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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger let’s change the rules for him 05 17 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger let’s change the rules for him 05 17 2011
So we finally know what Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing while California was being turned into a druggy state.  He was having sex with the help.  Many of the help in California are said to be illegal aliens from Mexico.  So we also see how he handled California’s problem regarding this.  We really get a clear idea of the level of responsibility of this Republican. The one the Republican Party was so proud of they wanted to change the rules just so that he could become President of the United States.  How many other illegal aliens are mistresses to the California rich we have to ask?  And when you seek who is taking advantage of a national problem you also get a fair idea of who caused it.  And when you see who does not want anything done about it you also get a fair idea of who caused it.  Makes you wonder how many Mexican "men" or women are used for personal cunnilingus too.
And another thing, Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to be the model of health and there he was smoking the cigar, what a contradiction. 
Here is what we should do, we should deport Arnold Schwarzenegger back to Russia and see what they would say about him.  Russia is said to be a virtual crime zone and I am willing to bet they would not like him. 
He made a good actor but an irresponsible public servant.  Arnold the only movies you will be allowed to make from here on out will be ones where you play a government agent that addresses the drug problem in California or ones in which you are a social worker who counsels unwed mothers or how about a border patrol agent that fights drugs and corruption.  Either way your new characters will have to be straight laced and you are not that kind of actor.  Your characters as is your life are ones who eagerly look for advantage and take it.
Take that trip to Russia and familiarize yourself with your roots.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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