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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hybrid Seed 05 25 2013

Hybrid Seed 05 25 2013
Hybrid Corn seed costs about $350 for a bag of 80,000 seeds.  Or about $.04 per seed of corn.  If you take an average circumference of corn as having 16 seeds and an average length of corn having 30 seeds that works out to about 480 seeds per cob of corn.  Here is where it gets ridiculous!  That means that a cob of hybrid corn seed costs $19.20 a cob.  Round it to $20 and a dozen ears of hybrid corn seed costs $240.  A dozen ears of hybrid corn seed would yield 480 * 12 seeds of corn equaling 5760 seeds.  So the math is a little off because of off the cuff estimates.  But you get the idea. You can buy a dozen ears of corn in the summer for around $5.
That hybrid corn seed has genes in it that have herbicide and pesticide properties.  As well as something called a bt gene.  The herbicide properties save the farmer from having to spread that chemical on his crop.  The pesticide gene contains a protein that I believe is said to kill a type of insect that bores into the roots.  The worm borer does not go away even after using that hybrid seed that contains the protein  that kills it.  You could freeze that root borer and starve it by using the hybrid seed and it would still come back!  What does that lead me to believe?  That it in and of itself was genetically engineered!  Buy how does a genetically engineered protein kill an insect?  I am speculating that it breaks down some protein in the insect like the stomach lining.  But what are proteins?  They are strands of amino acids the building blocks of life.  Some are essential and some are not.  But just think about that.  A protein can be eaten by a root borer and it kills it and yet if a corn product from that protein is ingested by a human being it has no effect at all??  Do you know how hard it is to kill a wasp?  You could spray it with a full can of wasp killer and it still might not be dead; you would likely be poisoned to death if you were sprayed with that same can though?  And what is corn used for?  High fructose corn syrup is the sweetener for most sodas!  I once talked to a lady grocery clerk and she told me that whenever she drank soda with high fructose corn syrup she got aches and pains!  Anyone other than me think enough is enough?  Anyone other than me believe that we don’t need to have the degree to wear a lab coat to verify what common sense is telling us?
You cannot tell the difference by looking at it from another seed of corn but the companies that make the seed know the difference and will sue you to take your farm away if you use your crop of corn for seed yourself.  Who are the companies involved in this?  They are Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto and Cargill.  And they are big money companies!!!  They invest in commodities markets and I believe also control them.  I have always believed that commodities served no real purpose and should be illegal.
Do those three companies have the ability to incubate insects?  I have seen the stainless steel tanks in one of them that do just that!  Circa 1991.  If you think that is bad ask yourself what could happen if they decided to incubate parasites that directly cause human illness!
Anyone remember the Irish Potato Famine whereby the Irish were not allowed to eat their own crops because by some law it went to England?  What is the machination of genocide with grains?  It is very simple.   Let’s say that there is a financial crisis.  I cannot say the origin.  Maybe they are giving everyone a mortgage and themselves a free house, maybe somehow they create a Ponzi scheme to also pull $50 billion out of our financial markets and it is like the pulling a pin on a grenade that blows the whole thing up again.  (even though it should never happen.)  But anyway, I am a farmer and I have saved some corn for seed from the prior year.  It is hybrid corn and per my contract with the seed company it is illegal for me to use it.  There is a financial crisis and I cannot buy seed corn that year!  If I use that hybrid seed the seed company can test it and take my farm from me.  So I cannot buy the seed and I cannot plant the seed from prior year.  Bottom line~ we all starve!  Contrary to prior knowledge hybrid seed can reproduce!  (But some still cannot.)
Seed maker’s only real purpose in the first place was so that farmer did not have to prepare the seed to replant himself; it was a matter of convenience for them to purchase it?  Sure you made the seed but I grew that corn not you!  I grew that corn!  So indeed you own the corn before I ever grew it right, according to your legal principal!  ~That takes a lot of the risk away from the seed producer?  If I grew that corn I have a right to do whatever I want with it right?  How can you say that I cannot plant seeds from my own garden growth!!!!! 
I don’t believe that any seed company should have ever been able to profit from this!  I believe they owe all future profits to the taxpayer.  I also believe that they owe back profits to the taxpayer.  I also believe that the seed companies should be nationalized!
Now I have made a lot better arguments as to why certain patents like this are not valid.  And this next line or two is not one of the most better arguments but I will just say this, if you look at my Inventions needed blogspot found under my blogger profile you will see that I have thought of quite a bit of new things.  I have not been able to patent one of them.  And it is not that I cannot figure out how to fill out the patent forms.  I passed the CPA exam in 1991 and it is one quarter law.  The reason that I can not fill out the patent forms is because active denial systems are being used to stop me from doing so.  I know that I lost a lot of you right there, but this article is not about me.  The point is that because of what I know about those with the satanic mind…I don’t believe that they can prove that they actually thought of these things!  For all we know it was someone who was highly intelligent and then put on medicine after they thought of these things.
I don’t believe that you can patent a living thing anymore than you can patent the genes of a person.  Let’s say you take my blood and from it you find a gene that is immune to disease?  That is me!  You can’t patent me for I am me and not you!  You cannot patent wheat because you didn’t make it God did!  And you are not God in any shape or form!  If you could patent people (meaning any part of their DNA or that derived from them then there could be horrific consequences for the future.  Let’s say you had a race of people that hated themselves in comparison to another person because they were jealous of him and they therefore wanted all people to be like him in the future?  That is Eugenics and Nazi Germany isn’t it!  They don’t have the right to make people like him just like the Jews did not have the right to create a God!  And yes it is implied in the Bible by their accusation that it is exactly what they did!  A God defined being more of a leader of a school of thought than a lightning bolt thrower.  Sounds odd doesn’t it?  It means about the same thing as Lord doesn’t it?  And what do the Druid English like to title themselves for no apparent good reason?  Lords!  If there were the power “to be” it would not be something that could be titled fairly.  Sure you could make a mockery of the whole concept by creating a game of a government but it would only serve to limit human existence on earth.  It is like giving a spoiled brat a blue ribbon in the singing contest after synthetically modifier his/her voice. 
If I wanted to start my own farm today I would not be able to do it without using that hybrid seed!  Those three companies have a monopoly on that market and our Government has indeed turned a blind eye towards monopolistic power!
S/B a Farm Inspection Unit of the Government.  The other day in the news there was a story about farm animals that were neglected and dying.  I do not believe that illegal search and seizure provisions apply to crops and farmland.  Principal residences of families of four people but nothing more than that.  ~Farm buildings and croplands should be allowed to be routinely inspected and there should be a unit of our Government responsible for it.  And there should not be any getting off the hook by playing favorites.  “This inspector was responsible for seeing this land and he did so at this time and that is also when something bad happened- so he is guilty of negligence and goes to jail!”
Off topic.  The Farmers Almanac.  How can it predict the future?  What is the most likely way?  The druids believed that if they impaled someone and looked into their eyes while they were dying that they could divine the future.  So I have to ask who was tortured for the sake of the Farmer’s Almanac.  And maybe I am wrong about the Farmer’s Almanac but I thought it used to have predictions in it said to be accurate.  Who was up to farm based genocide in the past?  Well it was indeed Great Britain the home of the Druids wasn’t it!  No human being could read what happened and not come to the same conclusion!
To sell seed for that price seems to be the contrary of what it means and should mean to be a farmer.  Not only that for a giant company to be able to have the strings to kill us all like that were we could do nothing about it is very scary!  The United States public as a whole did not vote them into those positions of power.  So how do these decisions come to be what they are?  Have you ever experienced even the slightest amount of attrition while talking to a lawyer?  Can you imagine how years of wining could were on the minds of the judges?  Sure add a few trauma cases to the system and ones that tug on human emotion and then make a translational change of case to one that would seem to follow a string of well known legal principals.  And it is often just that- after the judge and jury has portended to read the connections in case law that relate to something like this they never were even allowed to see how something like this at is very basic level might be Unconstitutional!  Is there not one judge in the United States that can base judgment on the spirit of the law of the Constitution based on the simple meanings of the words in it?  No judge can make simple conclusions because it is supposed to be much harder than that?
And is there no one alive today in power that has the confidence and moral certitude to say, That is a monopoly and we have the power to break it up!  Farming isn’t supposed to be like that!
One final point if you ever at a cheeseburger in the heart of Iowa and compared it to one from Wisconsin you would realize that there is no comparison!  The Wisconsin hamburger actually tastes like it has been poisoned by comparison.  It tastes like garbage in comparison.  If you don’t believe me try it!  Go about 100 miles into the heart of Iowa to a mom and pop restaurant and try one.  There is no comparison!  The Wisconsin meat will make your stomach feel like you are having gastric reflux and for some reason that I don’t know the Iowa beef is just the exact opposite!!!!  It is unreal!!!  The Wisconsin meat tastes like wild game that was feeding at a landfill!  There is no comparison you would swear that the Wisconsin meat has been poisoned!  And I love Wisconsin!  I do!  So what is going on here?  It is different!
I don’t care if you hired all those scientist out of college to create that.  You can’t even prove to me that you thought of it and not someone whose thoughts your fur ears heard did! How many terrorists studied in the United States too? Wasn’t it a goal of yours to sell seed?  Or was it a goal of yours to sell seed for an exorbitant price so you could bankrupt a farmer and take the farm.  That is ugly!  How many terrorists studied in the United States too?
I know some other things about you that I have been saying here in these blogs too haven’t I?
So if you patent my genetic code do you believe that you own my sperm and all my children to?  No you don’t!  My father and mother who were both public school teachers created me!  There will never be another me!!!!  If there were more than one me we would not have any of the problems that I complain about!  I am told that they can clone a person!  So you actually have set the legal precedent whereby you can own (living things) people haven’t you Supreme Court!  Do you know how much hard fought American blood you have disgraced!  I am going to make one more point.  Anywhere in the world where you have the instance of the diagnoses of Schizophrenia you also have Communism.  Schizophrenics are indeed the central mind of the Communist mind.  The mind of the Commune if you will.  A Community of voices that they hear in their heads no less! I cannot tell you many times I heard a Jew with and English Surname use the term “The investment Community wants this or that.”   The Investment Community is of the Communist mind.  And do you want to know something else every government in the world will revert to communism because that feeble mind with strong verbal ability has to get that way somehow.  And what is the most likely cause Alcohol and other drugs influence on the development of higher brain functions.  And one more point regarding communism I have been told that you could unload your AR-15 into a Viet Nam solder and they would keep on coming ~ were those U.S. cartridges short powdered?

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PS. No one seemed to notice when the Chinese shipped us cups and toys with lead in them either.  Congratulations your children were born with the limitations of the Communist mind from lead poisoning.  What do those of the Communist mind hate more than anything else in the world?  Those that were not victims of it!

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