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Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Order to Defeat the Democracy of the United States they had to create a Bastardized Economy 05 02 213

In Order to Defeat the Democracy of the United States they had to create a Bastardized Economy 05 02 213

Convergence of Actions:

Vatican II post WWII and the Pro-Life movement.  Creates a market for bastard children.

Psychiatric movement Post WWII:  Effective political censorship to anyone who objects to a bastardized mind.

Glammorization of the Monarchy?  Give hope for bastard children that they were really sired from Royalty.

Molesting of Sons by Bastard Sons?  Self explanatory.

Drug infiltration to create bastard minded sons.

Drug infiltration to create a profit motive for bastard sons.

Buying goods made by slave labor in China.  Makes the bastards that don't want to work for the truly intelligent feel like they are of an upper class.  Bastard English rule left China just before they started trading and manufacturing for the U.S. on scale.

Corporate owned farms and financial games with commodities and also hybrid seed?  Creates a bastardized economy where you will all be sucking from the same black tit raised on fried chicken after you are born to a woman that had a double mastectomy.  1 in 3 women will get breast cancer today and we know it is caused by alcohol and tobacco!

Alcohol and tobacco being tools of your bastard English Imperialist who colonized the south and formed slavery in the United States.  The trading hub of them being through Dutch West Indies New York.  Hence you have New York Socialites.  What happened after the roaring twenties?  All those New York Socialites gave birth to a new race that would be looked at and mocked by calling them the sons and daughters of He Brews!  You can't tell me that is where the original religion got its name from and why that name was changed to Jewish and at some time in the last three decades the official name was to be Semmite.  I have nothing against a people.  I have a lot against bad leadership who sells out a people!  And why do  you sell out a people?  Because by comparison you see that you are not as good as they or someone else is and you are their leader?  It is a pyschological construct that has never been articulated.  The person who is not of their own soul and hates all their own people because of it because he himself feels like he is or wants to be like someone who does have their own soul!!!  Think about that!

So how was Adolph Hitler created?  All it would take would be for a cadre of Satanic people to be part of his school of thought all his life.  Then what happens?  As part of his mind they reinforce the one or two negative type of experiences he had with a group of people.  How do they do this?  The Communist Russian American Socialite Tesla had marketed the Particle beam in ~1911.  He had contact with England.  What does a satanic member of someone else's school of thought want to believe about themselves?  That they are not really unable to think for themselves.  That they are really the Genius who is unfree of the madness that is created from the likes of themselves.  How do they seek to do this?  It is like that 5417 kid with the high wining voice wanting to kill Merlin.
So you use that particle beam on Adolph Hitler while he is in your Road to Wellview Sanitarium and what happens?  You have created a temporary fugue in him!  You have created a mind wipe.  How?  You have negated the electrical synapses that form the basis of all human thought! Not only that you have made him madder than the bull with its penis tied in a lasso in the gate being shocked with an electric cattle prod.  Now all you have to do is introduce one of those thoughts in his mind about some type of person he might have either had a real conflict with or an unsubstantial one with.  And you have just created, get this, you have just use modern technology to create your modern Jewish Golemn!  You damn well better believe it!!!!!  For the sake of all humanity you damn well better believe it!!!!

Adolph Hitler might not have even known he was a leader of a school of thought.  They might not have had voice attenuated microphone based spook equipment at that time which would have brought the hearing of voices part into it!

So why did he kill himself?  Because he had already killed all those that were a part of him at the control of Nazi Germans!  And when you kill off all those who were a part of yourself you no longer have --what must have been the best part of himself?  A part that he did not even know!  A part that occult Nazi leadership loathed for its beauty!  A QUIET part of him that was the essence of God.

It is like the oriental choking another person unconscious and calling it a martial art Judo.  When they choke that other person they get to believe just for once in a great lie to themselves that they are the dominant thinker.  It is the Sicilian teaching his son to choke his brother.

It is like the mad black woman who posions and zombifies a black man  with pufferfish poison burries him and digs him up.  He can't think anymore and she is happy.

It is like a Republican Party or Satanic teacher who cannot stand it when children of their own good mind and parents are able to learn in our education system!  Think of a mean old nun that would never be compatible with a man and also that being the basis for your Lesbian rights movement!

It is your Eugenics based south that drank whiskey had children dumber than the corn planted in the ground and decided to create the psychiatric movement.  What does the psychiatric movement allow the satanic to do?  It allows them to negate any instance of the meaning of their public school education!  Why? Because they could never learn by trusting and listening to a teacher.  Instead they chose a soul to victimize and listen to!  What better mind to trust than one that has been abused!!! Why?  Because it is always thinking of how to help other people!  It is always thinking about how to make things safe for other people.

So if someone who did not have their own human soul wanted to defeat a Quiet network of human being thinkers what would he do?  He would divide and conquer.

Did Jews ever turn on Jews?  Why do Jews always pray three times a day to go back to Israel?  Because your wealthy Jewish Wine drinking Satanic San Hedrin sided with wine growing Rome and Israel was  conquered. 

The horror of the Roman Empire left pockets of Satanic wealth from Italy to England.  And East through China and Russia. 

I keep making the new point.  We are not genetically different and are 99.99% believed to be the same.  So what makes the Satanic mind different?  If you hit a person on the head with a club their DNA would not change.  If you fed their mother alcohol while she was pregnant or her father alcohol before he conceived her it would indeed be like hitting that baby on the head.  And what do they develop to be?  A Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation!

When the U.S. wanted to conquer the Indians we gave them the same alcohol we give them today!  Pirates on black slave ships feeding blacks Rum.  Pirates giving blacks crack and drugs.  Sophisticated pirates prescribing Voodoo based medicine.  This one came after WWII.

So you had Prohibition and what happened?  A lot of people sobered up and that wasn't good for the Bastardized minds of power who controlled others via the same poison that birthed them.

Well there it is and I know its true!

Was the Vatican II movement part of Axis forces?  Did Socialite elements in the U.S. really inspire the Axis forces?  And round and round the world the War went until it came back to the United States.  Not as smart as you think you are we might say!!!!!

And what is the nature of progress in the world?  It is indeed two steps backward Druidism.  Why?  They loathe the minds of those who can truly and responsibly think and seek all manner of way to defeat them.   More on this and the Free Masons in an article yet to be typed.

It is force that is very hard to stop.  It can only be stopped through education.  And in the History of the United States it is a fight that was only one with mass bloodshed!


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