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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Alcohol and Tobacco are Unconstitutional 05 05 2013

Why Alcohol and Tobacco are Unconstitutional 05 05 2013

1.  You are Guaranteed the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness per the United States Constitution.  (We only need to use Liberty in this proof.)

2.  Alcohol and Tobacco and many other drugs are addictive.

3.  When you take something that is addictive you are not at liberty to stop taking them because they are addictive.  ( We did not have the terms or scientific understanding or the motive to take action in the course of history regarding this.  But not only that your drug abusing public does not understand any of this because they are in a constant state of hangover! So we know a lot today that we didn't before.  Just like we know the earth is round and not flat!

4.  Alcohol and tobacco are addictive substances that are harmful to your health.  And contribute to every major illness and disease that there is!  (Okay so I added that your right to life is compromised too.  Just more proof on my  part.)

5.  If you are sold something addictive, you are not at the Liberty to stop taking it because that is the nature of an addiction.  Hence your Constitutional right with regard to Liberty has been taken from you!

It is just that simple!!!  So very very simple!!  Are there people who don't want to admit it?

It is very hard to prove something to someone who knows you are right and will deny that you are to the point whereby they pretend and get everyone to believe that you have not proven anything!

You would think that I proved it right there and it would therefore be a done deal?  What am I getting at?  It should matter that I am right but it doesn't!  The truth should matter but it doesn't.  What gives someone the right or even better what human being would deny something like this?  It is inconceivable to me!

Clean it up!  Clean it up!  It needs to be cleaned up!  I say to myself.


My next article will be how the Druids and Free masons worship monkeys (because they are monkeys) and monkeys don't like water and that is why all of ours is dirty in the United States.

Druids worship monkey and that two finger down symbol looks and awful lot like the legs of  a compass the Free Masons have.  A Free Mason once made the statement to me about how some people look like they were cut from a mold.  Don't try and break that mold!  That mold has a life of its own and rights in the United States.   The only reason they are cut from a mold is because there was not enough clay from their own parents?  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the World!  So who would do this?  Those who live as if they were cut from a mold rather than part of a family of a biological mother and father?

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