called it a day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if community projects all across the country could draw upon the pool of all young people (old if want to, too) available to help.  (paid minimum wage) Those bricks would have been stacked in one hour and a sense of camaraderie would be fostered amongst those involved.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
Marquette High School   05 14 2011:
The other day I was driving my elderly mother to a car dealership west of where we live.  We passed Marquette High School.  It is located in the heart of the core.  I had to ask myself, is not the organized distribution of illegal narcotics a complicated ordeal.  Isn’t it one that requires some backing and education to pull off?  It would have to otherwise it would not still be around.  So then I asked myself, a person would probably have to have a very sound education in order to pull this off.  They would have to have connections.  They would have to have legal connections and they would have to have plenty of money to use as grease, bribery, extortion, etc.
The people who would foster such a crime would also have to maintain some distance from the operations of the crime itself otherwise once those caught dealing were caught it would be the end of it.
And then I asked myself the question, oh no, the question I was not supposed to!  I wonder how many Marquette High School students are twice or three times removed drug dealers now living in the suburbs.  I wonder how many of them have strong contacts with defense attorneys.  And then I realized defense attorneys lived on my block-------------
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Overweight 05 14 2011
Plow Chain the Overweight under the age of Fifty.
The health benefits of hard labor in terms of longevity would be tremendous for the overweight.  It would also benefit the country as a whole.
There are many I would also like to yoke up to the plow chain and these include bankers.  Who I would like to yoke up to the plow chain changes based on my mood as determined by what I see.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Okauchee Lake Fishing 05 14 2011
When I was a boy a priest, we’ll call him Ron, at the catholic school I went to took a wagon load of us middle graders fishing on Okauchee Lake.  We went out on the lake in a pontoon boat and cast to shore.  And it was a beautiful lake then as it is today. 
I had a fingernail clippers that I used to cut my fishing line.  I remember some blond haired boy asking to borrow it.  And after he used it he did not give it back to me but tossed it in the lake instead.  I complained to the priest who also served as our responsible chaperone and he said, “Blonde haired boy owes you a nails clippers”
After we were done fishing we waited by the church wagon while the priest went inside a little cabin where I think if I remember correctly a retired elderly priest lived.  We never really saw who was inside of there.
There were about ten of us waiting near the car.  I remember looking up at that cabin and thinking something bad is going on in there.  It was like I could feel the climate change. I almost thought of it as something homosexual like, but at that age I did not have a clear understanding of the nature of evil as I do today.
While we were waiting for him to come out all of a sudden the other children started to become mean and the blonde haired boy who through my nail clippers in the lake said, “Let’s strip Murph!”
Well Murph was having no part of that and climbed on top of the station wagon.  It was just then that the priest came out of the cabin.  He was large muscular man with dark hair.  He looked like he just wrestled down a steer or sexually gratified himself.  Was whatever he was doing inside that cabin having an effect on the other boys waiting by the car?  I ask myself today.
I got yelled at for being on top of the wagon, but it was better than being stripped by a pack of flies.  It did not bother me being yelled at for that, just as it does not bother me one bit for the truths I write in my articles today.  Understand?
That priest only worked there briefly and from what I understand he was accused in the church molestation scandal.
I went fishing here yesterday and today I think of the current priest of our same community church.  He seems like a nice old man.  The kind you would like to play cards with. 
I would hate to see him retire to a cottage on a beautiful lake only to have a guy like Ron percy him.
There will be priests that come forward and tell of the inside world of the priesthood.  I was indeed told by a woman when I lived briefly in Chicago in 1991 that all priests were gay.  I did not want to believe it and argued against her.  She told me that she was at parties where they were all openly gay.  I would like to believe that they are not.  But after the church abuse scandal surfaced I believed her one hundred percent.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Responsibility and Incorporation 05 14 2011
The reason that the corporate structure exist is said to be to limit the ability for liability of a business because this creates the growth of more business.
What has been the effect of the limited liability of the corporate structure?
1.      We live in a world wrote with unseen pollution.  Small traces of deadly and metabolically toxic chemicals that cause birth defects are present in our land air and water.
2.      Corporate white collar crimes are now fostered and committed that almost led us to the great depression; you know bread lines on the corners?
3.      I could add to this list innumerably but that is not the point of this article.

The corporate structure needs to be changed so that the person who clawed the eyes and souls out from others to make those multimillion dollar salaries is held personally responsible for the actions of the corporation.
For example if you gave the go ahead to send effluent from your factory or stadium directly into our water supply and people die of e-coli maybe you would be charged with homicide?
If you are making $50 billion a year and people are homeless and die on the cold streets maybe we could charge you with homicide too?
Can we blame the problems of our capitalistic economy on the irresponsible corporate structure?
I can hear you Maria types already saying that CEO’s are very responsible and worked very hard to get where they are.  Okay if they are so responsible then they do not need the shield of liability present in our corporate structure.  My word on this is final!
I can guarantee you, that if this were to happen; the whole country would change for the better rather quickly.
Wait there is a second argument against the corporate structure.  If it was set up this way in order to encourage more business growth to benefit the economy, why have we not developed a clean energy economy?  The limited personable liability of the corporate structure has not worked for the United States; it has mired us in corrupt oil and poppy field wars.  The limited personal liability of the corporate structure needs to be dissolved and people “executives” need to be held accountable for non-frivolous lawsuits.  All our high paid executives have not benefited the United States, they have done as the name implies “Executed” it.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Drug Houses 05 14 2011
Known Drug houses need to be seized by government domain.  Homeless war veterans can be given MP like jobs to manage them as shelters for the homeless.  And those former homeless MP’s should have authority that super-cedes that of the local police.
Abandoned or littered areas of landscape can also be termed state property, and those same MP’s can plant vegetables in them and manage them as gardens.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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P.S. Keeping this post together as one long article.  In the near future I will be posting pictures of Milwaukee and Wisconsin to this website and not Capture Wisconsin.