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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are Defense Lawyers used to plot and premeditate crimes? 05 09 2013

Are Defense Lawyers used to plot and premeditate crimes? 05 09 2013

Of course they are!  That is what they are good at!  All manners regarding criminal defense!

Has it gotten to the point that crime has become so rampant that our criminal justice cannot handle the overflow?  Yes!

Is there a point in time when the criminal population will exceed that of the good or even the middle class?

Then what do we do?  It is one of those societal forces that cannot teach proactively against!  So does there become a point in time when the death penalty becomes in force?  And what happens when there is no one who can legitimately be the one to say who is good and who is bad because they themselves are bad?  I believe that all sexual molester's of children as specifically defined should be executed.

I believe that man who held two women as prisoners in his basement and both of his brothers should be executed~ like they didn't know.

And you cannot put it into law because as soon as you do you will have some alcoholics dolt son pounding the gavel like it was his 5th Birthday Present!

So where have all the good men gone?  They have all been put on medicine to calm the mind of the beast that shadow learned from them?  So much for the end of slavery and the Confederate force.

Enough is enough!

And who is it that crafted the Derivative financial instruments that almost bankrupted the country into a Greater Depression? Lawyers!

Selling someone an addictive substance is unconstitutional and therefore illegal in the United States because it  is addictive and therefore the person is not at the LIBERTY to stop using it and stop paying you for the use of it!  Liberty is indeed one of your rights in the Constitution of the United States!  And it has been denied to all addicts in the United States!

And who helped orchestrate it's defense?  Your Criminal Defense Attorney!

And most of the population is in a haze of escapism from day to day because of it!

And do you know who pushes that stuff on your good sons?  Those who do not have their own ability for higher thought processes because they were conceived and developed in the womb under the influence of addictive substances that prevented their brains from developing the ability.  So much for the beauty of human life.  They loathe human life!

Is that them speaking in tongues down at the local church late into the night?  What is that that speaks in tongues?  Draw a picture of it in your mind.

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