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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Health Care for All 05 28 2013

Free Health Care for All 05 28 2013
What are they saying about Barrack Obama’s health care law?  That it has many flaws.  Isn’t that funny just at a time when it is to go into law they bring that up?
Do you know why we don’t have free health care in the United States?  Please bear with me for the full explanation.  It is because the occult investment class cannot survive without people being sick and in pain.
Have you ever gone to a Doctor and you are intelligent enough, college educated, to know that there is a medicine for you specific condition but they won’t prescribe it?  The stuff that’s good for you they won’t give you.  So indeed our health care system needs massive “Cost cutting.”
There was a story that I read in Catholic School called “The lottery” in it a child is sacrificed.  There is also the old aphorism that if you turn a turtle on its back it will tell you the correct time twice a day.  It is of course a metaphor for sexually molesting or raping someone.
And per my memory the Famers Almanac used to contain predictions, but I am not sure.
But what is the point of the last three sentences?  If you are in excellent health and not in pain the seer’s of your pain and future can not accurately predict the future.  Which brings up an ancillary point, how many weather man augment their forecasts from also seeing through the eyes of someone else in the community; through their stolen soul if you will?
So where do we get this legacy in the United States?  The Druids were the race that was based in Western England.  And they indeed believed in divining the future through taking someone out to a clearing in the forest and impaling them.  While doing so they also looked into their eyes and watched them die.  Allister Crowley was an Englishman that told Adolph Hitler that wealthy Jewish English Bankers Sacrificed children.  It would have to be for the same principal to see what that soul would have seen in its future.  They would also see what the parents of the child would see in their future; why?  Because it is the trauma that separates one from their own soul!  When men are sent to war are they sent because they are more intelligent than the druid and never knew it?  And hence once their soul is traumatized from them the Druid see’s the future and profits from it?
So you are the son of an Alcoholic New England Socialite.  Might your development be compromised because of the influence of alcohol when you are in the womb?  Enter Nicholas Tesla a Russian Socialite himself and the inventor of the Particle beam.  So you yourself being the socialite do not really have the capacity for higher thought processes because of the alcohol.  If you will, you end up becoming parasitic to the soul of someone else.  Indeed you live and learn from every thought in there head.  So after a while you want to believe in yourself or to secure your future.  You strive to get ahead of that persons mind to prove something to yourself.  And how do you do this?  You compromise the mind of that person; traumatize them in some way if you will.  Find a way to make them hear voices so that you can give them medicine that really has the effect of negating their capacity for higher thought reasoning.  But what if you thought that you could find a “kindler and gentler” way to do that to a person?  The modern form of Tesla’s particle beam that did the same thing is called the Scalar wave.  It is essentially a magnetic pulse designed to negate the synapses of human thought.  If you listen to the am radio you will hear it crackle at the same time you are magnetically pulsed with one of these.  The AM radio essentially picks up the changes in Amplitude and therefore has the capability to sense the magnetic pulse and it is represented by a crackle.  Oddly enough the Digitial radio has a problem in that it can be seamed over with a simulcast or overcast segment (S).
Homeland Security, let’s see you have Home and Land in that word.  To the benefit of the Druid Farmer?  They didn’t prevent 11,000,000 illegal aliens from entering the country did they.  But what do we know about them?  They spent an incredible budget on high technology!!!!  Scalar Wave and Millimeter Wave.  Millimeter wave being the technology that can see through walls.  Do you know how you can partially defeat it?  Put an Ultraviolet bulb in your attic and it disrupts the light or particle based signal of the Millimeter wave in some way.
So why did the United States start to torture in the war?  Because they knew the validity of the method.  They knew it was highly valid!! How?  They had to have great experience with it.  So they tortured to find out what the future outcome of the war would be?  It sounds like a reciprocal concept whereby anyone who would do so would also be the cause of it.
Who do we know for a fact is a little off?  George Bush is said to be either dyslexic or flunked the third grade.  It is worse than if a mentally retarded Lead Wine Roman took over the U.S. Government and the free world isn’t it?
We believe in God and Country and the freedom of religion.  But what religions are not really religions at all?  Those that do not fear God and have sacrifice as a central theme- that is every religion that mentions Jesus Christ isn’t it!  Plus all your Satanic based religions.  God doesn’t believe in torturing human beings!  That isn’t religion.  So it indeed looks like the socialites of the United States have put the horror of their self condition over the rest of us in religion.
God and Country?
Priest’s sexually molesting boys is not Religion and all the evidence ever needed that it doesn’t deserve tax exempt status.
26,000 sexually molested in the military is the opposite of God and Country and what religion really means!  And what does it do?  It defies the value of every currency that God and Country is printed on!  It devalues our currency more than any other principle.
And what about the drug war in Chicago?  Let’s say you are a fur ears that got rich in Chicago.  Remember my definition of this shadow of another type of person above?  You do not think for yourself.  So what do you want to do?  You don’t want anyone else to think either because you hear it.  It is like how it was expressed in the story of Lazarus in the Bible, When Jesus Resurrected Lazarus likely from a zombified brain the king or whoever it was said it was awful!  Lazarus was likely a slave who escaped over the great chasm that is mentioned in the bible too!
Is that heroin a strain genetically engineered by a major U.S. corporation that does its business in the heart of Chicago’s financial district?  Do you see how it increases their profit?
So Heroin in Chicago it is the Satanic wealthies way of telling everyone else to, “Stop trying to think and just be happy.  Here I’ll give you drugs to make you happy so you can stop thinking.”  The beast hears that thinking like the sun rises in the morning.  And nothing deconstructs itself faster than the reality of knowing it made a great mistake in life by being a parasite to the soul of another all through childhood!  Crime should never pay in this manner.
France and Britain each get 5 weeks of paid vacation and the U.S. gets none.  Why?  The satanic live off the pained soul of the worker.  Have you ever worked in a Corporation?  It isn’t about being productive it is about how mean they can be to the worker.  Why?  Because they are always trying to prove that they are not the shadow of the soul of a human being.  Both Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin believed that leaving England and coming to the United States was an analogy to the Jews leaving Egypt.  And the issue is contorted because the Bible does indeed tell us in the book of revelation that there are Jews who are not Jews.  So this type of mind is not bound to religion but more or less bound to lack of development of the human brain due to the influence of a metabolic poison during conception and natal maturation.  Isn’t that nice?  They were poisoned in the womb so all the rest of us become poisoned to the benefit of them?
The reason that we don’t have free health care is because those shadow souls cannot live without the pain of those who were not poisoned in the womb.
The unbelievable headline I heard on TV today was, “Can we save the world’s oceans and eat well?”  If that was not phrased to say “Why we need to save the world’s oceans so that we can eat well,” none of those who sat at the half round table should be on television.  And what is the nature of Television?  You English that do not fall under the heading of shadow people will like this, “Television commentary is the half round table!”  As in the viewer is the true King!
The other day I was driving down Lake Drive.  I had to be in about the 4900 or 4800 block.  Out from the Lake side of the street just about where a house was for sale a deer ran right in front of my car.  I never saw it because it was the exact same color as the road.  My mother did and I stopped in time.  But what did I see on deer’s back leg.  There were two bald and red blistering spots about 5 or 6 inches in diameter.  That deer must have had CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease.  But upon second thought, I thought that it looked like it had been tortured with a round brand.  Then later I thought that bald spot looks like the bald spot on the back of a druid Englishman’s head.  My dad an Irish/German had a full head of hair until he died at age 87.  Then I thought about a story I wrote about how Jesus Christ said he had ~80,000 Jews in the army that could come to save him at any time.  Later on down the road I saw a young Jewish man wearing a Yamelche.  They were because it means they are separate from God.  That is why they did not come to save Jesus Christ when he was crucified.  Is baldness really a disease like Chronic wasting disease?  Look at the health of the planet and who has been in power?  They all have the Chronic Wasting disease crown.  Jesus also said protect your crown!!!  I suppose if you like to hear all that disembodied soul and profit from it your crown is by definition not protected and you get the chronic wasting disease head and world for the rest of us?
Contrary to propagandized belief you do not get good health care in the United States but quite to the contrary you can buy heroin in Chicago quite easily.  Okay a little more preaching.  When you give someone an addictive substance you have indeed deprived them of their Constitutional right of Liberty.  Why?  Because it is addictive they are not at Liberty to stop taking it.  You deprive them of Life because that heroin will eventually kill them.  And you deprive them of the pursuit of happiness because it is an addictive substitute to the pursuit of happiness.  If we still didn’t have the alcohol those who are pushing the heroin on us would not have a reason to?  Why because they would have their own minds and therefore would not be jealous and envious of those who strive to get ahead in the United States through personal development and achievement.
You can’t get Free Health Care in the United States but I am sure there are plenty of people who will get you started on Heroin for free.  And how long will it take before they give you the special white packet that kills you instead?  The death packet?  How will you know?  You won’t it will be too late and you will never be able to reform or tell who it was that sold it to you!  Escapism through drugs is a form of death isn’t it?  And if you have a thinking soul they know who you are like the three Oriental Kings knew where to find Jesus Christ before he was even born!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS Some people they chose to not want to think and some they chose that they do want to think.  So they give amphetamine, speed or Ritalin to those that they chose should think.  They gave that to Adolph Hitler didn't they?  It appears the brain that can not think for itself like the fury?  And that isn't really human thinking is it?  It is more like someone on a frenzied path of addiction and destruction.  So indeed we have a complete younger generation that is on a frenzied path of addiction and destruction.  Maybe learning should always be a matter of finding the some loving concept of father in trade, crafts or business as a way to find who you are and what you love to be; in lei of having a father and/or being able to sit quietly and listen and learn for yourself. ~ To learn to be patient?

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