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Monday, May 27, 2013

The War in Chicago 05 27 2013 Commentary on the CBS program on 48 hrs of that title

The War in Chicago 05 27 2013 Commentary on the CBS program on 48 hrs of that title

The War in Chicago 05 27 2013
This one isn’t too hard to figure out.  You put the posters of images of everyone who is videotaped selling drugs up.  Warrant Dead or Alive.  Reward  $1000.00 or whatever the amount is appropriate.  You will never clean up a community quicker than that.
Do you think that I am being extreme?  That is just what they did when they had problems in the Old West.  And what was the cause of those problems?  Alcohol.
Someone asks if you want to buy drugs and you say “You are arrested,” if they resist you have an implied warrant to bring them in dead or alive?
Per the simple wording that we are guaranteed Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in our Constitution it means that you can neither sell someone an addictive substance nor give it to them with the intent it be sold to them.  Why because you are guaranteed the right to Liberty and when you are sold or given a addictive substance you are not at Liberty to stop using it because you are addicted to it.  You most likely are going to die as a result of that addiction!  So your Constitutional right to Liberty has also been violated.  And because the basis of law can be denied by whoever is in power that is why they also gave us the Right to keep and bear arms in the United States.  For the sole and express purpose so that the likes of Lead Wine and therefore mentally retarded Romans never came into power in the United States and create a horror like we are seeing in Chicago.
Do I even have to start to prove how your pursuit of happiness is taken from you when you are given an addictive substance?
How many Americans belief if the Police won’t do anything when you son or valedictorian daughter is murdered that they can also look the other way when the drug dealer is murdered?   In order for it to get the way it is today a little of vice versa has had to take place hasn’t it?
Sure we went through Prohibition and everyone said it failed.  One of the main arguments for it was that it weakened the labor force by workplace accidents.  History has proven the Prohibitionists right.  One of the exemptions for alcohol during the period of Prohibition was that if you had a Doctor’s Prescription for alcohol you could have it.  Let’s be real honest with Judicial Precedent- how many Prescriptions are made for Alcohol today?  There is not special formula they sell behind the Prescription counter is there.  You could not possess alcohol but you could consume it.  You could not make or sell it either.  And all of the states in the United States had a period of seven years to think it over.  48 of them ratified it after 7 years.
How did we see Marijuana makes its headway into the United States?  It was that some Doctor hippies said you could have it if you have a prescription too.  Can there really be any legitimate reason why Heroin, Meth or any of these drugs should be present in any form in the United States.  In other words we don’t prescribe them in order to curb an addiction to them.  If someone knew they weren’t going to get any more and that it would indeed kill them to take it that would be a very effective deterrent; and also a deterrent from giving it to your children.
In this instance the ones who give it to others are likely to die anyway from an overdose themselves.  So doesn’t it make sense to break the chain before they add more victims?
We are able to describe things a lot more intelligently with analysis and terminology than what is written in the 18th amendment that was the start of Prohibition.  And it only works if you declare it a War on Drugs and a War does indeed mean enemies of the nation and death to them!
I say put those wanted dead or alive posters up with bounties of every gang member in Chicago and the whole of the United States!!!!  Gangs sell drugs that is there source of income if just one case has been proven.
Why do you think the founding fathers used the term right to “Bear” arms.  It is very literal isn’t it.  As in when that human thing about the equivalent of a Bear is coming for you! Doesn’t that look like what is going on in Chicago.  Who knows some future President might even pardon you for killing a Bear in self defense.  Of course you kill a bear in self defense.  You can kill damn near anything in self defense of your own life.  Which brings up the Constitution again, are they not really defining your American life to be equal to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Your rights are defined by what they thought you should be.  Something can be defined by what rights it should have; interesting concept.

Notes on what I watched and then more condense commentary below them:
Jack Riley shootings carried out by areas roughly 70,000 gang members and that is drugs.
Anyone who takes drugs would not want to do so if they saw that young girl who was killed.
Heroin brought into Chicago by Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel
Wakin Cartagoozma.  Targeting Chicago specifically!
Chappa Goozman.

A warrant for death!
The people are demanding a safer place to live!! And raise their kids.
Plainview Illinois
Gary Indiana
Heroin making its way out of the inner city.
Workers are naked to keep from stealing it.
It goes to the suburbs.
The Heroin Highway!  They take 290 to get into the west side of the city to purchase herion.
Good student, avid photographer.  You live to get high.  Sitting in the family room with her boyfriend and he encouraged her t o smoke heroin.  Cheaper than a six pack of beer and all your problems are gone.
The boy who got her started died of an overdose.  (how?)
Heroin overdoses an epidemic.
Nate was a dealer who drove the heroin highway.
The West side of Chicago?  They are satanic in Chicago and have been since well before 1991! 
Paula got kicked out of the house, tough love.
Paula was alive but in a few months was homeless. She sold her father’s wedding ring.
Can she stay clean?
The Heroin the crave is just down the road.
A drug dealer said the he would shoot him and then the black man knew it was time to do something.
Wheaton, witchcraft.  They don’t want to listen to that smart thinking and they want to dope that mind.
The Gangster Disciples is Chicago’s largest gang.
(Common thing to hear gun shots.)
They deal heroin from crack from 24 hours a day.
Islam to protect all institutions of God.
David Mohamed armed himself.  He videotaped the drug sales.  She takes a cab to get the drugs.
75 people came to that door a day.  Black white Latino, housewives, businessmen, etc.
The people come back every day.  Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
I think if you see a drug deal that you should be able to kill that person! 
David Mohamed stopped the dealing on Kilbourn and.
David Mohamed should be the next mayor of Chicago.  He knows all anyone would ever need to know to be the mayor of Chicago already, if not the Governor of Illinois!!!!!
Prescription drug granting is one of the reasons that Prohibition was defeated!
I worked on the 96th floor of that building in Chicago, then the Sears Tower.
She was sweet, peacemaker.
The happy person!
They eliminate all hope of making something out of their lives.
Those good kids that don’t take drugs should be allowed to have handguns and use them!  They know who the drug dealers are and it would not bother me if they offed them!
That is a crime against humanity punishable by death anywhere in the world.
Gary McCarthy
The woman at the Presidents inauguration.
The other Police Department solved only 26% of the homicides in 2012.
No arrests?  Why does one case get more attention than the other.  Shortly after she was killed a detective stopped by.  She called and he was on Vacation?  In two months.
You ask to look at that gun and you get shot.
She believes the thing is better than the Police.
McCarthy?  I don’t like that name!!!
Pendelton case?  Good detective work that solved the Pendelton case and not 200 detectives on the streets.
Most homicides are gang related.
Charted out territories that they called their own.  And every member they are incorporated with.
Okay you either kill the gang members or they kill your good children!
Extra police costing the city millions.  Can they afford to keep up the fight?  Do you know how much money changes hands in that Financial District and how it isn’t earned?
Hidea Pendleton.
400 police on the streets.  A million dollars a week in police overtime.
How does Emanuel plan to maintain the police bill.
Rahm Emmanuel?
Funds for the search could run out as early as July.
The DEA and its strike force.
Joaguin ……    ……
Jack Riley I like him!!!
She disappeared less than 3 weeks after she entered the halfway house.  Paula back in jail for shop lifting but alive.
Hidea Pendleton
Damon Steward, she was his God Child he was or is a Chicago Police Officer.
The parents ask themselves “WHY MINE?”  Barrack knows why!
They will drug your food to make you unhappy and more susceptible to drug use!
Now you aren’t going to like me for this one at all but I believe a mentally retarded person that sells drugs to others should get the death penalty for it!  Mental retardation evidenced by a diagnoses of attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.  So if you are either of those and you sell drugs you should get the death penalty; in my humble opinion!  What happened in Rome?  They drank Leaded wine a known cause of mental retardation and they indeed granted themselves the government right to be the most mean horrific people in the history of the world.  So that is why there needs to be a very sobering message with regard to this type of activity.  It took hundreds of years to dissolve that ruler ship and the free and good people to be free. I have noticed that the mentally retarded are both mean and strong.

Of course this is all just my opinion and who am I?  I graduated from college and went to work in Chicago as a Equity Research analyst for First Analysis then on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower.  I believe that the voices that I heard and drove me from my mind did so for Financial reasons.  I did not sleep for a year when I was there.
So why were those model citizens killed?  Those daughters who were the pride of their parents for honest achievement, why were they shot?  Because they represented a threat to the drug trade.  The drug dealers wanted to eliminate any hope they had of being able to achieve to be successful.  But it is deeper than that.  The beast that is among us is inherently jealous of the mind of human beings that can think for themselves.  It is as if they have the directive to kill and destroy all minds that can think for themselve’s!  Why?  Because they are so tuned into the mind of another person throughout their childhood that they cannot cope with the reality of hearing a person any person think for themselve’s.  There can be no greater jealousy than when the person who is a source of your thinking (for some reason you listened to the thoughts of others Wolf Messing of Nazi Germany admitted he could no less) does well and makes it good.  And can a person have autism with the key feature being verbal ability?  Oddly enough I believe that is true.  The Romans had to be mentally retarded because they drank lead wine and yet somehow they had the verbal skill (combined with horror) to tell other people what to do.  It doesn’t add up until you read the Bible and what Jesus said about Satan.  (and it must be a horror to be that way but the blame does not rest of the rest of us, those whose daughters posted anti drug videos.  That is a Saint in my mind.
I remember good ole Rocco Spinelli telling me that we would not turn into the Wild Wild West if Gambling and the Italian Community center were allowed in Milwaukee before he made me sign the petition as a matter of employment to allow the Italian Community center in Milwaukee.  Rocco was wrong and Chicago looks like the wild west to me, let’s hope that it doesn’t spread to Milwaukee or rather that it is contained in Milwaukee too!  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.
So you are a good person and would not ever consider killing someone in self defense?  Would you not kill someone to get them off your wife?  A good corollary to remember from our Constitution might be, “If it seems like a ‘Bear’ and it is coming to take your life, shoot it?”
Thomas Paul Murphy
Names spelled phonetically.

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