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Friday, May 3, 2013

Commentary on Tube Feeding Captives Continues 05 03 2013

Commentary on Tube Feeding Captives Continues 05 03 2013

We need to let all these people go right away!

The construct of putting someone in a Hot Box and Torturing them in this way is against our UNION!

Those who are in our Government who would do this to anyone do not believe in our Constitution and Due Process.

All of our Constitutional rights should extend to all the countries that we trade with and in order for us to trade with them they should follow our Constitution to the T.

Otherwise what happens is that we become the lesser race on the planet!  We get dragged down to standards that Bottlemuts stand around and agree are good for everyone of us.

This command structure needs to be fired and ostracized from this country.

This is an extension of the racist Confederate belief system.  What you are going to learn in the near future is that anyone who does not believe in the United States Constitution and adheres to the protection of it are part of the greatest group of a form of racism that has been hidden from the general public for the history of the world.

Ask yourself what the nature of someone who would put another person in a "Hot Box" would be and what they are doing in our Government today!  I'll give you a hint, "It isn't human nature!"

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