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Monday, May 6, 2013

Very Few Sun Blocks, Screens or Shields for your hair on the market!!!! 05 06 2013

Very Few Sun Blocks, Screens or Shields for your hair on the market!!!!

Warmer weather is coming and that means we will be outside more.

I have to wonder if some of our hair would grey at all if it were not from ultraviolet exposure to the sun!  Not only that but we often cut our hair very short in the summer because it is cooler on our heads but what does that do?  ~ It exposes our scalp and hair roots to more ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

When I think of heat stroke in the summer time I have to wonder how much of it could be prevented or lessened if someone wore a sunblock for the hair.

Some of the sunblocks that there are for the hair are indeed alcohol based and give me a headache.  Some do indeed come in such small bottles and are so expensive that I am reluctant to  buy and use them.

I can walk down the isles of a grocery store or large department store and see over 15 isles of health care products~ most creams and gels.  But again, there are very very few if any that have a sunblock in them for your hair!!!!  Why is that?  Why is that? Why is that?

An analogy that I could make to heat stroke might be that light travels out the end of a fiber optic tube in the same way it travels to the roots of your hair?  It is not a valid analogy but it is a good way to think about it.

As human beings our heads are supposed to be the most important parts of our bodies so why is there very little if any protection for your hair?  My hair tends to dry out rather quickly!  And I believe that can lead to heat stroke quicker to~ if you have that symptom!

Last summer I used a $1 can of coconut milk I kept in the fridge and a quart of edible grade aloe vera Gel from the health food store to keep my hair cool.  But even that wears out quickly when I gob it in.  I don't like the chemicals that give these products body and holding power either!  They were only thought of in terms of a use purpose and not a holistic part of the nature of your health and key for that issue health purpose!

So basically I want to see a big bottle of natural goo I can keep in the refrigerator that will not go bad like the coconut milk.

Those other chemical ingredients make my head itch! And that is worse!

And if you indeed put coconut milk and aloe vera gel in your hair in the summer you will realize that it is one of the most refreshing feelings you will ever have!!!

But why can't they formulate the skin product so that it is dual nature skin and hair!!!!  That is the one I want to buy the one that say's skin and hair sun block with natural ingredients.  (Do not eat but keep in the fridge if have to have on the label, even though it it was eaten you wouldn't get sick from it?)

Well that is how it should be made but for all our modern science and highly paid guy's in white lab coats it has not been done!!!!  Must be impossible to be done and make it affordable!  That company would go out of business?  There is a novel idea the company that can never go out of business?  It was supposed to be our country based on our Constitution but it has come awful close to going bust.  I am not going to make accusations here.

I can't not give the pharmaceutical companies and all of the worlds chemists any credit what so ever if they can't figure this one out.

It can be thought of as even a blast furnace needs a sacrificial layer that is to be replaced often in order for it to stay functional and operational?

For all the products that line those store shelves there is one missing!!!!

Stay cool!

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