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Friday, May 24, 2013

"The Day After Roswell" A book review and my history review 05 24 2013 update # 1

"The Day After Roswell"  A book review and my history review 05 24 2013

In this book the author Philip Corso swears on his life that alien’s crash landed and that the United States Government seeded various industries with technology from the crash site like the microchip.

So what is it really about?  When Winston Churchill signaled that allied forces had won WWII he gave the hand symbol of two fingers down.  Everyone interpreted it to mean V for Victory day but that wasn't what that symbol was.  That symbol was the symbol of the Druid Society.  And Winston Churchill was a member of the Druid Society.  What do we know about Druids?  They are said to worship the monkey!!!  Why?  (Far different that worshiping the teaching of Jesus Christ!)  What else do we know about the Druids?  They were the precursors to the English and their base was indeed on the West side (high side) of England.  What did they believe in?  Stabbing someone in the chest out in the woods in order to divine their future and get the mercy of their Gods (Gods really just means people who are Druid like themselves and believe in them in this case~ part of their soul, if you will.)  So indeed as part of that occult practice they were able to see into the future.  That is just what Allister Crowley was said to tell Adolph Hitler about English Bankers.  ~ that they sacrificed human children.  Belief it or not the gestalt of impaling someone in the woods in order to see their future is indeed the same belief system that those who crucified Jesus Christ had. (Read my John 12:24 from a few days ago too.)  Essentially if you read the Gospel of Nicodemus a Gospel that was omitted from the Bible by a group of people who decided what would be best to have in there, you will see that they actually believed that they became Jesus Christ by crucifying him!  (Read my John 12:24 again.)  It needs to be thought of as a way to eliminate someone that did all of your thinking for you up to your adulthood!  Imagine if you were a child (not just children Gods children as defined by the Bible were adults too) and listened to the thinking of someone else (Definition of Satanic) you might get sick at some point in your life because you realize that you are living a lie!  You are trying to live someone else’s life than face the reality of your own.

So what else do we know about the druid symbol? It has the exact same gestalt as the Free Masons symbol.  Basically two legs down!  And we don’t really know what they believe in because they are secret societies.  In order to be a Free Mason you have to love children though!  It should have meant that you would love to see that children have a future on earth and the human race does to, but someone that love of children belief transitioned into meaning that we all (Free Masons?) digress to immaturity, just like children?

So WWII is over and what happens?  Roswell was a cover up for a new type of Government and people.  Those inventions were not seeded by an alien race they were seeded by Druids who sexually molested and tortured boys in the United States.  And indeed the CIA is said to have done horrible things like this.  The CIA was formed in 1947.  What else was going on at that time?  WWII.  So what does Central Intelligence Agency really mean and do?  They don’t stop eleven million illegal immigrants from entering the country.  Ask yourself how many pies would have to fall off of a conveyor belt before Lucy would get fired?  It would not be 11 million!

So what is the real function of the CIA?  To shut up and kill everyone that writes like I do?

What was the United States Government learning from Nazi Germany, Eugenics and WWII?  They learned of the Druid occult!  And the Central Intelligence Agency would thereby be where they would gather information from the future lives of those who were abused in the United States?

And what happened to all the Americans in America who were members of the Nazi party and dressed in Nazi uniforms?  And who sold out the Jews in Germany?

And one more point.  So you think that Socialism or a feudal society is the way to go?  What happens in those lesser Government societies?  Everyone does as they please until they degrade to torture and human rights abuse.  Then what happens?  You get someone so pissed off that they come in and wipe out great populations of people in an effort to unify a country!  It is like someone finally has the will to do something about evil people when they see someone being tortured???  That is the breaking point whereby the true human being has had enough!  And didn't Jesus Christ have a lot to say about Crucifixion?  He martyred himself to stop it!  And haven’t the Jews always bragged how they do not believe in Jesus Christ?  Very simply the Nazis chose block captains to organize the evictions.  It sounds a lot like Milwaukee Police wanted to entrust confidence in a few chosen youth from a community to me! 

And who is it that hides behind Children like Adolph Hitler did?  And what were his genes?  Are you trying to tell me that not a hair on his head can be found anywhere?

So where did all the Nazi War machines come from? Druid’s Occult German Nazi’s torturing the future out of German Jews souls!

Concurrent events in the timeline of world history with this instance:

1. End of WWII. 
2. Indoctrination of psychiatry in the U.S.  Sigmund Freud a drug user said that he had a lot more writings to tell of before he himself was killed.  The Ego is separate from the Id?  Well if you are of Satanic mind that is a sum certain isn't it!  It is how they are defined.  Very cryptic language from ole Sigmund!
3.Vatican II- Changes to reflect a changing world?  What followed next molesting of boys.  That was a Polish Pope somewhere before John Paul.  What did Hitler accuse the Polish of? Emasculating human males!  It was part of his propaganda.
4. Mass granting of corporate status. (Miniature Druid Monarchies.)
5. Warren Buffet and casualty insurance.
6. Immigration law slacked.  We used to not what anyone who was an anarchist.  An anarchist can be defined from word origin to mean someone that does not believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  But today if you belief in Jesus Christ and therefore live your life like Jesus Christ you can be labeled mentally ill and zombie medicated by German Pharma legalese document.  That is a big switch from the principles of freedom and equality that the United States was founded upon!!!!  It is the exact opposite!  And remember the U.S. was founded by citizens who fled from the Druid Nation of England much like the Jews are said to have fled from Egypt!
7. Tesla and Particle beam weapon.  This is a weapon that he marketed in Europe through England to the United States that formed the basis of blanking out a persons mind and controlling them.  Remember per the Bible Satan has no soul of its own and can read men’s minds.  Blank out a person’s mind with a microwave weapon and then reinforce concurrent thoughts you have from your memory of their imagination on paths that lead to their ruin or worse.  Think of it as having that shadow person on your shoulder or like that character Tattoo in the James Bond movie who declares as soon as he dies “All this be mine!”  And that is indeed a Catholic belief too!  We will live the life he led for us!  Baloney it means that you will profit from him laying all the ground work for great success after you have him killed.  And they did have him killed.  “We want him killed but we don’t want his blood on our hands,” said the wealthy Jews of the San Hedrin.  In the U.S. we straightened that out rather quickly, “If you pay to have someone murdered you are just as guilty as if you murdered them yourself.)
8. Socialite offspring being satanic minded via alcohol.
9. Psychiatry.  What is the objective of Psychiatric medicine?  They all have one thing in common!  They negate the individual’s ability to use their own higher developed brain capacity and capacity for higher reasoning and thought.  If you ever wanted to take the world to hell in a hand basket you couldn't do so any faster than if you presumed yourself to have the ability of higher thought capacity that really belonged to someone else.  Sure if you are Satanic it would make you the happiest person in the world to be able to hear your own thinking and therefore believe in yourself.  But the reality is that they cannot because they are bound to the thinking of those who are demonized for their own benefit.  And everyone always figures it out.  Jesus said Yeah shall know them by their fruits! He is saying that those called duplicitous in the Bible are living your future and their accomplishments are really your fruits.  They are no less than anarchists.  And what happens when someone cannot ignore the reality that someone else is profiting from their fruits?  They usually go haywire and start killing people!
10.  So the United States has been populated by Druids who cannot keep up with good sons of teachers.  What did we give to those son’s so that they could believe that they could indeed think as fast as the rest of us?  Ritalin.  It too was a Nazi German drug.  And something like 80 tons of it are sold a year.  Indeed it is the exact same thing that they gave Adolph Hitler so that he could have the Energy to keep up his war schedule.  He ended up committing suicide!  But when I look at Adam Lanza picture I can’t help but think that he must have been on Ritalin.  Should all kids who have been on Ritalin not be able to have a gun?  I am leaning toward that belief.  But wait there was that Italian High School History teacher who was so mean to me that I almost flunked the course.  (Can you see that I have a great problem with world history as fabricated and presented?)  I myself might have needed Ritalin.  But another thing.  What makes a kid normal.  Is the bar raised so high because we don’t compare to China?  That American kids could not keep up and were given the Nazi drug Ritalin?  Can’t compete with Chinese who stole all of their technology from us?  You have to be kidding me!!!!  So what is going on with these standards?  I will tell you what it might be.  Those satanic in the community want your kid to fail so they can sit back with their satanic ears and listen to that child think of all the good ideas for them to profit from!  Do you want to know something else?  Every child that is picked on in school does indeed do the thinking of the satanic that picked on him/her!  Secrets can’t be kept forever.  So indeed the Druid dependents of that kid grow every time they are pissed off another Druid idiot is added to their soul!  The modus operand is just as described in the book of Matthew “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell his friend.”  How else do they add satanic to the ranks of the persons soul?  They parade hot women in front of them.  What is the goal?  To get the person whose soul they have stolen to masturbate!  The Satanic soak up that human soul jacked off like a cat licks milk from the bowel and then also eats the bowel!!!!  Don’t masturbate and you will see that they become pale like death revenants.  Not only that they will revert to the intelligence and maturity of spoiled evil children!  That is their life and profit blood!
12. Do Catholic Nuns comprise an army of Satan?  I have no doubt that this is true.  Read my most prominent memory of Catholic Grade School.  It is published in my selected writings blog!  But also if you are of the archetype that I am speaking of and you go to Catholic Church on Sunday and see a nun who can’t shut up and is cursing and muttering as she sits right behind you, you too will have no doubt who is part of the voices that schizophrenics hear!  Do nuns know how to keep to schedules so that when one wears out another starts in?  You bet they do!  Keep them up too!  So how do the satanic hide the fact that they have stolen someone’s soul and created a schizophrenic?  They all gravitate to “listen to the mind of one person” That way they can take a vacation from molesting children and being found out for what they are.  So that means that they must all gravitate towards the smartest mind that they can find.  The better you are at arguing the more likely you are a target~ and that was indeed Jesus Christ!  (It is also me.)

13. So does the CIA distribute technology from the souls that it has demonized to miniature druid monarchies also known as corporations?  They are not watching the border are they?  They didn't prevent any hatred to the U.S. did they?  Apparently they were not that intelligent.  They aren't as smart as they seem to be!  Who knew?

What is my point?  Rather than the technology coming from Aliens crash landed in Roswell the more likely scenario is that it is stole by Druids who molest and satanically kill people to divine the future from their human being souls.

One more point.  Just this past week we saw a two mile wide tornadoes pass through the United States.  Do you know that is all that goes on on uninhabitable planets?  ~Tornadoes everywhere stirring everything up to sand and dust. 

Have you ever played Poker and known when it is time to Fold!  Fold!

And what does Barrack Obama say while he cries Extremist Extremist Extremist?  We will isolate the home grown Extremists????  He say’s out the tobacco tar stained corner of his mouth, ~ “The evidence we obtained from the Guantanamo Bay prisoners isn’t admissible in court in order to convict them!”  We can’t convict them because we tortured them!  We can’t convict them because we got the information to convict them by torturing them and therefore it isn’t admissible in court!  And he will isolate the extremists, he will isolate the extremists.  Why don’t you tell the world who you are and resign!  And get a bunch of other’s just like you to fess up also!  That would be the greatest thing that a President of the United States has ever done!

Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world and it is perpetrated by those who loathed Jesus Christ in the Bible.

Barrack that freedom of Journalism that you mentioned to support is an American right for a very good reason.  And that reason is the same reason that we have the right to bear arms.

What really is the definition of an Extremist?  It would have to be someone that resorts to torture as a function of Government.  I would not isolate Extremists as Barrack suggests.  Torture is a crime against humanity anywhere else in the world and punishable by death.  Barrack please tell the world that you did not authorize torture?  You didn't did you?  Because they said that you did!  Barrack you yourself are not an extremist the needs to be isolated, per your own doctrine, are you?

I can handle a drone attack if I went to a foreign country, after all I am attacked by drones every day!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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