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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Profile of a Drug Lord who lives in the Suburbs 05 15 2011

     Profile of a Drug Lord who lives in the Suburbs 05 15 2011
This would probably be someone who has a mentally challenged child.  Therefore they resent parents and their children who are normal.  You have to ask yourself who else would sell drugs to your children?
It would have to be someone who does not feel that the world is fair.  It would probably be someone who thinks the only way to get ahead in life is by taking.  It would probably be someone who does not feel that they are as good as others.  It would probably be someone who had a hard time learning and therefore believes that there is something special about those who are more intelligent.  It would probably be someone who is so jaded that the neither care nor recognize the destruction they cause in others lives.  Someone like this would measure their life by money alone and value material possessions of great value.  It would probably be someone who has a subtle if not unknown prejudice.
It would be someone who attended college or has connections.  There would have to be a network in place to keep it running.  To analyze the network in order to defeat it you would have to look at it in terms of logistics issues.  This means what skills are needed to do what at the various nodes of the business.  Where are they sourced from?
You also have to look at how we have been defeated from beating drugs in America by analyzing who would be at the various nodes of the business that might be crooked.  That is working in a capacity of the public trust and betraying it. 
We ought to be able to randomly drug test all lawyers in this country and they would be disbarred if they were found in their blood.
 Defense lawyers are required to be licensed.  That license is granted because it is a profession that involves the public trust.  A lawyer who has drugs in their bloodstream is betraying the public trust and should be disbarred.  They would then be required to report to an office of the government the sources of their income going forward.  If they don’t like it they can leave the country.  How can we ever tackle the drug problem when the law is on their side in terms of usage?  It is one thing to defend and another to aid and abet.  Using drugs is indeed aiding and abetting the very crimes defended.  They should be disbarred.  This country would clean up rather quickly. 
You say we do not have the right to randomly drug test them?  What right do they have to make us watch them put our country in a sink hole?  They don’t have that right.  You can run it by the Supreme Court all you want but you do not have the right to slowly transition America into a junkieville of freaks.  Those who take drugs pity themselves and those like them, I would give you a one way travel ticket to go live in another country.  You might like it in Switzerland.  You might be able to avail yourself of other legalities there.

Is this a true statement? -  We must be close to cracking down on drug dealers because there is a great push to legalize them.  What if we were to just arrest those who want the drugs legalized and vie for it on suspicion of being a drug dealer?  Do we not have enough probably cause to arrest someone than they want to legalize narcotics?  Americans have to be able to learn to have a better life than taking drugs.  And it does not involve demonizing others.  It involves issues of self and dealing with self.  Drugs are escapism from the horrors of such selves.  And they are used to rob the best and brightest Americans of their potential and this robs America of its potential.  There are those in America who are mentally challenged and seek to compare themselves favorably to others by labeling and destroying them.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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