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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Truthful Diagnosis 05 29 2011

Truthful Diagnosis 05 29 2011

Does a doctor have the right not to tell you the truth regarding a diagnosis?  No, he does not and here is why.
1.      Even if he feels it is in the patient’s best interest that they do not know the truth, it is not, it is in the patient’s best interest to know the truth because his loved owns might be suffering from the same affliction or be subject to it and a truthful diagnosis would help them too.  For example:  what if an aspirin a day burnt a hole in his stomach and he had an ulcer?  Wouldn’t it be in his best interest to know?  Yes it would.  Keep in mind that it was only recently we saw the reemergence of aspirin in powder form.
2.      He paid for that health care diagnosis and so did the taxpayer.  He/she did not pay to be told a lie; in what the doctor felt was just his best interest in any case.  If his family also knew the correct diagnosis other lives could be saved too.  As a matter of fact there might be a national movement that could emerge regarding treatment of specific diseases.
3.      If a doctor were allowed to make it a habit of not diagnosing correctly it would be the most irresponsible and costly form of practicing medicine known- and it could lend to or amount to genocide in the name of wealth creation.  With regard to point three when I was in my mid twenties I was told by a doctor, and not in jest, that many doctors were of the feeble minded race. You know the kind of people that go to prestigious ivy league universities where they also practice rape chants and run for, no less a goal, than public office.
4.      “I felt you should know the truth.” What would be a more appropriate term for doctors to say would be, “I am obligated to tell you the truth.”
5.      Proof.  How different would the world be if doctors started saying decades ago, “That pack of cigarettes a day you or so and so smoked gave you or so and so lung cancer, or emphysema or metastasized no localized cellular deformations that caused cancer somewhere else in your body- and oh- all those nights you spent in smoked filled bars are the reason your offspring are mentally retarded.
6.      What if all those pale faced elderly in wheel chairs really had aspirin a day ulcers?  Being slumped over in a symptom of gastric distress as much today as it has been throughout the history of mankind.
7.      Assassinated President Kennedy was quoted as saying something to the effect, ‘What purpose does a private university have if it does not benefit the country.
8.      What doctor is ever going to tell you, “Your child is having its mind raped by the young of the feeble minded race like I did to people when I was both young and “somewhat” older.”
9.      The Food and Drug administration has not truthfully lived up to its title and designation.  Have the Presidents of the FDA received money for opinion or have they been personally threatened?  I am willing to bet an investigation would reveal both and more.  Now here is a quote from me, “If the FDA does not truthfully serve the purpose it what created for, what good does it do our country? -It is a vehicle of wealth creation for the feeble minded race.”  I see Lee Harvey Oswald’s every day.

Happy Memorial Day
Thomas Paul Murphy
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