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Friday, May 20, 2011

Recall Scott Walker 05 20 2011

Recall Scott Walker 05 20 2011

If those who own billboards that are used for political advertising do not allow any political platform to buy billboard space they should lose their ability to advertise.  Why because this is in effect propaganda. 
What are the dangers of propaganda? -  first comes loss of rights and then genocide.
Truth in campaign.  If a politician springs a policy from out of the blue that in effect takes away our rights he was not true to us during his campaign.  What does this amount to?  Betrayal of the public trust. 
Think about it this way.  A politician runs on smiles and blunt words that encourage the support of those who follow him in blind ambition alone.  And I am speaking about those who untruthfully call themselves conservatives.  The moment he is elected we learn that he is a member of the KKK and the police are coming to your door to seize everything including you.  Is it fair to say the American People never elected such a person?  It is very fair to say the majority never would have voted for such a person.
So what can you really do to remove such a person from public office?  There is very little you can do because they will have oversight control over armed forces, such as either the military or law enforcement.
The founding fathers of this country knew very well of the reality and danger like this that is present in human nature.  That is why they put into place the parts of the constitution that guarantee Americans the right to keep and bear arms.  Now I am a Democrat because I believe what is in the interest of the people in general provides me a better life and standard of living, and I support the NRA.  That is the National Rifle Association.  The right to keep and bear arms was added to ensure the Constitution of the United States.  You may think that I am an extremist for saying that but it is indeed the reality of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
Let me put it a different way, if every Jew in Nazi Germany had owned a gun would there have been a holocaust?  When someone comes to our front door to take us away from our home for no reason whatsoever are we to assume that it is for our own good?  Adolf Hitler went to great lengths to destroy the records of his ancestry and the only reason could be that he hated himself and knew he was a Jew.  Every Jew in the United States should own a gun to protect themselves from those of the new likes of one of their own- Adolf.  The Bible tells us we are all Jews.  (Adam and Eve were the first humans and they were Jews.  Therefore if you are human you are a Jew.  That is rock solid logic.)
Owning a gun teaches one a great responsibility at a young age.  I have been against the DNR’s right to take ten year old children hunting with them for the very reason that resulted- one was thought to be a turkey and shot already.  The flipside of this has not happened yet where the ten year old shoots an adult he thinks is a deer but time will likely prove that one out too.  But I see nothing wrong with a father taking his child to the rifle range.
And what do we do about those who under duress sell drugs to our children, rape them, net them when they runaways into prostitution rings?  Our right to keep and bear arms applies here to when our judicial system has failed us.  What is my point- the judicial system should not allow such criminals once caught the opportunity to pick up where they left off and ruin more lives?
You cannot tell me that the Republican Party is the majority in this country.  You cannot tell me that.  Other than their parents children are often influenced greatest by their teachers.  Children are sometimes also unduly influenced under duress by drug dealers, bullies and nannies.  But my point is this- the greater vast majority of children who grow up to be adults where strongly influenced by their teachers.  In case you are forgetting children learn from their teachers and this is called education.  Are you trying to tell me the greater majority in this country or state thinks that their teachers do not deserve the pay they were getting?  Are you trying to tell me that the greater majority who grew up in the state of Wisconsin did not value their education?  Or are you trying to tell me that Republicans think they are smarter than their teachers and that their teachers had nothing to do with their intelligence?
You cannot tell me that the majority in the State of Wisconsin support Scott Walker.
We found out that Bush tortured.  We only found out after the policy Scott Walker would put in place.  What else are we going to find out after the fact?
Are we going to find out that those voting tabulating machines whose source code we are not allowed to see are also manipulated behind the curtains?  We do not need any of these behind the curtain policies.  There has to be a way to account for our votes more accurately and prevent voter fraud, I probably even thought of one and published it in my Politics website a long time ago.  I think the voter ID card is a start to this. 
The counterargument to voter ID is that it makes it harder to vote.  Education is funded by our Government.  The basics of Government are taught in education.  Next they will use an argument similar to separation of church and state to prevent high schools from seeing that every 18 year old has a voter ID card. 
The counterargument to a voter ID card was also that if someone is moving from house to house in a State or in from out of State that it makes it harder to vote.  The back of the Voter ID card should have infallible instructions for absentee voting.  And the voter ID card should also be designed to make voting more accountable.  A person should be able to look at an Address in a database and say yes that is my neighbor and I believe he did vote for so and so.  And I also know that he has a second house up north and I see that he didn’t vote there also. I also know that he has a home in Florida and he didn’t vote twice their either.  The only way votes will be made fair will be if there is no longer anonymous record. 
America was founded on those who stood up for what they believed in and they did it with guns.  Is it too much to ask that they stand up for their votes?  That is true Patriotism.
I started arguing with a Democrat last night that the voter ID card led to more accountability and he argued counter point that the benefits would not be seen until the future.  Serving the public is all about planning for the future needs of the people.  Sometimes the good of the people can be met with decisions that can be implemented in short time.  But the greater needs of the people are met with long range plans that stay constant administration to administration.  That is another problem today, long range plans are subverted by changes in administration and because of the Bureaucracy no President has been able to accomplish anything meaningful.
Barrack Obama is said to have given us free health care.  Is he suffering from a self delusion?  Is free health care is dependent on him winning the 2012 election.  The basis of his health care plan amounted to one single line of text in a stack of papers.  What American does not know that we have been duped on this one?  The first thing the Republicans who do not like teachers will do when they get into office is take a black crayon and cross that line out.  That is literally their mentality.  For those of you who do not understand what just happened, Barrack Obama just instituted the greatest tax on Social Security we have ever seen.  You need to think of it this way as a double entry accounting.  Social Security is an account with the government so is Medicare.  This President just slicked us all and you do not even realize it.   We have paid for the health care before we got it and we are not likely to get it.  Cuts in Social Security that the Republicans wanted happened with a Democrat as President and with him telling us Universal Health Care would be implemented at a future time, when he might not be President and maybe not at all as it would be subject to repeal.  But we got the cuts in social security right now anyway.  I am not being negative on Barrack Obama I voted for him.  Barrack Obama was hit with a one two punch the minute he took office.  1. His friend was arrested.  His friend was likely demonically possessed by one of them when he acted the way he did.  It is not too hard to become negatively influenced just turn on the television set.  And 2. Those beautiful British whom we escaped from to found this country were responsible for blowing the head off of an oil well that ruined a great Natural Resource- the Gulf.  Both of those incidents were likely to have motivations behind them that amount to treason.
Am I the only one who believes that if a party with money wanted to rig a vote count the best way to make it seem legitimate would be to pour money in on advertising every where the public looks?  It would make it seem more likely that the candidate that revealed no details of his agenda, and that means had no platform to run on, won the election.  Somehow every voter should be able to see that he voted for who he did.  If this means that there is no longer anonymous voting so what.  You should be proud of whom you vote for and what you stand for when you vote.  I do not see this as a violation of rights.  Where does it say that we should be anonymous with our actions concerning others?  I have always been very wary of those who do not want you to know what they truly stand for and so should you be. 
When I had friends in college who were wealthy Republicans their only argument against me was personal insult.  They had strong verbal ability but little true intellect.  Intellect is derived from the experience of solving problems for yourself.  Intellect is not the ability to win arguments through personal insult.  Compared to me they had little practical skills you would think a male of college age should have.  Even though they had strong verbal ability they could not build a basis of premise for what they blindly believed in.  My point is this Republicans know who the Democrats on the block are already and give them a hard time as it is.  In fact I have found that there has always been great peer pressure against Democrats.  Peer pressure is the same tactic of drug dealers.
Who is it that likes to remain anonymous in this country, the occult, the KKK, secret societies and until recently Yale University? (The paranormal effects of the occult are real and harmful and they are part of a mechanism of wealth creation otherwise there would be no occult.)
If Republican wealth owns all the billboards in this country and does not let the other side pay to advertise on them does this not amount to untold horror! Is this not another violation of the constitution in some way in might be termed, “Silencing the voice of Freedom of Speech.”  Or better yet, “Silencing the voice of our Constitution.”  “Silencing the voice of our founding fathers.”
Just because you do not see it on billboards does not mean that it is not a relevant and popular opinion.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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