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Thursday, May 23, 2013

On Initial and Recent Public Offering of Common Stock Fraud 05 23 2013

The way it works is that a licensed brokerage firm has to sign off on them before they become public. Of course depending who is President at the time the rules can be lax so a fox can get the hen house hens easier. This is the United States and that should not matter though. The bottom line is that when you invest with your broker in the United States in Common stock of a new offering or recent offering you should be assured at the very least that there is no outright fraud of the basic business function you are investing in. If not, it is legalized crime. And crime should never be legal for those who can figure out how to make it legal. White collar criminals of stock market sophistication should never be allowed to perpetrate this in the U.S., even if it is a foreign company. Does it work out that their is honor among our upper class who know the circumstances of such fraud that it is kept secret from the general public? If so that means wealth redistribution as a remedy. Yes, in the United States! Every one who worked for a stock brokerage firm has been fingerprinted when they started!

And one more point, I believe in the death penalty for white collar criminals.

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