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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Relevant Issues to Government of the United States of America 05 14 2011

Relevant Issues to Government of the United States of America 05 14 2011
On Smoking Cigarettes 05 14 2011
We know that smoking causes cancer and we know it causes birth defects.  We know that second hand smoke has the exact same effect because it is the same smoke isn’t it.
They have always said that you have the right to do to your body whatever you want to.  That is your right in this country.
What happens when allowing you to have the right to do destructive things to your body negatively impacts my body?  The smokers’ rights have won this one.  How? They have financed this decision for us.
What happens when granting your right to be destructive to your body negatively impacts our health care system because the prominence of disease it causes.  Now you have lessened the rights of responsible people in two ways haven’t you.  Not only do you make others sick but we have to pay for your sickness and ours.  And then what happens?  Those same people who supported the right to smoke and harm others then want to limit and decrease our health care and social security. 
When one constitutional right has been transitioned in that violates the constitutional right of everyone else, maybe it is not constitutional?  In other words, we know for a fact that smoking is bad for our health; we have proven that just like we have proven that the earth is not flat, so why can’t we make a responsible conclusion regarding it?  Because money controls the decision process in government and not what is best for the people.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

On Drugs 05 14 2011:
How come some people are allowed to use illegal substances and then want them to be legalized?  That is an expensive habit they afford.  And in contrast how come there are some people whom they would seek to forcibly medicate.  People whom don’t want to and shouldn’t have to!  They also want you to develop an expensive habit you are hooked on that profits them.
Is there a balancing act played out here?  Whereby those who push medicine on others are part of a mechanism of wealth creation?  And when they sell you the medicine they then have very little about themselves that they like so they in turn take illegal drugs and then seek to have them legalized.
As you grow through life how many of you avoided taking illegal drugs or having them pushed on you when you were a child only to see those same types who are now adults like you push another form of drugs on you?
“They give you the drugs and try and rape you!” has been my standing slogan on drugs.
In ALL CASES when DRUGS are pushed on you it is because those who push them on you want to be exactly like you and cannot.
From my standpoint I see this very clearly.  There are those who cheat in life and will never be happy no matter what they do.  They would try and change the reality of the world in a negative manner to support themselves.
Both forms of drugs; medicines and narcotics are fatal.  So it balances out here.  But here is one things that you did not know; the narcotics are more fatal and those who take them do so because of guilt and shame for what they are.  What is medicine really and what has it done to the world.  Medicine is really the product of alchemy.  What is that- the turning of lead into gold.  Most if not all of medicines are based on natural ingredients.  The “medicines” on the other hand should always be free.  Do you remember what the Bible tells you that everything you need you have on earth. 
What would the history of the world be like if every time someone spoke their opinion in contrary to popular belief they were forcibly medicated?  We would not have gotten much past the stone age!  “A rock on the head would do him good they would says!”  Does it seem to you like America is stuck in a rut today?  It does to me in terms of progressive programs of change.
Here is another secret that they do not want you to know about.  Those who profit from the mechanism of wealth creation do so by stealing the souls of others.  And after they have stole it they do not want to have to listen to it anymore.   They tell you those psychiatric medications are for you but they are not.  They are for the ones who stole your soul.  From the Bible we know for a fact of the existence of Satan and that he can read men’s minds.  They, “Satan”, want to be blissfully ignorant of the crime against humanity they committed and the irresponsible things they have done in life.  If you are forced to take medication because you hear voices I am going to tell you the revelation from the bible that will change the world:  Those mental voices you hear in your head are the mental voices of people that now longer want to hear your mental voice.  I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE OF THAT!  They want you to suffer from mental attrition and become zombified on their medicines of wealth creation. 
Believe me if you come off of psychiatric medicine those of the mental voice you hear in your head will know it too! This is where the term living well is the best revenge comes into play.
All of those medicines that shut up your thinking and mental voice are fatal.  What do I mean by fatal?  I mean you aren’t going to die of old age when you take them.  You’ll die of something on the label or something not on the label, but it won’t be of old age.
Your mental voice is your conscience, your personality and it is you.  It is what defines you and once it is lost….
I am not afraid of repercussions from what I write here because I know that it is true!  Those of the mechanism of wealth creation know that it is very true too and any repercussions from this are there responsibility not mine.  Why?  Because I am on the side of the truth and I have the truth behind me.  Their foundation is not based on the truth and they know it.
I would never fight you to steal your mind.  But I will fight to keep my own and for those want to keep their own minds too.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

A Word on Alcohol 05 14 2011
You will have already drunk too much in your life long before you realize how bad it was for your long term health.  There ought to be a way we can limit someone’s drinking to no more than two drinks a day.   Any more than that and the overall health care system is then paid for by the taxpayer and he/she foots a bill and that is not feasible.
Many drink during their formative years as a matter of coping.  There ought to be a way or programs to help reduce the stress on individuals in these formative years.  These are years when social skills and responsibilities are being developed.  Responsibility is sometimes forged through stress.  So this is a hard one to fix.  I will ask that my school of thought do some work on this one and will comment on it at a later date.

On Alchemy in Diet 05 14 2011
How many of us would need medicines of alchemy to make us healthy if there was not an abundance of chemicals of alchemy in our everyday lives.   What am I talking about?  Our high sugar diets.   This American diet makes us sicker than anything else and necessitates the need for mechanisms of alchemy.
What is medicine really and what has it done to the world.  Medicine is really the product of alchemy.  What is that- the turning of lead into gold.  Most if not all of medicines are based on natural ingredients.  The “medicines” on the other hand should always be free.
 If my recent memory is correct the founder of McDonalds had these two diseases when he died, diabetes and multiple sclerosis- what more do I need to say?  Other than he wasn’t happy with his wife and stole the wife of another man away from him.
Well, we ask where is the money to pay for our health care? It has been alchemized into fat bellies, water contaminated with chemicals of alchemy and up in smoke.  If you want the money to pay for health care you have to clean all three of those up, and you might have to dig some holes to do it to because the ground is polluted also.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Labor Pools 05 14 2011
What can we do with the young people that need jobs?  Yesterday as I was driving to go fishing I passed a man in an intersection stacking concrete stones to form what looked to be a garden structure in the island of the intersection.  Some six hours later when I was done fishing I saw that he had only stacked one or two bricks for the day and then called it a day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if community projects all across the country could draw upon the pool of all young people (old if want to, too) available to help.  (paid minimum wage) Those bricks would have been stacked in one hour and a sense of camaraderie would be fostered amongst those involved.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
Marquette High School   05 14 2011:
The other day I was driving my elderly mother to a car dealership west of where we live.  We passed Marquette High School.  It is located in the heart of the core.  I had to ask myself, is not the organized distribution of illegal narcotics a complicated ordeal.  Isn’t it one that requires some backing and education to pull off?  It would have to otherwise it would not still be around.  So then I asked myself, a person would probably have to have a very sound education in order to pull this off.  They would have to have connections.  They would have to have legal connections and they would have to have plenty of money to use as grease, bribery, extortion, etc.
The people who would foster such a crime would also have to maintain some distance from the operations of the crime itself otherwise once those caught dealing were caught it would be the end of it.
And then I asked myself the question, oh no, the question I was not supposed to!  I wonder how many Marquette High School students are twice or three times removed drug dealers now living in the suburbs.  I wonder how many of them have strong contacts with defense attorneys.  And then I realized defense attorneys lived on my block-------------
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

The Overweight 05 14 2011
Plow Chain the Overweight under the age of Fifty.
The health benefits of hard labor in terms of longevity would be tremendous for the overweight.  It would also benefit the country as a whole.
There are many I would also like to yoke up to the plow chain and these include bankers.  Who I would like to yoke up to the plow chain changes based on my mood as determined by what I see.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Okauchee Lake Fishing 05 14 2011
When I was a boy a priest, we’ll call him Ron, at the catholic school I went to took a wagon load of us middle graders fishing on Okauchee Lake.  We went out on the lake in a pontoon boat and cast to shore.  And it was a beautiful lake then as it is today. 
I had a fingernail clippers that I used to cut my fishing line.  I remember some blond haired boy asking to borrow it.  And after he used it he did not give it back to me but tossed it in the lake instead.  I complained to the priest who also served as our responsible chaperone and he said, “Blonde haired boy owes you a nails clippers”
After we were done fishing we waited by the church wagon while the priest went inside a little cabin where I think if I remember correctly a retired elderly priest lived.  We never really saw who was inside of there.
There were about ten of us waiting near the car.  I remember looking up at that cabin and thinking something bad is going on in there.  It was like I could feel the climate change. I almost thought of it as something homosexual like, but at that age I did not have a clear understanding of the nature of evil as I do today.
While we were waiting for him to come out all of a sudden the other children started to become mean and the blonde haired boy who through my nail clippers in the lake said, “Let’s strip Murph!”
Well Murph was having no part of that and climbed on top of the station wagon.  It was just then that the priest came out of the cabin.  He was large muscular man with dark hair.  He looked like he just wrestled down a steer or sexually gratified himself.  Was whatever he was doing inside that cabin having an effect on the other boys waiting by the car?  I ask myself today.
I got yelled at for being on top of the wagon, but it was better than being stripped by a pack of flies.  It did not bother me being yelled at for that, just as it does not bother me one bit for the truths I write in my articles today.  Understand?
That priest only worked there briefly and from what I understand he was accused in the church molestation scandal.
I went fishing here yesterday and today I think of the current priest of our same community church.  He seems like a nice old man.  The kind you would like to play cards with. 
I would hate to see him retire to a cottage on a beautiful lake only to have a guy like Ron percy him.
There will be priests that come forward and tell of the inside world of the priesthood.  I was indeed told by a woman when I lived briefly in Chicago in 1991 that all priests were gay.  I did not want to believe it and argued against her.  She told me that she was at parties where they were all openly gay.  I would like to believe that they are not.  But after the church abuse scandal surfaced I believed her one hundred percent.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Responsibility and Incorporation 05 14 2011
The reason that the corporate structure exist is said to be to limit the ability for liability of a business because this creates the growth of more business.
What has been the effect of the limited liability of the corporate structure?
1.      We live in a world wrote with unseen pollution.  Small traces of deadly and metabolically toxic chemicals that cause birth defects are present in our land air and water.
2.      Corporate white collar crimes are now fostered and committed that almost led us to the great depression; you know bread lines on the corners?
3.      I could add to this list innumerably but that is not the point of this article.

The corporate structure needs to be changed so that the person who clawed the eyes and souls out from others to make those multimillion dollar salaries is held personally responsible for the actions of the corporation.
For example if you gave the go ahead to send effluent from your factory or stadium directly into our water supply and people die of e-coli maybe you would be charged with homicide?
If you are making $50 billion a year and people are homeless and die on the cold streets maybe we could charge you with homicide too?
Can we blame the problems of our capitalistic economy on the irresponsible corporate structure?
I can hear you Maria types already saying that CEO’s are very responsible and worked very hard to get where they are.  Okay if they are so responsible then they do not need the shield of liability present in our corporate structure.  My word on this is final!
I can guarantee you, that if this were to happen; the whole country would change for the better rather quickly.
Wait there is a second argument against the corporate structure.  If it was set up this way in order to encourage more business growth to benefit the economy, why have we not developed a clean energy economy?  The limited personable liability of the corporate structure has not worked for the United States; it has mired us in corrupt oil and poppy field wars.  The limited personal liability of the corporate structure needs to be dissolved and people “executives” need to be held accountable for non-frivolous lawsuits.  All our high paid executives have not benefited the United States, they have done as the name implies “Executed” it.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Drug Houses 05 14 2011
Known Drug houses need to be seized by government domain.  Homeless war veterans can be given MP like jobs to manage them as shelters for the homeless.  And those former homeless MP’s should have authority that super-cedes that of the local police.
Abandoned or littered areas of landscape can also be termed state property, and those same MP’s can plant vegetables in them and manage them as gardens.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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P.S. Keeping this post together as one long article.  In the near future I will be posting pictures of Milwaukee and Wisconsin to this website and not Capture Wisconsin.

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