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Sunday, May 19, 2013

An Eye for an Eye 05 19 2013

An Eye for an Eye 05 19 2013

So the Romans were fond of drinking wine laced with the heavy metal LEAD that they put in it.  What does that result in?  Mental retardation.  The Roman Empire was not Holy at all in fact it was the most horrific empire in world history to date!!! 

So a Roman drinks leaded wine and becomes not only mentally retarded himself but his children become mentally retarded from it.  What is the next course of history?    A mentally retarded person doesn’t have the capacity for human reason.  So what do they do?  They have to blame someone else for their own condition.  And who was that someone?  It was that Jesus Christ who believed in peace and preached words of peace.

What are we seeing today?  Just for a minute suspend your belief in fantasy and believe what the good lord of the Bible told us.  He told us about Satan that did not have his/their own human souls.  Who does that have to be?  It has to be a Roman who drank LEADED wine and became mentally retarded from it.

The Romans should have never been allowed to have weapons!

They don’t call it mental retardation anymore they call it all autism.  Ask yourself what a modern horror could be created if someone had Autism where the key skill was indeed verbal ability.  That is all that they could do is talk.  They might not even be able to read.  Ask them to try to, if you don’t believe me.

There is a great difference between mental illness and mental retardation.  The latter causes the former because it was never one of us.  The mentally ill person likely had a great many skills in his life before he became or was mislabeled as being mentally ill.  The mentally retarded person will never likely have those true skills no matter how much it wants to believe it does.  You could put two of them together in the same room and they would both think that they are the same other person and have been that person all their lives and they would not be able to agree on what to do next.  Why?  Because they have been taught a false belief system!

Have you ever been near a mentally retarded person?  What I found out as a boy is that they are very mean!  I mean like they want to bite your ear off and try to!  I am not lying.  What does it have to do with?  They were never able to develop the capacity for independent higher reasoning and higher thinking.  Do you know what that capacity is based on?  It only develops through personal experience and accepting of your own life.  ( I could tell you to read my article on Sampson at the Milwaukee County Zoo.)

So who were the Romans?  They could only be one thing!  Mentally retarded people who had weapons and liked to use them on humans.

So should someone with Autism ever be allowed to have a weapon or gun? 

Forensic Reconstruction of what happened at the time of Jesus Christ.

There was no Catholic Church at the time of Jesus Christ.  The real followers of Jesus Christ at that time were common Jews who believed in Jesus Christ.  So you don’t fear China today?  Paul who was really Saul from the orient was part of the invasion force that killed and murdered all the followers of Jesus Christ.  And here is the good part.  Are we to believe that Paul killed them all and then headed out of town back to the orient only to have a revelation that he should have believed in Jesus Christ and that is what motivated him to be the greatest proponent of Christianity?  You have to be kidding me!  That is not what happened.  Here is what happened Paul was on his way out of town and thought it would make a great business opportunity if he devised a Church based on Jesus Christ.  Remember there weren’t supposed to be any true followers of Jesus Christ left Paul the Asian Saul is said to have killed them all. 

So how many of them were there? How many Jews were followers of Jesus Christ?  Jesus said that he could have 80,000 men at his command if he wanted to.  So Paul knew that if he had not killed 80,000 that there were truly more followers.  And hence he also knew that there was a business opportunity.  And what did the Romans do to those remaining followers?  They killed tortured and killed them at will.  They set them on fire.  The tied raw animal hides to them and sent dogs to chase them to death.

‘How do we know that Jesus Christ was telling the truth when he referred to having 80,000 who were at his command?  Because he is the God of our Bible.  He never sinned!  He never sinned!  That means that he never lied!  That means that he also never fabricated a lie in the form of a delusion of himself either!     What are most people’s lies?  They are self-delusions~ meaning lies that they have told themselves about themselves that they want other people to believe.  What is it really?  It is a form of escapisms from oneself.  Much like one drinks alcohol or lead wine as it were back then.  Today there is a whole array of escapisms that they have at their self-disposal!  Remember Jesus Christ never sinned, that means he never lied.  When do people lie to themselves?  When their self-reality is to horrific, when they know that they are wrong, when they are lead wine head strong!!!!  None of what we read from the writings or teachings of Jesus Christ fit that pattern at all!!!  Oddly enough today if you are said to believe in Jesus Christ you can be diagnosed with mental illness!  Isn’t that funny you grow up believing in those good teachings all your life and then wham bang the Black Jack table turns on you!!! 

See if you try and make the argument that Jesus was delusional just for the sake of argument you bring down the whole church.  Or could you say that the Romans could make anyone delusional?  So indeed you have proved that delusions are created by mentally retarded lead wine drinkers and their offspring?  But you cannot bring down the beliefs in Jesus Christ.  Why not?  Because just like a man they stand on their own!  They stand the test of human reason.  They stand the test of humanity.  So to degrade the beliefs of Jesus Christ you indeed…well maybe you become like Paul on his way home to the Orient?  Or was Paul indeed confronted by Roman soldiers on his way out of Israel and feared for his own life and therefore cooked up the belief in Jesus Christ.

But what was it really.  Holy Shit!  It was you drink this God damned lead wine or else wasn’t it!  And you put the damned money in the hat for it too!  Or you are not one of us?  Was that really what Paul preached?  Can you imagine a fucking Roman telling you that you had to drink LEADED WINE!  Is that not a direct analogy to an American Judge telling you that you have to take antipsychotic medicine?  You bet it is.  What is it really?   It is a mentally retarded person looking at you and saying that you are not allowed to be smarter than me!  Is that not the equivalent behavior of every bully in every school in the United States?  Have I not just defined them?  Will I ever go back on that definition?  NO!

And what is the nature of the Bully?  It likes to wait for you at the end of the block on the way home from school so that you believe in fear that it knows more than you do?  It got their first?  It is smarter faster than you?  The lady doth try to prove herself too much?  It wants you to believe that it is smarter than you.  Why? Because just the opposite is true.   What is the reality of the bully that waits for you on the corner?  It has a psychotic fixation on you and your mind at a very young age.  To the normal person it is incomprehensible to have such a fixation on a good person that does not bully others.  Right?  We don’t say to ourselves there is a very good person let’s screw it up and fixate on it.  So indeed we have a great unrecognized problem in our society, in the United States, that has never been adequately addressed.  Why not?  Because these sick animal minded kids only get referred to adults that are of the exact same mental construct.  Why?  No one else who care to frustrate themselves by dealing with them.  But that adult is a coward to deal with them too.  And not only that he never confronted the issue of developing an independent thinking self.  So that child of the bully mind is mentored by an adult who has the same type of mind.  How does it happen that way?  The adult, most likely a parent, projects its own self-pity and helplessness on the child.

Is the capacity absent because of a developmental brain defect?  Or is the person indeed reluctant or unconfident to be all that they can be and instead only want to be all that someone else already is?

How can you prove to me that you are not an autistic person that has the one key skill of strong verbal ability? 

Let me ask you this, look at an autistic person and ask yourself what the chances are of their child being normal if they were allowed to have one?  First of all for some reason they can’t even care for themselves so why would you ever think that they too should have children??  But let’s just say that the community in some form would be able to care for a child of theirs.  What are the odds that child would be normal.  Point in fact!!!~ There has never ever been a study that demonstrates that they child of a mentally retarded pair of people won’t also be mentally retarded.  First of all you have to assume that someone that can’t take care of themselves also cannot take care of a child of their own.  I could get into drawing a corollary between primate psychology and children raised in groups.  Or actually quote that impetus for Nazi Germany “He who has no children raises many.”  Sounds like a frustrated old b1tch to me.  Frustration being a sign of mental incapacity?


So you piss me off and I think of what I am going to say to you after I have overcome the absurdity of your insult.  And what is the nature of the satanic mind?  It listens to that piss offed mind and that is how it forms verbal ability as its only autistic skill.  And by the way that is quite a normal human being thing- to think about what you are going to say to someone who does bad things.  The saying in politics is that when you argue with a pig the pig loves it.  Why because that is the basis of its only autistic skill.

And what does that kid of that dream on becoming? A highly paid professional athlete!!!  Better that than a CEO with well documented psychotic personality features?

That archetypal mind is exactly what the United States fought in the Revolutionary War (England Kings and people worse the Egyptian Pharos, The Civil War (human traffickers and slave owners), the War against Communism, WWI (China) and WWII  (Germany, Italy and Japan.)

It drinks the lead wine out of escapism and then for some reason wants your eye?  Doesn’t seem right does it?  Maybe it just drinks regular wine?

The United States won every one of these!  We will win again!

“You made the wine now you drink the cup.” Is the lyrics from a song that mentions evil or midevil woman.

“Oh how nice you made me a cup of lead wine.  Now you drink it yourself then.”
"Let's see you had an autistic kid so I should have one too? So that you don't feel offended?  No, you move to China instead.  Your rights in this country ended when violated those of people like me!"

“Oh how nice you made me a little pill.  You take it yourself or you go to China!  They have been preparing for your arrival for quite some time!  They even have a city just like Manhattan created just for the likes of you!  The choice is yours take the pill you meant for others or leave the nation of the free!”

Bottom line, if you have a friend who is handing you free drinks left and right while you are in college now you know who and what they are.  It should have been a clue to you that they had dislexia!


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