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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The United States Does not Owe China on Red Lincoln Cent 05 02 2013

The United States Does not Owe China on Red Lincoln Cent 05 02 2013

Money cannot be converted from dollars to communist currency anymore than our Constitution equates to a slave based labor force.

This is going to come to a head at some time and always remember that!

Money cannot be converted from a Democracy based on our Constitution to a Communist Currency it can only be drained from the Democracy along with all the rights and beliefs present in that Democracy.

Communism is essentially a form of managing people that is based on how primates raise their young and there is no comparison from that to what our Democracy as based on our Constitution should be!

So who would want to say that they were equivalent?  Those among us who are not the equivalent of us.  Communism is the Equivalent to the Confederate South and their basis for slave labor.  Communism is the equivalent of widespread drug abuse (both legal and yes prescribed) as a form of escapism from a achievement.

Communism is the Equivalent of Ape ruler-ship, domination and control of human beings.  We have had a form of Communism in the United States since the end of WWII.

We don't owe Communist anything.  But we can indeed ship all those who believe in what they do to them!  Ie your Republican Party.  And if it can be proven that some communist people can indeed think for themselves.  Ie Political dissidents and those censored with the "Centrist" label Schizophrenic~  we will take all those you have to give.  I would rather have someone that can think for themselves as a neighbor than a wandering mal intent dolt, with a brain washed of all human reason by self administered alcohol poison.  There is no escaping from yourself when you never had a self.

Or to put it a different way.  There is no way to escape the horror of yourself when the part you like best about yourself is not part of yourself!

And if there are those who build you up in order to counter those like them who have torn you down it has not been proven to me!

Communism is the stifling and defeat of achievement by those who cannot achieve of those who can.  And this nature has indeed insidiously infiltrated the United States through the advent and popularization of the Corporate structure post WWII. When you have to have 1/3 of your breast removed due to Cancer you can thank that Special INTEREST for it!  When babies will all be born with the Communist ape mind because all women have lost their breast to Cancer you can than your Tea Party for that.  When there is a whole in the Ozone and you are all having skin leisions and should be put in leper colonies you can thank your world corporate oil companies for that.  When you are told bad food is good for you and you get fat and your hips and knees need to be replaced you can thank your Runoff American Farmer for that and your Ivy League Statistical Alchemist.

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