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Friday, May 31, 2013

Question of the Day 05 31 2013

Question of the Day 05 31 2013

What is the strep virus content in soil and dry dust blown by the wind from soil?  It has to be high.  If you want to try an experiment leave a glass of water out in an urban setting where there is construction and dust from it.  When you smell the water after about a half day of leaving it outside does it smell like a dogs mouth to you?  And be honest we all know what a dogs mouth smells like by offering it the palm up hand  under its mouth so that we are not bitten.

Another place that you will find it is in carnival and convention settings such as a State Fair, also on airplanes, trains and buses.  With regard to buses I wonder if a grounding strap might help to neutralize it in some way?

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