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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prostate Cancer 05 02 2013

 Prostate Cancer 05 02 2013

When you look at the pictures of how fast Patrick Swayze aged with Prostate Cancer before he died you realize how dangerous it is and how you must take care of your prostate. But the time that he died he looked like he was 95 years old! It makes you wonder if stolen time caught up with him?    Your prostate indeed being part of your life force and your life force might be said to transcend time?  ~ Theoretical metaphysics?

I find that too much caffeine and too much chocolate also irritate my prostate.  Too much chocolate I also find to be hard on my kidneys! Whatever I find to be hard on my Kidney's I also find to be hard on my prostate.  I find certain types of soda to be hard on my kidneys.  Also I keep forgetting that eating too much cheese before I go to bed can cause kidney stones in me.

Background:  I have had both Kidney Stones and Prostatitis.   

I can tell you from personal experience to avoid all smoke, smoke foods and foods with smoke flavoring in them!  And if smoke is indeed that hard on your prostate it is also a detrimental effect to the offspring in your procreation!!!

I am not going to advertise what products I take for these issues other than to say I have had very good success.

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