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Monday, May 6, 2013

Conservation of Year Old Gasoline 05 06 2013

Conservation of Year Old Gasoline 05 06 2013

Instead of setting our snow blowers in the front yard and running them dry when Spring Comes or our Lawn Mowers when Winter comes, or dumping the year old gas from boat motors at the hazardous waste facility we ought to be able to take that year old or less than year old gas to a town gasoline generator tied directly into the electric grid!

Instead of the energy from it being wasted and the pollution created without energy benefit the Gas could be used to power a gasoline motor tied to an electric generator!  This would be hooked up to the community electric grid.

Village residents could come to the station facility and loan out a siphoning gas tank to bring right back with the old gas in it!

And there does indeed come a certain time in spring and winter while the gas is still good but you know you are not going to use it anymore before it will indeed go bad.  However you would not want to put it in your car because it is not of that grade anymore.

And indeed there might be some test to see if it can be combustible or not.  Octane could be boosted with an additive or indeed a different type of motor could be powered with whatever old gas there is.  After all cars are powered with Vegetable Oil and Wine!!!!!

And the operator might need to have a little sophistication or none depending on the parameters of the device.

There may indeed be a business opportunity for a local manufacturer for a general duty electric generator? (GDEG)

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PS. If you have to drive 10 miles to the hazmat facility it is best to put a trailer platform type hitch into your trailer hitch and strap the gas cans, extremely secured, to that. They are called "Cargo Carrier"

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