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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Novel Sells for more Used than it does New!!!


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Hurry and buy your new copy today for just $11.oo or less before I raise the price to match what it is being valued at! 

Brand new copy of The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper at

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Priced used; like it is a collectors item!!!! I am not setting those used prices that is how it is being independently valued!


Question of the Day 05 31 2013

Question of the Day 05 31 2013

What is the strep virus content in soil and dry dust blown by the wind from soil?  It has to be high.  If you want to try an experiment leave a glass of water out in an urban setting where there is construction and dust from it.  When you smell the water after about a half day of leaving it outside does it smell like a dogs mouth to you?  And be honest we all know what a dogs mouth smells like by offering it the palm up hand  under its mouth so that we are not bitten.

Another place that you will find it is in carnival and convention settings such as a State Fair, also on airplanes, trains and buses.  With regard to buses I wonder if a grounding strap might help to neutralize it in some way?

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Did Piers Morgan Taunt the American Public to figure out how to make Ricin?

Did Piers Morgan Taunt the American Public to figure out how to make Ricin?  That is how I viewed his commentary.

From a student whose Axis minded High School History teacher wanted to flunk ask yourself this,  "How different would the world be today if instead of fleeing from England we had taken it over?"

Piers and all his talk about guns.  What would have happened if we had indeed killed the monarchy instead of Founding the United States?

What would have happened if after we won the Revolutionary War on our HOMELAND, YES OUR HOMELAND, WE DID HAVE A WAR ON OUR HOMELAND EVEN THOUGH YOUR HISTORY PROFESSOR WANTS TO USE LANGUAGE TO LESSEN THE CONCEPT AND THEN NOT TEACH THAT.....what would have happened if after we won the Revolutionary War on our Homeland we chased them all the way back to England and took it over!  Should we have done that?

The British were invaders of the U.S. during the Tea Party.  Sure it was insidious and over a long period of time but they had the troops ready when it happened to invade the U.S. didn't they.  They tried to gain control by taxing us. I was just reading about the millions of lead toys China shipped to the United States; isn't that like a tax too? Hong Kong was controlled by Great Britain until very recently.  So China emerges as a manufacturing powerhouse of lead toys at about the same time Great  Britain leaves.  It is kind of like a teacher saying I am leaving the room now don't beat up the kid you all like to bully.  Keep an eye open.  That heroin in Chicago comes from Mexico.  And it was a British Bank that helped launder money for drug dealers in Mexico.  Is all that money lost to fraudulent Chinese Stocks really finding its way to Great Britain?  Watch out for a military buildup.  And 26,000 sexually molested in our U.S. military?  That is 26,000 new Yankee's isn't it.  A Yankee being someone sexually yanked by a yanker?

So your child has been lead poisoned and is autistic or mentally retarded and you want to deny that is what they really are or how it could have happened?  Or who did it? What good do you do the United States?

And another thing.  Given that the start of gun control in the United States was incited because a President of the United States fraudulently won the election and there was an assassination attempt on his life (Reagan) would we have any of the Gun Violence issues today if the crime of what I will term election fraud was allowed to happen?  Oh sure Hinkley said it was because of Jody Foster.  If you hit a person over the head with a black jack or fry the water out of their brain with a microwave weapon they might not get the story straight?

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Standard Oil was the heart of Oil Companies in the United States.  It was split up by antimonopoly powers.  It is now owned by British Petroleum and we pay $4 a gallon for gas.  All of your Arab oil wealth was educated in English Universities?  And what else do they say that all gas station owners today are Arabian.    Isn't that $4 a gallon a tax?

And what about solar energy? There is a substantial difference in quality and output of two same sized modules!  But would you be able to tell the difference between a plastic toy that had lead in it and one that didn't?

High Crime facilitated in Chicago by a British Bank, isn't that a tax?

I don't see how you could ever call them an ally of the United State!!!!   We saved them in WWII, they have never done anything like that for us, quite the contrary is true.

And paying $200 for a Cable bill and listening to this Druid propaganda is a tax too.  Television used to be free.

Quote of the Day 05 31 2013

Quote of the Day 05 31 2013

"The more complicated the crime the harder it is to organize and present facts to prosecute?"

Thomas Paul Murphy

I just bought this book 05 31 2013

I just bought this book:

The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: The Most Complete Guide to Natural Healing and Health with Traditional Ayurvedic Herbalism

and I also wrote this one:

My Book

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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Read about Lead Poisoning 05 31 2013

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Read about Lead Poisoning 05 31 2013: Read about Lead Poisoning 05 31 2013 Lead Poisoning Information It might also be very interesting to compare Lead poisoning to an illn...

Read about Lead Poisoning 05 31 2013

Read about Lead Poisoning 05 31 2013

Lead Poisoning Information

It might also be very interesting to compare Lead poisoning to an illness sometimes found at Universities called Meningitis.

Meningitis Information

College kids don't start eating lead paint in college.  It makes one wonder what they would find if the dug up all the bodies of Meningitis and looked for lead poisoning?  So who do you find guilty in a case like that?

You might like to keep a product like this handy.

Or listen to a track of my "That Tom" album here:

Or one from "Plantation Songs"

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Aesthetics and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 05 13 2013

Aesthetics and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 05 13 2013

So for some reason there is a Village ordinance that you cannot install solar panels on your roof unless approved by some committee but because of a quickly learned reason of necessity that was known already by many of us; it is okay to create a giant Mosquito ditch in Cahill Square.  For how many decades had and have we seen the brown water flowing into Lake Michigan?

With regard to the photo voltaic electric industry:

What should happen is that in the next 15 to 27 months all these solar stocks are going to get wind in their sails and it lasts for very long business cycle. What is the harm of creating more solar electricity than the demand of all current sources of electricity~ none, but plenty of benefit.

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PS. I wouldn't find Chinese, Russian, German, English, Canadian, Mexican, Israeli, Polish, Scandinavian, Iranian, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, Venezuelan, South African tanks rolling through the United States aesthetically pleasing either.  (The tanks belong to whoever they were sold to?)

Mean Sports Humor 05 31 2013

Mean Sports Humor 05 31 2013

With regard to a famous Milwaukee Brewers baseball hitter, "He has a head like a Cuckoo Bird Ostrich."

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You take this drug or else! 05 30 2013

You take this drug or else! 05 30 2013
You take this drug or else!  Isn't that the daunting reality of how drugs are pushed on every child and adult?  And where has this mode of crime also appeared in world history?  Do you believe it is a relatively new phenomenon?  Do you really believe the motivation is just to make money by selling the drug?
What are we told in the Bible?  We are told that before Jesus Christ was crucified he was offered Myrrh.  How do we know this?  Because in order to drink from a cup you can’t have your arms nailed to a cross can you!  We are told that he refused to drink it!
What else do we know about the Romans?  They spiked their wine with lead!  And what does lead cause?  Plain and simple it causes mental retardation!  So was the objective of mass to make the followers of Jesus Christ mentally retarded?  That was likely part of it.  But more likely it was a business opportunity?  An opportunity to get more people to buy wine?  In the Lord’s prayer Jesus says, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  He does not say, “Give us this day our daily bread and leaded wine!” and nor does he say, “Give us this day our daily bread and wine.”
So why would you want someone to drink leaded wine?  Very simple, because you drank it and became retarded from it and didn't like the fact that anyone was smarter than you?  Because you didn't like that anyone was smarter than you?  And what type of person did Jesus Christ also describe in the Bible?  Satan; said to be able to read men’s minds and not have a soul of its own.  If you look at a mentally retarded person you might say that they didn't have a soul.  But more to the point if you don’t have higher thought capacity how do you adapt?  We know that they had to be mentally retarded and what else do we know about them?  That they were horrifically mean “people.”  Alcohol in and of itself deprives the brain of oxygen.  So it can’t be good for the fetus or to be present in either human body during or before conception.
Was Christ given the choice, “Either drink the myrrh or be nailed to the cross?”  Every child that is threatened by those using drugs experiences the same thing.  And you have to admit that there is something scary about those who use drugs isn’t there.  What is it?  It is a break from reality that they are administering to themselves.  And what is it indicative of that they do not like their own life.  But more to the point, if they want to escape from the reality of their own life are they not also a danger to their own life, and if they are a danger to their own life are they not also a danger to yours?
“You either take the drug or else.”  They might not say it that way to you but you will learn that is how it works right???  No denying that is there?  Who is it that say’s they deny that is how it is?  But whatever they are going to do to you if you don’t take the drug that they push on you they are going to do to you anyway aren’t they.  Not to mention that the drug will deprive you of your constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and likely kill you!  If you are given an addictive substance you are not at liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive so therefore your liberty has been taken from you.  Not only that, but because you are being sold a shortcut to happiness your pursuit of happiness has been taken from you and that is also a Constitutional right in the United States.
How many of you know what the personality of a drug dealer is like?  You might have known who they were in grade school or high school?  “Persuasion with moxie duplicitousness and hidden motive, often expressed by bold faced lies!”  or “Cognitive envy with no way for objective denial.” Or how about the way the uncle of the Boston shooters said it and I am paraphrasing, “They could not settle themselves and were jealous of those who could.”  Go back a few sentences there to what is a statement about a criminal mind and motive and apply it to why we are told Jesus Christ was given the Myrrh, “To ease his pain.”  Are we sure that he did not have the choice of two options, “Either take the myrrh or be nailed to the cross.”  If you believe in that then the motivation is not to ease his pain but that of someone else isn’t it.  But who could that be?  Who could that be?  Who is it that ultimately determined his fate?  Procula said, “He gave me a terrible dream,” when her husband Pontius Pilot asked her what he should do with Jesus Christ.  What is she implying there?  She is implying that someone she has a connection to the mind of Jesus Christ isn’t she?  How could that be?  How could that be?  Could it be if one is developmentally disabled because of alcohols influence on conception and pregnancy… that the alcohol destroys what separates man from beast? The first thing to go would be what differentiates us because it would have been so hard to attain in the first place wouldn’t it?  To differentiate yourself from apes by learning to care for your young and raise them yourself and not in groups?  ~ and all the human constructs that are developed in the process of that?  Humans have the capacity for higher thought processes.  ( I won’t articulate that now but I have before.)
So if there were plenty of people that were dependent minded to the human mind of Jesus Christ and they wanted to kill him how would they mock someone that they were dependent minded to?  They would give him a crown of thorns to indicate that his thinking hurt their minds right?  As if here, you see how it feels for yourself, a crude metaphor right? Okay, so if there were ever a race that could cause other people to hear voices in their heads it would be people like this wouldn’t it?  What am I getting at?  There are two sides to demonology right?  Those that demonize and those that are demonized.   If Jesus were to have said, “Procula wants to kill me because she said I gave her a terrible dream.” He would be labeled paranoid and mentally ill and given another type of drug wouldn’t he (Comparison moved forward in today’s terms), even though he was telling the truth!!!  If someone in Chicago were to say, “They want to get me hooked on heroin because it will destroy me!,” would there be those in the psychiatric profession to correct that person by saying that they really want to give you heroin to make money from it?  Sure there are.  But what is the reality of the truth to it?  The reality is that it will destroy you.  And if you know anything about law enforcement and investigation of crime you know that intent has been established.  So here we have a split in the road.  A law enforcement officer would have to say intent was established but a psychiatrist would say the motive was really for money?  The old intent argument is that if you throw a snowball at someone’s head you indeed had the intent to blind them whether or not you believed you had that intent.  Why because that is what a normal person viewing it with a rational human mind would see would be the likely outcome or highly possible.  Like it or not intent was established. 
So if you have a mind like that what are your modes of defeating those whose minds you are dependent to?
“Street drugs until you can high power lace one and overdose them.”
“Legitimized psychiatric medicine that limits their capacity for higher brain function.”  It is like you are done with learning and that teacher that was imposed on you?
“Flat out kill them because you can’t stand to hear their thoughts because they are a direct and constant threat to your delusion of self.” It is like a car that was made to run on gasoline can’t run on diesel right?
No one can deny that Jesus Christ had a great mind and great philosophies and all that gets even better when you compare it to the horror of those of the Roman Empire.  Compare Hadiya Pendleton to the drug neighborhood she lived in; it makes you want to cry doesn’t it?
And what did Hadiya Pendleton face in Chicago?  She was the young girl that did so well in school and set a positive example for younger children in her community. It is the exact same conflict that I described above isn’t it?  She even made an anti drug video.  They killed her didn’t they!  Let me be very clear about this; these are not Americans who do this to other people or themselves!  Sure they might be legal U.S. Citizens with a family lineage going way back but it means something more to be an American than that, it means to believe in what America stands for and doesn’t stand for!  And it means that we don’t try and confuse that issue or try and create lies to shroud a hidden motive.  Very slowly of a long period of time we have transitioned away from what it really means to be an American, I believe that it started in earnest after World War II.  And the era we are facing today looks a lot like the horror of the Roman Empire to me.  It took a very long time to defeat the Roman Empire.  And indeed the United States was formed because there was land that was not heavily populated that we could come to in order to escape the horrors of the British Empire?  What is my point?  We have to stand up to this and defeat it.
Hadiya Pendleton didn’t take the drug and she was killed.  And sure they want to say it was coincidental.  We might say if she had taken the drugs she would have died before that so it wasn’t coincidental, no that doesn’t hold logic.   But it was drug related and she was on the good side.  Might one jealous person sitting around in a group doing drugs said who she is and what she stood for and to off her?  Girls don’t talk like that at all do they.
I have often stated that schizophrenia is a medical fraud.  I do not mean that the person that has it does not suffer to the degree that they say they do, quite to the contrary they do, what I mean is that it is a medical fraud because the voices are not in their head they have an origin other than that person.  Like someone saying that you gave them a terrible dream and the race that gets paid by her?  Sure and if you gave one of them that terrible dream you gave them all the same terrible dream didn’t you!  Ask yourself what is more likely a person grounded in good philosophy or the intent of someone that pushes lead wine?  When I say it is a fraud I mean that it is consistent with the motive of the archetype that I described here.  Think of what a horror it would have been, the Romans deciding that everyone should drink leaded wine?  And their decisions do not appear to be based on human reason do they?
And I suppose if I said that the Italian Mafia controlled all drug trade in the U.S. that would be a delusion or I didn’t get my facts straight.  And if I said they were part of Axis forces in WWII and also the major force that defeated prohibition in the U.S. that would be a delusion.  And if I said that the Catholic Church was based in Rome, and even mentioned how the prior Pope admonished them, and speculated about why children were sexually molested by Catholic priests that would not be welcome commentary, thoughts or in effect the consistency of a terrible dream to someone hence deserving of retribution.  You get the idea.
I could go into Colonel John Alexander telling us that synthetic telepathy was discovered by the Department of Defense before 1991.  And you would say that they would never use it on civilians and also said that a person would never be sexually molested in the U.S. military how do you account for 26,000 cases that prove that wrong.  Technology like that could easily be reproduced by nefarious socialites looking to maintain their wealth status.  And the precursor to its modern was created long before WWII by Nikolas Tesla- the particle beam.  Zap the person that gives you the terrible dream, from a hidden distance, until they talk very slowly like they have been locked in a microwave oven and cooked.
I haven’t don’t drink alcohol.  And if I ever had a child that was developmentally compromised because I had drank alcohol I don’t know that I would be able to handle the guilt.  I believe that to be the cause and effect though.  And I am glad that I never married a woman AND got her pregnant in the younger era when I drank.  And it sure would have been helpful to me in my life had I had known what I believe now.  Do you agree?  So if we never have Prohibition again will you promise me that you won’t drink and have sex and not drink alcohol (or take other drugs) for a period of some time (a good month and the badly influenced stuff has to leave you) before you decide to have sex with a woman.  And that is my Prescription for a better world for you and your future children.
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Whoops forgot to plug my song, "That's when the writing started."

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Humor How to teach an objectified child or adult 05 30 2013

Humor How to teach an objectified child or adult 05 30 2013

To teach an objectified child or adult it is of paramount importance that you preface everything that you say to them with the phrase, "Object Learn."

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You Guarantee that the World Can’t be Fixed 05 30 2013

You Guarantee that the World Can’t be Fixed 05 30 2013
My nephew told me of a new video game that he tried.  He said that in it there is a villain.  He might have said it was a war with China.  But the villains had special powers in that they could read minds or use a form of telekinesis to move minds?  Something like that.  So in order to win, periodically in the game you had to remove a Secure Digital card or maybe it was a representation of one on the computer screen.  In effect you had to blank out your own memory so that you could beat them!
Imagine if an occult element of our society could de psycho energize people of their choosing to temporally see through the eyes of their soul in order to be like them.  Whether they do it through witchcraft means or actual Russian based technology that can do it is another story.  They in turn would create a network in the world that had all the high paying jobs?  So you could take the learning of someone up to a point in their phase of understanding a specific problem and take that memory from them and give it to those in your occult woman based religion?  The only way that they could maintain the “having” of that memory would be if they deprived or actively denied the persons whose work it was based on from using it and remembering it for themselves.  And the most capable in the world feel happy because they have achieved a great many things and understood a great many things.  So they would have to deprive them of happiness in order to also deprive them of their “Working” memories.  After all the happiness is the product of the well thought out working memories.
Would those, let’s call them lower echelon thinkers really be able to find the solutions to the world’s problems?  First of all would they even care?  I mean the most likely response would be to deny anything above their own level of understanding and stolen memory, right?  Why?  Because that is the only area of comfort that they would have in their minds and thinking.  Anything above that and they would indeed know they were screw ups concerning it just like they knew they were screw ups when they stole the first memories?
So what would they do?  They would keep coming back to that well for more answers, wouldn't they!  They would not want to openly admit what they did so they would have to come back to that well in secret and deprive the source of their memories of new thoughts and memories.  It reads to me like a criminal telling more and more lies until he is easily proven guilty.  Or someone that never learned that two wrongs don’t make a RIGHT! (Lot of new depth and metaphor with that sentence.)
“And for how long have you done that?  For how long!”
Waukesha Wisconsin water with Radon in it.
Jackson Wisconsin water with Benzene in it.
The Milwaukee River in Menomonee Falls loaded with PCB’s.
E coli in the Wisconsin Water having  killed many.
100 different chemicals in the umbilical cord of a new born baby today.
One in 3 women will get breast cancer.
Sulfuric Acid in some well water (Iowa?) so bad it comes out of people’s breath.
Autism at an epidemic level.
People in Chicago taking Heroin at an epidemic level; you use escapism because you don’t have the ability to fairly compete right? (Olympic swimmer from Nicolet High School that smoked pot?)
The list would be too long to mention.  And do you know what they tell us?  Chemicals are good for us.
Anyhow, back to the theme of the story.  The one with the ability to recognize the problem is the only intelligent one, all the rest are wearing his merit badges aren't they.  And do you know what your hidden argument for making it this way has always been, and it is a valid one, that if it were any other way for example him being the leader he would not have the intelligent support structure to be responsible.  Do you know what, it is an admission that you are right about it isn't it!  You know that you are a follower and of low IQ in comparison to the one you demonized to be a leader.  So if he were to ask you your opinion on any matter it would end up being counterproductive wouldn't it?  Why?  Because you think backwards in relationship to that mind.  So it looks like you have things the way that they are in order to satisfy a delusion or yourself.  Rather than see that those who have their own minds are in power you would rather put your feeble communist mind to work by culling from what your fur ears hear?
This is a one step forward and a two step backward process isn't it? 
You have guaranteed that the world can’t be fixed.
If you read my writing you know that I referenced how Jesus Christ said that he could have a large army by his side if he wanted to.  But what if history or rather someday in the future it worked out or works out the other way?  What if that army had needed Jesus Christ and he was nowhere to be found.  He is all dried out and extracted from isn't he.  (Wait a minute.  What if the real way that worked out in the Bible was they told Jesus Christ “You either drink this Myrrh or we nail you to the cross to die!”  They did give him myrrh to drink at the cross but he didn't take it.  It has a narcotic effect?  What did Jesus do?  “I am not taking your medicine you mentally retarded lead wine drinking Romans!”  And that was indeed the victory that Jesus won?  Tell me what would you do if confronted with that same situation?  You are a man of great philosophy and asked to take a narcotic?  Many people in Chicago will take heroin if given to them? And it leads to their death doesn't it.  Jesus went out clean didn't he!
And who were they that couldn't stand Jesus Christ?  They were Procula and miserable hags like her!  You could even call the males that participated in it Hags too!  What other type of mind is a male that is raised that way going to have other than that of a HAG!  Come on, be honest with me- you don’t know any men that have the minds of miserable hags?  Just look at their facial expressions when they talk.  How they don’t seem to have any confidence in the context of what they are saying.  How very often they snap at others and insult them.  How they have very little patience for any concepts or ideas that are above the realm of their fixed knowledge!  (Fixed knowledge!)  Wow that is another deep concept!
I am going to add a link to a song.

Track number 2

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Why Prohibition Really Ended 05 30 2013

Why Prohibition Really Ended 05 30 2013

It has to do with women leadership in families.

~No man could live with you without drinking; hence that is why as a daughter you were conceived and born with the negative metabolic influence of alcohol; hence you were born to be miserable.

The daughter is born with a misery as her potential because of alcohols influence on conception; and when she gets older no man can live with her without drinking.

And because she is miserable she blames the male in her family and out of sorrow he can only drink.  And hence another miserable son or daughter is born that can't think for itself.

I can sit here and rephrase this all day long; but you get the point.

So you try and take away the alcohol and the man becomes miserable and the woman can't stand it; so she brought it back?  Why because she couldn't stand him giving her the straight talk and trying to listen and learn from him.  And why should she, he is the drunk that was the cause of her being born with potential fated to stupidity.

And the weak man or weak father that could not handle and tell his own wife what to do brought the alcohol back because he still needed the wife but also needed an escapism from her.

And what are all of these forms of escapism; ie, Alcohol, pot, drugs, prescription drugs, tobacco?  They are a form of controlled death aren't they !!!!!  Especially when the escapism is caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain, but also when they become high instead of realizing that they are a true loser in comparison to the capability and potential of someone else.  And what didn't they ever believe?  They never believed that if they were patient that they could be something to instead of someone else.  I would declare that any parent that does not have this type of patience should not be raising children or anywhere near them.  What does patience take?  It takes time, many years.  It takes overcoming frustration and learning things based on your own soul and not as a reflection or shadow of the thinking of someone else.  And for all I know you might say that you cannot change.  That is a delusion and a form of escapism too, isn't it.  Do you want to know what?  If you had thought that about yourself when you were a child you would have and should have overcome it by learning patience and understanding.  But you learned the spoiled way, like it was something that could be bought.  And you did buy it didn't you.

Whenever you see anyone using these substances this is how you SHOULD think about them.  It is them admitting that they are losers!  What does the act of smoking a cigarette mimic?  It mimics (or apes) the breathing of a calm, cool, collective and capable person.  So it looks like you will always need drugs won't you.  And they are prescribed by those in your religion aren't they.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gun Control 05 29 2013

Gun Control 05 29 2013

So you want to take peoples guns away.  I can understand if you wanted to take a mentally retarded persons gun from them, and by that I define it to be low IQ or Autism with verbal ability as the key skill.  But you can't do that until you ensure that those peoples rights are being respected.  And you can't do that because human nature is what it is.  And bad human nature has worked its way into government and political power in our society.  Sure if you had all good people in power and government everywhere then we wouldn't have to worry about defending ourselves.

What would need to happen before you took those peoples guns away would be that you saw to it that none were created in that manner anymore?  Ie: Take measures to limit pollution and chemicals that are breathed and ingested so that there are not birth defects.  You also could not have teachers that create negative expectations for children.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  All the other stuff I mention here too.

That person gets the gun until the problem that created them is addressed?  That would seem to be fair.

But you can read my War In Chicago commentary on what I believe about guns and drugs and gang members.

And if you are a citizen of the soul of another person what right do you have to have a gun: you have already chosen your king haven't you?  And nobody hunts in the kings woods?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Best Investment 05 28 2013

The Best Investment 05 28 2013

So you make $500,000.oo in the stock market? What is the best investment in terms of safety?  The best way that money will never be "hurt"?

Gold can go down for decades.
Utilities can go bankrupt and the fixed income market suffer.
Stocks can go down and bankrupt.
Governments can go bankrupt and treasury notes and the dollar worthless.
(Some Englishman once told me that kids are the worst financial burden ever.)

So what is the best investment?  A home fully paid for!  And with that little extra money the best investment is to make that home energy independent via solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for the home. 

But the motto is if you can do it once you can do it again!  So some money can go back in the stock market.  But if you can take that frosting knife and use it to skim enough money to buy and fully pay for a house powered by solar energy that is energy independent and even might sell electricity to the Utilities that is the best investment.  And it is the best investment for the environment and our future too!

Oh sure some people say that Cadmium in some panels is an environmental nightmare.  But who is to say that at the end of its life cycle it won't be used in a brand new solar panel and not wasted???  I mean do you want to think along with the rest of us or not?

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Free Health Care for All 05 28 2013

Free Health Care for All 05 28 2013
What are they saying about Barrack Obama’s health care law?  That it has many flaws.  Isn’t that funny just at a time when it is to go into law they bring that up?
Do you know why we don’t have free health care in the United States?  Please bear with me for the full explanation.  It is because the occult investment class cannot survive without people being sick and in pain.
Have you ever gone to a Doctor and you are intelligent enough, college educated, to know that there is a medicine for you specific condition but they won’t prescribe it?  The stuff that’s good for you they won’t give you.  So indeed our health care system needs massive “Cost cutting.”
There was a story that I read in Catholic School called “The lottery” in it a child is sacrificed.  There is also the old aphorism that if you turn a turtle on its back it will tell you the correct time twice a day.  It is of course a metaphor for sexually molesting or raping someone.
And per my memory the Famers Almanac used to contain predictions, but I am not sure.
But what is the point of the last three sentences?  If you are in excellent health and not in pain the seer’s of your pain and future can not accurately predict the future.  Which brings up an ancillary point, how many weather man augment their forecasts from also seeing through the eyes of someone else in the community; through their stolen soul if you will?
So where do we get this legacy in the United States?  The Druids were the race that was based in Western England.  And they indeed believed in divining the future through taking someone out to a clearing in the forest and impaling them.  While doing so they also looked into their eyes and watched them die.  Allister Crowley was an Englishman that told Adolph Hitler that wealthy Jewish English Bankers Sacrificed children.  It would have to be for the same principal to see what that soul would have seen in its future.  They would also see what the parents of the child would see in their future; why?  Because it is the trauma that separates one from their own soul!  When men are sent to war are they sent because they are more intelligent than the druid and never knew it?  And hence once their soul is traumatized from them the Druid see’s the future and profits from it?
So you are the son of an Alcoholic New England Socialite.  Might your development be compromised because of the influence of alcohol when you are in the womb?  Enter Nicholas Tesla a Russian Socialite himself and the inventor of the Particle beam.  So you yourself being the socialite do not really have the capacity for higher thought processes because of the alcohol.  If you will, you end up becoming parasitic to the soul of someone else.  Indeed you live and learn from every thought in there head.  So after a while you want to believe in yourself or to secure your future.  You strive to get ahead of that persons mind to prove something to yourself.  And how do you do this?  You compromise the mind of that person; traumatize them in some way if you will.  Find a way to make them hear voices so that you can give them medicine that really has the effect of negating their capacity for higher thought reasoning.  But what if you thought that you could find a “kindler and gentler” way to do that to a person?  The modern form of Tesla’s particle beam that did the same thing is called the Scalar wave.  It is essentially a magnetic pulse designed to negate the synapses of human thought.  If you listen to the am radio you will hear it crackle at the same time you are magnetically pulsed with one of these.  The AM radio essentially picks up the changes in Amplitude and therefore has the capability to sense the magnetic pulse and it is represented by a crackle.  Oddly enough the Digitial radio has a problem in that it can be seamed over with a simulcast or overcast segment (S).
Homeland Security, let’s see you have Home and Land in that word.  To the benefit of the Druid Farmer?  They didn’t prevent 11,000,000 illegal aliens from entering the country did they.  But what do we know about them?  They spent an incredible budget on high technology!!!!  Scalar Wave and Millimeter Wave.  Millimeter wave being the technology that can see through walls.  Do you know how you can partially defeat it?  Put an Ultraviolet bulb in your attic and it disrupts the light or particle based signal of the Millimeter wave in some way.
So why did the United States start to torture in the war?  Because they knew the validity of the method.  They knew it was highly valid!! How?  They had to have great experience with it.  So they tortured to find out what the future outcome of the war would be?  It sounds like a reciprocal concept whereby anyone who would do so would also be the cause of it.
Who do we know for a fact is a little off?  George Bush is said to be either dyslexic or flunked the third grade.  It is worse than if a mentally retarded Lead Wine Roman took over the U.S. Government and the free world isn’t it?
We believe in God and Country and the freedom of religion.  But what religions are not really religions at all?  Those that do not fear God and have sacrifice as a central theme- that is every religion that mentions Jesus Christ isn’t it!  Plus all your Satanic based religions.  God doesn’t believe in torturing human beings!  That isn’t religion.  So it indeed looks like the socialites of the United States have put the horror of their self condition over the rest of us in religion.
God and Country?
Priest’s sexually molesting boys is not Religion and all the evidence ever needed that it doesn’t deserve tax exempt status.
26,000 sexually molested in the military is the opposite of God and Country and what religion really means!  And what does it do?  It defies the value of every currency that God and Country is printed on!  It devalues our currency more than any other principle.
And what about the drug war in Chicago?  Let’s say you are a fur ears that got rich in Chicago.  Remember my definition of this shadow of another type of person above?  You do not think for yourself.  So what do you want to do?  You don’t want anyone else to think either because you hear it.  It is like how it was expressed in the story of Lazarus in the Bible, When Jesus Resurrected Lazarus likely from a zombified brain the king or whoever it was said it was awful!  Lazarus was likely a slave who escaped over the great chasm that is mentioned in the bible too!
Is that heroin a strain genetically engineered by a major U.S. corporation that does its business in the heart of Chicago’s financial district?  Do you see how it increases their profit?
So Heroin in Chicago it is the Satanic wealthies way of telling everyone else to, “Stop trying to think and just be happy.  Here I’ll give you drugs to make you happy so you can stop thinking.”  The beast hears that thinking like the sun rises in the morning.  And nothing deconstructs itself faster than the reality of knowing it made a great mistake in life by being a parasite to the soul of another all through childhood!  Crime should never pay in this manner.
France and Britain each get 5 weeks of paid vacation and the U.S. gets none.  Why?  The satanic live off the pained soul of the worker.  Have you ever worked in a Corporation?  It isn’t about being productive it is about how mean they can be to the worker.  Why?  Because they are always trying to prove that they are not the shadow of the soul of a human being.  Both Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin believed that leaving England and coming to the United States was an analogy to the Jews leaving Egypt.  And the issue is contorted because the Bible does indeed tell us in the book of revelation that there are Jews who are not Jews.  So this type of mind is not bound to religion but more or less bound to lack of development of the human brain due to the influence of a metabolic poison during conception and natal maturation.  Isn’t that nice?  They were poisoned in the womb so all the rest of us become poisoned to the benefit of them?
The reason that we don’t have free health care is because those shadow souls cannot live without the pain of those who were not poisoned in the womb.
The unbelievable headline I heard on TV today was, “Can we save the world’s oceans and eat well?”  If that was not phrased to say “Why we need to save the world’s oceans so that we can eat well,” none of those who sat at the half round table should be on television.  And what is the nature of Television?  You English that do not fall under the heading of shadow people will like this, “Television commentary is the half round table!”  As in the viewer is the true King!
The other day I was driving down Lake Drive.  I had to be in about the 4900 or 4800 block.  Out from the Lake side of the street just about where a house was for sale a deer ran right in front of my car.  I never saw it because it was the exact same color as the road.  My mother did and I stopped in time.  But what did I see on deer’s back leg.  There were two bald and red blistering spots about 5 or 6 inches in diameter.  That deer must have had CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease.  But upon second thought, I thought that it looked like it had been tortured with a round brand.  Then later I thought that bald spot looks like the bald spot on the back of a druid Englishman’s head.  My dad an Irish/German had a full head of hair until he died at age 87.  Then I thought about a story I wrote about how Jesus Christ said he had ~80,000 Jews in the army that could come to save him at any time.  Later on down the road I saw a young Jewish man wearing a Yamelche.  They were because it means they are separate from God.  That is why they did not come to save Jesus Christ when he was crucified.  Is baldness really a disease like Chronic wasting disease?  Look at the health of the planet and who has been in power?  They all have the Chronic Wasting disease crown.  Jesus also said protect your crown!!!  I suppose if you like to hear all that disembodied soul and profit from it your crown is by definition not protected and you get the chronic wasting disease head and world for the rest of us?
Contrary to propagandized belief you do not get good health care in the United States but quite to the contrary you can buy heroin in Chicago quite easily.  Okay a little more preaching.  When you give someone an addictive substance you have indeed deprived them of their Constitutional right of Liberty.  Why?  Because it is addictive they are not at Liberty to stop taking it.  You deprive them of Life because that heroin will eventually kill them.  And you deprive them of the pursuit of happiness because it is an addictive substitute to the pursuit of happiness.  If we still didn’t have the alcohol those who are pushing the heroin on us would not have a reason to?  Why because they would have their own minds and therefore would not be jealous and envious of those who strive to get ahead in the United States through personal development and achievement.
You can’t get Free Health Care in the United States but I am sure there are plenty of people who will get you started on Heroin for free.  And how long will it take before they give you the special white packet that kills you instead?  The death packet?  How will you know?  You won’t it will be too late and you will never be able to reform or tell who it was that sold it to you!  Escapism through drugs is a form of death isn’t it?  And if you have a thinking soul they know who you are like the three Oriental Kings knew where to find Jesus Christ before he was even born!
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PS Some people they chose to not want to think and some they chose that they do want to think.  So they give amphetamine, speed or Ritalin to those that they chose should think.  They gave that to Adolph Hitler didn't they?  It appears the brain that can not think for itself like the fury?  And that isn't really human thinking is it?  It is more like someone on a frenzied path of addiction and destruction.  So indeed we have a complete younger generation that is on a frenzied path of addiction and destruction.  Maybe learning should always be a matter of finding the some loving concept of father in trade, crafts or business as a way to find who you are and what you love to be; in lei of having a father and/or being able to sit quietly and listen and learn for yourself. ~ To learn to be patient?

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Philosophy of hidden pity versus pragmatism 05 27 2013

Philosophy of Hidden Pity versus Pragmatism 05 27 2013

You have a flat tire, you don't say it is soft on air you say it has a leak and you try and find it in order to fix it.

But this pragmatism isn't done as much as it should be in our society.  You could list the things that fit this concept of error.

But anyway you have an kid who can't read, or pay attention, or lacks the ability to learn; you don't try and think of nice terms to speak about them with you try and figure out how so many got that way and you do so very quickly so it doesn't happen anymore and we can get on with normal life in America.

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Cartoons of Adolph Hitler 05 27 2013

Cartoons of Adolph Hitler 05 27 2013
Victor Navasky showed one of him.  He is an author who presented today on book tv.
My interpretation. “Rendevous” is one of those cartoons and it shows Hitler with his butt in a mount posing position like he has a history of being what might be called someones “butt boy”
The theme of the cartoon is indeed of a homosexual "Rendevous" between himself and the Russian leader.
Hitler is said to have a fit every time one of these cartoons came out!
Hitler was indeed up in his attic with his father for quite some time.  He was beaten by his father was he also sodomized by his father?  That might indeed be the cause of his psychosis and his mind of a beast?  My theory about sexual fluids influence to change or screw up minds.
Book “The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power” Victor Navasky
Thomas Paul Murphy
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