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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quip of the Day 05 05 2013

Quip of the Day 05 05 2013

"As I install a hasp on an outdoor container I use to put cans of paint in I think how better off as a nation we would have been if:

1. We had put a lock and key on weapons sales (including Chemical weapons) to foreign countries.
2. Had put a lock and key oil and nuclear energy to prevent the spills of both and gone solar electric instead.
3. Had put a lock and key on Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, or at least had responsible adult oversight with regard to them,  so that there are not 100 different types in the umbilical cord today.
4.  Had put a lock and key on alcohol and tobacco sales so that adults did not get diabetes and cancer.  1 in 3 women will get breast cancer and it is linked to both.

Important point regarding diabetes and alcohol.  In addition to alcohol being very harmful to the pancreas, and the sugar in alcohol being harmful to the pancreas, the depressive effects of alcohol might indeed be a lifetime ailment that leads to the sloth and obesity that causes diabetes.   Right you are less active because you drank the night before and therefore gain weight and that causes stress on your internal organs- including causing congestive heart failure from lack of using fat as an energy source and metabolizing it.

5. Had put a lock and key on....( You fill in the rest of a list.  It would be like a class assignment for your grade school and high school students.)

I had promised myself not to write anymore on this blog because no one reads it.  But I just couldn't help myself because I don't see anyone else that writes like I do.

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