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Friday, May 3, 2013

Who told you how to do that 05 03 2013

Who told you how to do that! 05 03 2013

Did you ever have a neighbor that always seems to know the opportune time to come over and assert what you should do next?
Like somehow they found life’s purpose by telling you what to do?
You just want to say, “Go back to your dog pile!”
Kurt Cobain had them pegged with the lyrics, “Forever in debt to your useless advice!”
The Writer Salinger pegged the useless Ivy League student with his character that always seemed to come over and visit with the Protagonist of the story and not really be helpful but more or less express annoyance at them for untold reasons?
As if they cannot comprehend your achievements because they are based on independent human thought?  Inconceivable to them!
“Who told you how to do that!”  They will accuse you? 
You see the ability to have higher thought capacity is built on a basis of sound premises in life.  You learn that from your good father!  He teaches you that.  And you look at those who question you in this manner with as much disbelief at the insult as they do with regard to their incomprehension of your achievement!
“Who told you how to do that?”  Can you imagine how insulted the child of a good father would be at hearing that?  And you are insulted by that, by a freak of nature turned the modern norm, who can’t think unless there is so much noise it can’t hear its own thoughts!
The Satanic know your next thought in the same manner the bully knows to be waiting for you at the end of the block on your way to school.  The bully doesn’t tell your child who told you to walk to this corner on your way to school and get him to believe it!  But if you understand what I am speaking of you will suffer from the cognitively impaired of this world all of your life!
They cannot base their thinking on their own experience because their verbal ability wasn’t established concurrent with a real world learning.
Are they looking out the shade curtain so you can’t see them but they can see you much like Norman watched those in the shower?  Are they using Homeland Security to view you in your home and train others to be like them?  Oddly enough a member of the staff of the University of Wisconsin Madison declared that there is nothing wrong with surveilling someone in their home.  Anyone who interprets the Constitution of the United States in that manner needs to be evicted from the United States!  I have heard that day is coming!
Always highly guard yourself on those who ask you “Who told you how to do that!” and then assume the authority to give you useless advice.
It convinces itself that by lying in wait for you (at the end of your block on your way to school and later in life) that it is ahead of you!  That is how much it wants to believe in the false reality of itself.
There are two types of hunters in this world and two types of gatherers (at least).
That paucity of higher thought capacity based on one’s own life experience has to be based on alcohol or drugs influence on conception and natal development.  Let’s have the courage to recognize it.  Let’s have the courage for you to be the one to admit that!
You should look at yourself and say, “How did I ever convince myself it was legal to do that!”
Oddly enough I once read a Chinese internet site that said if you wanted to control the actions of a human being you have to be able to watch them constantly.  Then you can control them just with your mind after awhile.  That Occult knowledge came from a Communist country!!!  Get the hint?  How did they learn to copy everything that we did in the United States?   We have been sold out just like the Sanhedrin sold out Israel!

The mental construct of one that lacks its own higher thought capacity is to dominate and control those that do!  A form of denying it's own equality?  A hidden manifestation of one of the seven deadly sins of Envy?  Why people justified that they should have slaves in the South?  Why our television sets are void of all talent today?

Oprah said it best when she looked at one artist work and saw how it was different.  She could see the love in it.  

"Who told you that you could love?"  They will ask you next.

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