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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pine Tar 05 16 2013 Update #2

Pine Tar 05 16 2013
Article could alternatively be titled "Breast Cancer, Pine Tar and Autism with verbal ability as the key skill."
What would make outdoor wood coatings more durable I had asked myself for many years.  I can’t stand to have to re-coat outdoor wooden items every year.  You know things like;  sun bleached wooden wheel barrel handles, wooden patio umbrella poles, benches. I also formulate many of my own wood coatings by combining different ones on the market.  Sometimes it is as simple as adding Japan Drier to oil based Polyurethanes or Oil Based paint to help it dry quicker.    But I had been searching for a resinous product to add to such outdoor coatings for quite some time.  Then I finally thought of something.  Sometimes Pine boards have a sap on them.  When you get that on your hands it is very hard to wash off.  What if that sap could be thinned out and a small amount added to another type of coating such as an oil based polyurethane formula to allow it to better withstand the outdoor elements?  If it were thinned out it could penetrate deeply into the wood and provide a depth of protection against drying and rot.
So I started researching this and low and behold there is a wealth of history concerning the product!!!
So I found a quart of pure pine oil tar on a veterinarian website and bought it. It is used to pack horses hoofs! Because it was used on an animal I wondered what effect it has on humans.  So I looked up the toxicology of it.  I believe the terms were that it can cause kidney failure, respiratory distress, lung collapse and heart failure.  I then remembered hearing a story about a woman who killed herself by downing a quart of that amber colored household cleaner.  I really wanted to know how dangerous it was if you got it on your skin.
After researching some more I found out that it was used extensively by naval fleets in order to keep their wooden ships from rotting!  In fact English Navymen’s hands were stained the dark amber color because it was used to waterproof their rigging ropes with.  I read that and wondered if it was really that safe a chemical to get on your hands.  Then I wondered more about the toxicology of it.  Let me be real clear here I am quite sure that if you were to ingest even a small amount of it that it would kill you dead!  So don’t do it.
But Pine Nuts are from the Pine Comb and they are indeed a snack.  They are said to be able to leave a small taste in your mouth or the inability to taste for awhile after eating them by some people.  I have always considered that the nut or seed of a plant contains the essence of the plant as a whole.  Then I remembered that Pycnogenol is indeed a health supplement that you can buy at the health food store and it has a high level of antioxidant properties.  Indeed I have taken that supplement in the past and have found it to be very beneficial in terms of mental clarity and creating an overall feeling of vigor. 
Pycnogenol and White Pine Supplements
 Which made me wonder if English sailors were bolstered with energy by the compound as it was on the rigging ropes and stained their hands~ through diffusion through the skin into their metabolism.  Was it a stimulant the successors to the Druids used to prevent them from having to take people out in the woods and impale them so that they could see their future.  (Won’t get into the worship of the monkey by the Druids and apparently because they have the same gestalt of symbolism- the Free Mason’s in this article.) Let’s see there is something that Oliver Cromwell didn’t like about the Irish who rejected them when they tried to first come over.  Indeed King Muenster told the first English Jews who came over to go home!  Does it have to do with their blood not being stained by Pine Tar (Fee fie foe fum I smell the blood of an Irishmen?)  But I have to wonder if the English did not add it to the beer produced in Ireland in order to facilitate the Irish Genocide.  Keep reading I fill in the gaps here.
So then I looked up how it was created.  It is called the autoclave process; Pine wood is placed in an pressure cooker type furnace and the resin escapes as the wood is heated under pressure to form charcoal.  If there is oxygen involved in the process creosote will be present in the pine tar derived from the process.
That process triggered my memory.  When I was an Associate Equity Analyst for Kemper Securities and then First Analysis there was a company under coverage called Hauser Chemical.  They made from my memory a drug that was found to be efficacious against breast and ovarian cancer.  I cannot remember the exact circumstance that they said led to “their” discovery.  But that cancer drug was derived from the Pacific Yew Tree.  A type of pine tree.  I remember that they would never tell how they extracted it; it was a company secret.  I guessed at the time that they used alcohol to extract it, but that was not how.
I researched some more to find out that North Carolina got its name The Tar Heel state because it was a big industry there!  North Carolina was also a state that was a proponent of Eugenics pre WWII.  They also have tobacco as a crop, right?  I remember a fellow student once telling me he was a Tar Heel, his name was McCarthy.
Then I remembered, from my college drinking days that Gin indeed smells like Pine needles.  It is made from the Juniper Berries.  Juniper is related to the pine tree.
Pine Tar (not the Oil of Pine Tar) is used on the grips of baseball bats to keep it from slipping.  And there was also Pine Tar Shampoos and soaps but they were banned by the FDA for the ostensible reason of lack of efficacy.
But it also has the cleaning properties of biocide, sanitizer and insecticide.
Now I am the curious sort and like to do research and learn.  That is why initially I chose to be an Equity Research Analyst as a career.  Once upon a time I bought a book titled “Culpeper’s Complete Herbal” (ISBN 1-85326-345-1)  Link to purchase Culpeper's Complete Herbal Book
Culpeper was a 17th Century English Doctor and he wrote the book!  On the cover it states “A book of natural remedies for ancient ills.”  I remember reading his blathering and flamboyant English out loud to my father who was a Reading Resource Teacher and it was one of the hardest times in our life that we both laughed!!!!  ~It’s funny!
So it was just the other day that I reached up to the bookshelf in my room (or study?) and looked up pine in “Culpeper’s Complete Herbal”  What I found was a couple pages packed with small font related to White Pine.  I am not going to give you an exact quote but I am going to paraphrase what he said or EXTRACT from it:  Never get any of this near a pregnant women because it will cause the fetus to be violently aborted!  Some type of extract made from it rubbed on women’s breasts will dissolve hard tumors in them.  It is great for all ailments of the joints.  Something to do about this herb being under the sign of Mars…
I highly respect Culpeper’s opinion.  Why?  He wasn’t afraid to say what he meant and used very colorful and descriptive wordings.
So right there in ~1640 the English Doctor Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) told us that it has a profound effect on the woman’s ovaries.  It has a profound effect on breast tumors.  (Just what the modern chemical company that produced the extremely expensive drug somehow knew?) And it is useful for the joints- why it is rubbed on horses.
But what does my synthesis of understanding cause me to believe concerning pine oils effects on human health?  If the remedies that Culpeper talked about caused the fetus to be violently aborted does that not indeed mean that it cuts off the circulation to the fetus?  And what happens when a very low dose is administered over time?  Does it mean that a fetus might indeed be born with oxygen deprivation of what used to be called mental retardation?  I believe this whole heatedly!!!!
But wait a minute….What is it that they add to cigarettes?  It is tar isn’t it!!!! Is it Pine Tar from the Tar Heel State?????
Anyhow I got a little on my skin when I was adding it to a wood coating that I was preparing.  You are supposed to wash it off with soap and water right away but I didn't.  What did I notice?  From the amount that was just about the drop that would fit on the head of a pin it was a great stimulant!!!!  After painting my wood with the coating I went and worked out.  I had more energy and felt more alive than I ever have.  The thing that you have to know about any stimulant that there is, ANY stimulant, is that it likely dilates the blood vessels to your heart and when that stimulant wears off your blood vessels constrict to the point that can lead to oxygen deprived heart failure.  (Think of this with regard to energy drinks, caffeine or even you steroid users!)  The thing I do when I drink too much coffee or go on a weekend warrior workout binge is take aspirin afterwards.  Why?  Because if your blood vessels are constricted you need to make sure that you blood is thin so that it gets through.  And indeed Aspirin is recommended to prevent a heart attack.  I also take after I have used paints to paint with.  Why?  Because the paint itself does have drying property in it and I can say that translates into a blood coagulating property too!!!!  I also have taken it when I have become exerted and dehydrated to thin the blood.  That is what I do.  Do your own research, but I keep a packet of Aspirin powder sealed in clear packaging tape in my wallet at all times for emergency.  Why?  I am an extremely active guy!  When your heart muscles contract on the rebound it will kill you quicker than a venomous snake bite!  Is this the real cause of death in smokers?  And would pycnogenol (sp?) or another pine type derivation be useful to smokers trying to quit?
I am 207 pounds and mostly muscle.  From not even one drop on my skin all and any aches and pains in my body were gone!
But is it really given to horses because it is a stimulant that makes them run faster in horse racing?  If you ever get it on your skin wash it off quickly with soap and water.
Back to Pine Tar.  Okay so its derivations have beneficial properties and not so good properties too.  It all depends on dose and form?  I have a strong feeling that there can be many new drugs such as antibiotics that can be based on it.  And I do indeed wonder if because it is added to cigarettes if that is not the reason it leads to certain properties cigarette smokers have that others don’t?  But again it numbs the lungs and is also a stimulant?
But more importantly and extremely importantly; if the FDA banned it from soaps, for an ostensible reason, why have they not banned it from being added to cigarettes?  (Assuming again that it is the type of tar added to cigarettes?)  Do they know that the smoke causes the hard breast tumors?  And that some type of Pine Extract counters the effect (means counters the cancer or pre-cancers?)
What I remember from my asking many questions as an Equity Research analyst, per my tormented memory, is that cancer drugs prevent the cancer from spreading by inhibiting the replication of the cancer which is called metastasis?  So indeed are they giving you the pine tar to prevent the cancer from growing?
And reading what Culpeper wrote about the fetus being violently aborted I wonder if an extract or compound from the drug is used in abortion pills?
Was Oliver Cromwell a Tar Baby?
Cigarettes and cigarette smoking should be banned in the United States for good!  I also believe that a baby in the womb exposed to it set up for the conditions precedent that it will be more subject to a smoking addiction in adulthood. 
Cigarette smoking is unconstitutional.  Why?  Anytime you give someone an addictive substance they are no longer have the personal liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive.  So you have deprived them of their Constitutional right to Liberty.  And sure it was just yesterday that a black Jehovah’s Witness woman made the counterargument to that that “What about food then?  Are you going to take that away from people so that can’t get fat?”  Anyone ever understand when a counterargument is invalid and really a sales tactic to get you to not believe in yourself?  The nature of her argument leads me to want to write yet another article on religious fraud.  You know Oh do you want to study with us and oh No No No No we will never ever ask for any money from you!  Oddly enough her eyes were mounted in bulbous raised out circles in her head.  A child might get rid of her right away by asking, “Why are your eyes like that?”  I can never resist asking those innocent questions children always do and are beaten for asking.  Anyway we talked religion and she made the statement that SHE was the one entertaining the discussion, like I was of less maturity?  A sales and control tactic!
What is the likely real reason the FDA banned the tar in tar shampoos?  I believe that it has to do with it having the ability to cause an irritating eye condition called scleroderma (Sp?) whereby the white conjunctive loosens from the surface of your eyeball usually at the corner of the eye.  There would be no-one to lead the mentally blind Tar Babies if that happened?
So back to Culpeper.  17th Century Culpeper, God bless him, what did he say- it (some white pine preparation) causes the fetus to be violently aborted! What did we hear on the news just the other day?-  That a medical scientist discovered that children who are born autistic came from placenta’s with folds in them.  What is a placenta with a fold in it?  It is an oxygen deprivation strangulation placenta.
Okay back to my Equity Research job.  Who were they in that Business?  They all had English Surnames or Jewish English Surnames.  If you ever want to look up what a Vampyr is and who in the history has been called that do so and you will find that “The Customers Man” the name given in England to Stock Brokers have been accused of being that, not only recently by me but also in history!    So if indeed you are in the offspring lineage of parents that smoked tar cigarettes or worked on English Navy rigging ropes do you have your ability for higher reasoning limited because you were in a placenta subject to partial strangulation and Oxygen Deprivation via pine tars influence in metabolism?  You were partially strangulated and came back, you were partially strangulated and came back.  She smoked one day she smoked the next.  Sounds like a Vampire horror movie doesn't it?  You would be born and live your life always in the roller coaster of waiting for a re-invigoration to new life?  You would be born with autism?  But let me ask you this and this one will blow your mind.  Have you ever considered that their could be a form of Autism whereby verbal ability was the skill that was the one thing they could do very well?  That is who comprises our banking, financial and insurance sector in the United States today!!!!!  And enter Bernie Madoff, English surname Jew, A CUSTOMERS MAN, who tried to bankrupt us into another greater Depression?
If you are reading this decades from today, after breaking into a time capsule, here is what I have to say about the Customers Men, “They all look like they were born the girl who went home from the dance crying.” 
So we have a nation full of Customers Men.  What is the most profitable drug that the German Nazi based Pharmaceutical companies sell?  Where do they make all there bread and butter?  It is from the Anti-psychotic.  How does a person who is strangulated in the womb develop that one skill that they are so good at; verbal ability autism?  ~ By creating the greatest medical fraud and victims in the history of the world.  They demonize the souls of men and they are labeled schizophrenics.  That financial industry all revolves around the creation of them just like a dull eyed English Druid impaled someone in the forest to see his life’s future.  Alright so I had promised myself not to go into the invective because it would lessen the main argument.
No woman should ever be exposed to any cigarette smoke!!! NEVER!!!!!
Culpeper warned us.  But is it a causes miscarriage; is it also the cause of a great many birth defects?  Isn’t it right there on the label already?  Is it a cause of the Dependent minded Satanic?  And who in the H311 was Jesus Christ really talking about when he used the term other than another barbaric and concurring bread that consumed a substance known to cause mental retardation- THE LEAD WINE DRINKING ROMANS!  Are you starting to understand?
So your own DNA would not be any different than anyone else’s under these circumstances, unless they can tell you what the specific gene mutation is.  But what are you then, your DNA is the same but you lack inherent higher thought capacity?  How can that be?  It is like if you were hit in the head with a lead pipe, called a Black Jack (Pun and all corollary logic streams intended.)  You get hit in the head with a Black Jack and you are stupid even though genetically you are the same.  You are born to a strangulated placenta you are genetically the same, depending on time frame and dose, but the most critical part of development- your human brains human higher reasoning capacity was not developed because of it.  (There is hope, Dr. Hulda Clark say’s that the Brain heals very quickly; that means that it regenerates!)  But don’t commit a crime in order to heal yourself or your offspring!  Don’t violate our Constitutional rights because yours were violated.  You might try blood oxygenator’s type supplements like Iron?
I am not going to get into how the richest investor made his money in the United States or how Cigarettes were plentiful in the WWII war zone.  Blood money, all of it!!!
This is the United States, when we see something that we know is wrong we have a history of doing something about it!

Link to purchase Culpeper's Complete Herbal Book

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. Phonetically the name of the drug used to treat breast cancer referred to in this article is TAX-ALL!!!!  Info on it  It cost ~$10,000.00 per dose.

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