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Friday, May 17, 2013

Why the Chinese Hate MEN 05 07 2013

Why the Chinese Hate MEN 05 07 2013

Why did the Chinese ban the Bible? Because right off the bat it tells us that the "The three wise men of the orient" knew when Jesus Christ would be born. What does that really translate to in terms of meaning? ~ that none of them had their own human soul and only knew because of mental depravity  An analogous explanation of mental depravity being the equivalent of living in a voided wasteland where only one AM radio station to pick up with a weak signal and static in the whole world? According to British slang the India Indian was also called an oriental; even though I never thought of them as being oriental. Any-who  the archetype of that type of "mind" is a miserable one that hates all freedom! The existence or birth of a human being is...They brought incense, Frankincense and Myrrh to his birth? The first two being used at a funeral and the last "they" (this time lead wine drinking Romans  gave to him in a grail when he was on the cross. Lead wine drinkers? Is that to be the new world order? ~ take all the drugs you want and demonize those who abhor them? So your life is screwed up from birth, why take it out on those whose wasn't?  The Bible is describing either an entirely different species or a developmentally compromised race that cannot find its way out of depravity.


The parasitic worm eating and saki drinking Japanese didn't like us either.  ~ part of AXIS forces in WWII.

How was it they were able to convince the American Rabbi (and the American Restaurant that raw fish was not the same as raw pork?????

The FDA regulates restaurants.

Look at all the illnesses in the guy in the picture at the link below and honestly tell me that if you died of one or your health was compromised by one that they wouldn't say you just died of natural causes and their would be no autopsy????

Differential symptoms of parasite

Raw fish should not be allowed to be consumed in the United States!!! Look at the picture !!!  You get any one of those they are going to tell you that you belong in a hospice and will give you morphine injections until you are dead!!

Just think of an irritable Kamikaze Zero with worms in his brain coming down at the U.S!  Do they prepare the fish only raw because they don't have the common sense to use a stove without burning down their house or melting  a Nuclear Reactor into the Sea?  It is like the new generation of U.S. brat; they are too irritable to work, listen or take orders!!!  Just an attack on America!

I don't believe that Raw Fish was always allowed to be served in U.S. restaurants.  But what happens?  Some miserable idiot gets into public office and say's it can't be any worse than I feel already so it is okay to do!

The United States should uphold a better world standard than this!!!

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