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Monday, May 2, 2011

Answer the Questions 05 02 2011

Answer the Questions 05 02 2011
The greatest obstacle to educating an American Public is a government that keeps secrets.  We are seeing evidence of this today.  There is a press conference regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death and the questions are not being answered.
How can we even begin to education our children when all our government does is kept secret.  This is a great conflict of interest.  When those questions are asked of our government in press conferences, those hard questions- the American Public needs to hear the answers to those questions.  Otherwise why a have a press meeting?  The American public knows no more than before you had one.  It is ridiculous. 
A good reporter keeps asking the question they do not want to answer.  When there is a press meeting like we saw today, the good reporter then asks, “Will you get the straight answer to the question for us.”  Otherwise we do not need a television.
Anytime they cannot answer a question it means they have something important they are hiding. 
They don’t want to show the woman shielding Osama because they want the United States and the world to disregard any human connection to these people. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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