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Friday, May 20, 2011

Republicans are Drug Dealers and Litterbugs 05 20 2011

Republicans are Drug Dealers and Litterbugs 05 20 2011

Sacrilegious you say?  The infant minded adults say’s we should stop using what they consider inflammatory language only after we have put up with theirs for over four decades.  If they find the truth inflammatory maybe there is something about themselves they need to change.  How about this, and I hope you appreciate the irony, “Maybe they need to become immune to the inflammatory affects of the truth by indeed agreeing with it.  Maybe they need to think about the truth and why it is hurting them so much.”

Tobacco is a drug.  Tobacco lobbyists support the Republican Party.  They pay to put them in office.  Tobacco is indeed the chief drug of the dark side of religion.  Tobacco ruins the potential of minds.  Minds grow from learning through personal experience.  Tobacco deprives people of thinking about personal experience as it is a drug of escapism.  What is a drug of escapism?  It is something you can buy to make you feel happy when you aren’t.  It is something that makes you feel happy when you shouldn’t be.  When you are not happy that is the time to express your rights and stand up for yourself.  When you are not happy that is not the time to give yourself lung cancer.  When you give yourself lung cancer you are indeed making yourself more unhappy aren’t you?
What does tobacco do?  It might protect one against Candida infection caused by too much sugar it the American diet while at the same time giving one lung cancer.   Because Tobacco is an escape drug it potentiates negative coping within individuals.  Because people smoke tobacco instead of dealing with the reality of themselves they do not learn and grow as an individual.   Escapism is really agreeing with the evil that was done unto in this world rather than speaking against it.  Escapism is really someone being content with quiet suffering.
When you do not speak against the evil that was done unto you, you in effect are accepting it. When you accept it you legitimize it.  When you accept it you have internalized it and you become your own worst enemy. 
Cigarette smoker and those who support them are smoldering people who cannot cope with reality and are therefore irresponsible.
Bottom line, Americans should not need to take drugs of any kind in order to be happy, and that includes carcinogenic tobacco.  We gave the American Indians Tobacco and Alcohol for land.  What is the Republican Party giving us Tobacco for?  The American Government even subsidizes Tobacco Farmers.
Most people in this world resort to Tobacco as a response to personal insults.  When faced with personal insult one should be either to dismiss it as not being true or grow from it.  Often one can consider personal insult as being a complement by the jealous.  Often personal insults seemingly come at us out of nowhere and it is only upon reflection that we rationalize about them if we are so fortunate to be able to think in logical terms about what was said to us.  Those who are good people will be faced with personal insult after personal insult in life.  Always take the time to think about what was said to you and why it was not true, and then what was the true motivation behind the comment.  And do not be afraid to ask yourself why you think the way you do.  What in your life has influenced you to form opinions?  Where you influences by just someone or instead by something you agree with?  Do you agree with something just because someone said it or because it rings true with you?  To be influenced just by someone is to worship false idols- this goes against God and country- and yourself.
Nothing bothers me more than seeing a restaurant worker ditching out the back door for a cigarette.  People must learn good kitchen coping skills. Ramsey, if that is his name, was not that.
 I can imagine that there would be many negative repercussions if cigarettes were banned completely.  There would probably be an era of people who used to smoke going nuts.  You might see them sitting in the corner and rocking while they cry like little babies.  It was a long time coming and you should thank whoever will force you to quit.   Sometimes the problems we have that lead one to escapism were not our fault.  How can a child that was harmed by an adult blame themselves, you cannot not.  Self destructive smoking is indeed blaming yourself.

Republicans are Litterbugs
You had better believe it.  They have fought and undermined every environmental policy since I have been alive.  Fish the food responsible for making us human (the DHA- fish oil is believed to be the source of human brain development) is now contaminated with the pollution from these smoking litterbugs.  Just because we cannot see their pollution with our naked eyes does not mean it is not there.  You cannot go swimming without fear of getting the deadly E-coli.  E-coli is fecal matter bacteria.  The air you breathe is polluted too and the protective layer of ozone has been eroded.  The polar ice caps are melting.
“What do you mean, you never saw us litter!”  Yes we did!  You have also done a lot of other bad things over time that we have seen.
How can a litterbug call themselves conservative?

  Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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