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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ariel Castro’s Pro Life Baby Factory? 05 11 2013

Ariel Castro’s Pro Life Baby Factory?  05 11 2013

Are we sure those three young girls/women weren’t gotten pregnant every nine months like a it was a baby factory?
So three young women, assuming post puberty, at ~10 years apiece.  Ten years for one women could be as many as 13 babies.  13 babies a piece times 3 equals 39.  39 Babies times $30,000.00 the going rate (assumed the going rate based on outdated knowledge) for a human trafficked baby would get you to $1,170,000.00

So where is the money trail in this case?

That or they were forced into prostitution~ you never walked into a Mexican restaurant and seen the room in the back with the pink fluorescent like peaking out the cracks in the door?
If so they had Vatican II post WWII era and the Catholic branch of the Judea/Christian religion backing them?  It would be wise if we sampled all four of their DNA’s.  Why?  Anyone participating in the adoption of these children will be considered to be just as guilty of the horror as Castro was, just like when you hire someone to murder someone else you are just as guilty if not more than they are?
No Socialite wealth ladder woman wants to admit she is sterile from being a whore.
Ariel Castro looks just like a man I saw out at Holy Hill with young girls who did not look like they were his own.

And say some of those children were a little off, (mentally retarded), the adoptive parent would receive $80,000.00 a head to take care of them from them; a liberal or conservative agenda? So lets run the numbers that way,  $80,000.00 * 39 gets you to $3,120,000.00.  More than a little off meaning they were fed beer in the Baby bottle like a red neck gives his bull dog a sip from his can? 

Let's give that $3.2 million some distance in years.  $3.2 the amount received for taking care of those children for one year times 5 years equals $16 million dollars.  Of course they are all widely dispersed to the suburbs after they were initially "people farmed."

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