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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Best Investment 05 28 2013

The Best Investment 05 28 2013

So you make $500,000.oo in the stock market? What is the best investment in terms of safety?  The best way that money will never be "hurt"?

Gold can go down for decades.
Utilities can go bankrupt and the fixed income market suffer.
Stocks can go down and bankrupt.
Governments can go bankrupt and treasury notes and the dollar worthless.
(Some Englishman once told me that kids are the worst financial burden ever.)

So what is the best investment?  A home fully paid for!  And with that little extra money the best investment is to make that home energy independent via solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for the home. 

But the motto is if you can do it once you can do it again!  So some money can go back in the stock market.  But if you can take that frosting knife and use it to skim enough money to buy and fully pay for a house powered by solar energy that is energy independent and even might sell electricity to the Utilities that is the best investment.  And it is the best investment for the environment and our future too!

Oh sure some people say that Cadmium in some panels is an environmental nightmare.  But who is to say that at the end of its life cycle it won't be used in a brand new solar panel and not wasted???  I mean do you want to think along with the rest of us or not?

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