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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Genes and Breast Cancer 05 21 2013

Genes and Breast Cancer 05 21 2013

What do we know about genes?  Some of them form from Virus's.  And what are viruses to the human body?  They are tiny bits or strands of DNA that is not your own or that of an animal.

When one thinks of breast cancer, therefore one must consider all forms of foreign gene influence into the human body.

God's law is and was, "Though shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it."  This relates not only to raw pork but raw pork and any raw foods as such.  Why?  Because that viral strain from the animal is not killed and can link onto your own.  And once it does you have cancer!  And cancer in this instance can broadly be defined as any changes to your own DNA.

What do we know about the human DNA genome?  We know that everyone of us has residual bits of animal DNA in our genomes.  Well at least that is what we are told.

But what is the most powerful force of DNA a man or woman has in their bodies?  It is there reproductive fluids!  Think of it as a highly motivated and highly powered fertilizer.

It is my belief that women who perform fellatio are at a much higher risk of developing breast cancer.  Why?  Lets say that if it gets in her bloodstream~ through the skin, through a leak in the digestive tract, through a hole in her tongue, etc.  Where is that progenitor matter going?

Is that sperm headed straight for the breast like a baby grabs for a teet to suckle?  And once there does it take up residence and feed and change your DNA?  Does it not have the ability to peck or acid "etch a whole"  its way into an ovarian cell in order to fertilize it?  The sperm is searching and poking, look at it on a microscope. Can it attach itself of otherwise change a breast cell.  So she pleasures a man and he was a beast of a man and it grows in her breast.

And I also believe it is more likely to happen to her if the man truly hates and uses her.  More so than if he loves and marries her. Kind of like his love for her cancelling out a mal intent procreative fluid of his own.

And the more of a beast of man she does it with the more likely those beast genes are going to harm her.  It sounds like he is really trying to transfer the beast from himself to the woman.  Like a snake sheds it's skin but worse.

Are their men who have given a great many women breast cancer in this respect?  If three women perform fellatio on the same man and they all get breast cancer is that evidence enough for castration of him?  Of course, only if the cancer is analyzed and the genes are found to be his?

You cannot tell me that this isn't true!!!!

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