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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inventions Needed 05 02 2013

Inventions Needed 05 02 2013

Ground Scanning and Spike Inserter (GSSI)

This would be a device about the same size as a Jack Hammer.  It would contain a magnetic and electrical ground scanner capable of detecting buried pipes, wires and electrical conduit.

Quickly it will scan below the ground and then if free from hazard obstruction drive a screw spike into the ground.  The screw spike would be much like that used to anchor a dog leash.  It would have an eyelet or multiple eyelets on the end of it.

It might require a ground moisture meter and alarm related to ground moisture or upward or sideways movement of the spike.

Background purpose:

Would be a very useful tool for those working on roofs or installation crews that work on roofs!  It would be mounted on the side of the house opposite the side of the peak the roofers are working on.  The device would also have the ability to unscrew or remove the spike.  So it would indeed function like a guided industrial drill.  Just off the top of my head I would think that the spike would be about 5 feet long.  But then we get into an issue of how heavy a gauge the metal should be and how much horsepower would be required to drive the spike.  Again about the equivalent of a Jack Hammer.

In terms of protocol it would be used after a standard utility test for underground obstructions and indeed if it gave a no go signal that would indeed be a secondary safety protocol that superceded the first.

The spike would not need to be coiled for the entire length, but if not the end of it would have to be "cavitational" so that it indeed dig into the ground up to the non shearing gradient of  the coiled mid section.

There is your Commonwealth.

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