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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You take this drug or else! 05 30 2013

You take this drug or else! 05 30 2013
You take this drug or else!  Isn't that the daunting reality of how drugs are pushed on every child and adult?  And where has this mode of crime also appeared in world history?  Do you believe it is a relatively new phenomenon?  Do you really believe the motivation is just to make money by selling the drug?
What are we told in the Bible?  We are told that before Jesus Christ was crucified he was offered Myrrh.  How do we know this?  Because in order to drink from a cup you can’t have your arms nailed to a cross can you!  We are told that he refused to drink it!
What else do we know about the Romans?  They spiked their wine with lead!  And what does lead cause?  Plain and simple it causes mental retardation!  So was the objective of mass to make the followers of Jesus Christ mentally retarded?  That was likely part of it.  But more likely it was a business opportunity?  An opportunity to get more people to buy wine?  In the Lord’s prayer Jesus says, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  He does not say, “Give us this day our daily bread and leaded wine!” and nor does he say, “Give us this day our daily bread and wine.”
So why would you want someone to drink leaded wine?  Very simple, because you drank it and became retarded from it and didn't like the fact that anyone was smarter than you?  Because you didn't like that anyone was smarter than you?  And what type of person did Jesus Christ also describe in the Bible?  Satan; said to be able to read men’s minds and not have a soul of its own.  If you look at a mentally retarded person you might say that they didn't have a soul.  But more to the point if you don’t have higher thought capacity how do you adapt?  We know that they had to be mentally retarded and what else do we know about them?  That they were horrifically mean “people.”  Alcohol in and of itself deprives the brain of oxygen.  So it can’t be good for the fetus or to be present in either human body during or before conception.
Was Christ given the choice, “Either drink the myrrh or be nailed to the cross?”  Every child that is threatened by those using drugs experiences the same thing.  And you have to admit that there is something scary about those who use drugs isn’t there.  What is it?  It is a break from reality that they are administering to themselves.  And what is it indicative of that they do not like their own life.  But more to the point, if they want to escape from the reality of their own life are they not also a danger to their own life, and if they are a danger to their own life are they not also a danger to yours?
“You either take the drug or else.”  They might not say it that way to you but you will learn that is how it works right???  No denying that is there?  Who is it that say’s they deny that is how it is?  But whatever they are going to do to you if you don’t take the drug that they push on you they are going to do to you anyway aren’t they.  Not to mention that the drug will deprive you of your constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and likely kill you!  If you are given an addictive substance you are not at liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive so therefore your liberty has been taken from you.  Not only that, but because you are being sold a shortcut to happiness your pursuit of happiness has been taken from you and that is also a Constitutional right in the United States.
How many of you know what the personality of a drug dealer is like?  You might have known who they were in grade school or high school?  “Persuasion with moxie duplicitousness and hidden motive, often expressed by bold faced lies!”  or “Cognitive envy with no way for objective denial.” Or how about the way the uncle of the Boston shooters said it and I am paraphrasing, “They could not settle themselves and were jealous of those who could.”  Go back a few sentences there to what is a statement about a criminal mind and motive and apply it to why we are told Jesus Christ was given the Myrrh, “To ease his pain.”  Are we sure that he did not have the choice of two options, “Either take the myrrh or be nailed to the cross.”  If you believe in that then the motivation is not to ease his pain but that of someone else isn’t it.  But who could that be?  Who could that be?  Who is it that ultimately determined his fate?  Procula said, “He gave me a terrible dream,” when her husband Pontius Pilot asked her what he should do with Jesus Christ.  What is she implying there?  She is implying that someone she has a connection to the mind of Jesus Christ isn’t she?  How could that be?  How could that be?  Could it be if one is developmentally disabled because of alcohols influence on conception and pregnancy… that the alcohol destroys what separates man from beast? The first thing to go would be what differentiates us because it would have been so hard to attain in the first place wouldn’t it?  To differentiate yourself from apes by learning to care for your young and raise them yourself and not in groups?  ~ and all the human constructs that are developed in the process of that?  Humans have the capacity for higher thought processes.  ( I won’t articulate that now but I have before.)
So if there were plenty of people that were dependent minded to the human mind of Jesus Christ and they wanted to kill him how would they mock someone that they were dependent minded to?  They would give him a crown of thorns to indicate that his thinking hurt their minds right?  As if here, you see how it feels for yourself, a crude metaphor right? Okay, so if there were ever a race that could cause other people to hear voices in their heads it would be people like this wouldn’t it?  What am I getting at?  There are two sides to demonology right?  Those that demonize and those that are demonized.   If Jesus were to have said, “Procula wants to kill me because she said I gave her a terrible dream.” He would be labeled paranoid and mentally ill and given another type of drug wouldn’t he (Comparison moved forward in today’s terms), even though he was telling the truth!!!  If someone in Chicago were to say, “They want to get me hooked on heroin because it will destroy me!,” would there be those in the psychiatric profession to correct that person by saying that they really want to give you heroin to make money from it?  Sure there are.  But what is the reality of the truth to it?  The reality is that it will destroy you.  And if you know anything about law enforcement and investigation of crime you know that intent has been established.  So here we have a split in the road.  A law enforcement officer would have to say intent was established but a psychiatrist would say the motive was really for money?  The old intent argument is that if you throw a snowball at someone’s head you indeed had the intent to blind them whether or not you believed you had that intent.  Why because that is what a normal person viewing it with a rational human mind would see would be the likely outcome or highly possible.  Like it or not intent was established. 
So if you have a mind like that what are your modes of defeating those whose minds you are dependent to?
“Street drugs until you can high power lace one and overdose them.”
“Legitimized psychiatric medicine that limits their capacity for higher brain function.”  It is like you are done with learning and that teacher that was imposed on you?
“Flat out kill them because you can’t stand to hear their thoughts because they are a direct and constant threat to your delusion of self.” It is like a car that was made to run on gasoline can’t run on diesel right?
No one can deny that Jesus Christ had a great mind and great philosophies and all that gets even better when you compare it to the horror of those of the Roman Empire.  Compare Hadiya Pendleton to the drug neighborhood she lived in; it makes you want to cry doesn’t it?
And what did Hadiya Pendleton face in Chicago?  She was the young girl that did so well in school and set a positive example for younger children in her community. It is the exact same conflict that I described above isn’t it?  She even made an anti drug video.  They killed her didn’t they!  Let me be very clear about this; these are not Americans who do this to other people or themselves!  Sure they might be legal U.S. Citizens with a family lineage going way back but it means something more to be an American than that, it means to believe in what America stands for and doesn’t stand for!  And it means that we don’t try and confuse that issue or try and create lies to shroud a hidden motive.  Very slowly of a long period of time we have transitioned away from what it really means to be an American, I believe that it started in earnest after World War II.  And the era we are facing today looks a lot like the horror of the Roman Empire to me.  It took a very long time to defeat the Roman Empire.  And indeed the United States was formed because there was land that was not heavily populated that we could come to in order to escape the horrors of the British Empire?  What is my point?  We have to stand up to this and defeat it.
Hadiya Pendleton didn’t take the drug and she was killed.  And sure they want to say it was coincidental.  We might say if she had taken the drugs she would have died before that so it wasn’t coincidental, no that doesn’t hold logic.   But it was drug related and she was on the good side.  Might one jealous person sitting around in a group doing drugs said who she is and what she stood for and to off her?  Girls don’t talk like that at all do they.
I have often stated that schizophrenia is a medical fraud.  I do not mean that the person that has it does not suffer to the degree that they say they do, quite to the contrary they do, what I mean is that it is a medical fraud because the voices are not in their head they have an origin other than that person.  Like someone saying that you gave them a terrible dream and the race that gets paid by her?  Sure and if you gave one of them that terrible dream you gave them all the same terrible dream didn’t you!  Ask yourself what is more likely a person grounded in good philosophy or the intent of someone that pushes lead wine?  When I say it is a fraud I mean that it is consistent with the motive of the archetype that I described here.  Think of what a horror it would have been, the Romans deciding that everyone should drink leaded wine?  And their decisions do not appear to be based on human reason do they?
And I suppose if I said that the Italian Mafia controlled all drug trade in the U.S. that would be a delusion or I didn’t get my facts straight.  And if I said they were part of Axis forces in WWII and also the major force that defeated prohibition in the U.S. that would be a delusion.  And if I said that the Catholic Church was based in Rome, and even mentioned how the prior Pope admonished them, and speculated about why children were sexually molested by Catholic priests that would not be welcome commentary, thoughts or in effect the consistency of a terrible dream to someone hence deserving of retribution.  You get the idea.
I could go into Colonel John Alexander telling us that synthetic telepathy was discovered by the Department of Defense before 1991.  And you would say that they would never use it on civilians and also said that a person would never be sexually molested in the U.S. military how do you account for 26,000 cases that prove that wrong.  Technology like that could easily be reproduced by nefarious socialites looking to maintain their wealth status.  And the precursor to its modern was created long before WWII by Nikolas Tesla- the particle beam.  Zap the person that gives you the terrible dream, from a hidden distance, until they talk very slowly like they have been locked in a microwave oven and cooked.
I haven’t don’t drink alcohol.  And if I ever had a child that was developmentally compromised because I had drank alcohol I don’t know that I would be able to handle the guilt.  I believe that to be the cause and effect though.  And I am glad that I never married a woman AND got her pregnant in the younger era when I drank.  And it sure would have been helpful to me in my life had I had known what I believe now.  Do you agree?  So if we never have Prohibition again will you promise me that you won’t drink and have sex and not drink alcohol (or take other drugs) for a period of some time (a good month and the badly influenced stuff has to leave you) before you decide to have sex with a woman.  And that is my Prescription for a better world for you and your future children.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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