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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Prohibition Really Ended 05 30 2013

Why Prohibition Really Ended 05 30 2013

It has to do with women leadership in families.

~No man could live with you without drinking; hence that is why as a daughter you were conceived and born with the negative metabolic influence of alcohol; hence you were born to be miserable.

The daughter is born with a misery as her potential because of alcohols influence on conception; and when she gets older no man can live with her without drinking.

And because she is miserable she blames the male in her family and out of sorrow he can only drink.  And hence another miserable son or daughter is born that can't think for itself.

I can sit here and rephrase this all day long; but you get the point.

So you try and take away the alcohol and the man becomes miserable and the woman can't stand it; so she brought it back?  Why because she couldn't stand him giving her the straight talk and trying to listen and learn from him.  And why should she, he is the drunk that was the cause of her being born with potential fated to stupidity.

And the weak man or weak father that could not handle and tell his own wife what to do brought the alcohol back because he still needed the wife but also needed an escapism from her.

And what are all of these forms of escapism; ie, Alcohol, pot, drugs, prescription drugs, tobacco?  They are a form of controlled death aren't they !!!!!  Especially when the escapism is caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain, but also when they become high instead of realizing that they are a true loser in comparison to the capability and potential of someone else.  And what didn't they ever believe?  They never believed that if they were patient that they could be something to instead of someone else.  I would declare that any parent that does not have this type of patience should not be raising children or anywhere near them.  What does patience take?  It takes time, many years.  It takes overcoming frustration and learning things based on your own soul and not as a reflection or shadow of the thinking of someone else.  And for all I know you might say that you cannot change.  That is a delusion and a form of escapism too, isn't it.  Do you want to know what?  If you had thought that about yourself when you were a child you would have and should have overcome it by learning patience and understanding.  But you learned the spoiled way, like it was something that could be bought.  And you did buy it didn't you.

Whenever you see anyone using these substances this is how you SHOULD think about them.  It is them admitting that they are losers!  What does the act of smoking a cigarette mimic?  It mimics (or apes) the breathing of a calm, cool, collective and capable person.  So it looks like you will always need drugs won't you.  And they are prescribed by those in your religion aren't they.

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