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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bill Would Empower States Bar Owners 05 01 2013

Bill Would Empower States Bar Owners 05 01 2013
My commentary of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinels article of that title.

The main point here that is being neglected from this article is how come the Milwaukee Police Department could spot the fake I.D. whereas the Bar Owners and bouncers couldn’t?

Who are you kidding?  Bars are in business to sell more alcohol. What this does is creates a network whereby the one who told on the others gets the crap beaten out of him.

You act like bouncers are auditors at CPA firms and that they were fooled?  How dumb do you think the Milwaukee Public really is?  Bouncers often sell drugs, beat up people and incite fights.  They are not collegiate material.  Most of them are sports flunkies after high school who resent the college bound student.   If every bouncer does not have a criminal record already most should!  That is the test that has been missed here!  You could bend over backwards and make a security check point where by the customer has to put a bar code id into a screen to get in but it would make no difference you still have that bouncer filth at the front door!  Let’s be clear you would not even pay filth like this to wash your car because you wouldn’t want them around!

And look at how we are bending over backwards so that the tavern owner does not lose their liquor license.  That would be the best thing in the world to ever happen!!!  And if you lose it in one city you lose it nationwide!  And if you cannot responsibly sell alcohol how can you responsibly drink it?  No you can’t so you should lose your right to drink alcohol too!  Face it if you can lose your right to drive why can’t you lose your right to drink alcohol.  Selling someone an addictive substance that is harmful to their health is a violation of their Guarantied Constitutional rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!  We know that Alcohol has been linked to breast cancer and one in three women will get breast cancer today- violation of Life.  Liberty- it is addictive and therefore you are not at liberty to stop!  Pursuit of happiness- it is a known depressant, so it is the opposite of happiness.

Satanic construct is involved.  Those who cannot get in end up delaying their use and or experimentation with alcohol  to later years in college when they need to study harder.  Oh let’s try and be metaphorical here- that is when the shadow thinkers come out with the long knives to claim your degree and take the harvest from your crops.

Why give a bouncer a new source of cash wad?  They are under their own set of primitive based rules.

I am not even a drinker.

Anyone who thinks that Milwaukee Bar’s help our economy in any single way needs to sober up! And what is the tavern industry?  Was it really a way to defeat the labor force from advancing in class?  Was it a crutch that prevented their children from becoming educated?  If that alcohol makes you wake up sleepy eyed in the morning what does it do to your sperm and resultant offspring- they are called shadow people.

That one person who has the courage to tell on the others is going to become scared out of their witts and shadow.  And you know what else will happen?  It creates a psychological principle of control between him and the low life bouncer the next time.  We just don’t need them in our economy.  You wouldn’t want one living next door to you either.

A bar being allowed to sue its customers?  Doesn’t that really tell you that the bar wasn’t responsible enough to sell alcohol in the first place.  I believe that once a person loses his license to sell alcohol that it should be for lifetime.  Not only that I believe that alcohol should be denied from ever being sold on that premise again for the future history of the earth.

To be fair I went to college and drank at bars.  I enjoyed it.  In retrospect it was all the sons and daughters of Judas filth.  How many of you feel the same way?

Does a bouncer even have the respect for others to do manual labor without causing trouble?  And there went our manufacturing sector in the United States.

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