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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Attrition is a Corporate Business Catch Phrase but what does it really mean 05 11 2013 Primate Pyschology

Attrition is a Corporate Business Catch Phrase but what does it really mean 05 11 2013

In our modern Corporate business world the term attrition is used a lot.  It really means harassing someone and abusing their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  They are not at LIBERTY to find employment anywhere else because the Limited Liability business structure that has come to abuse their rights is the dominant form of business today, 05 11 2013!

If my memory is correct the origin of the world attrition comes from slowly scraping a whole in a skull using crude implements.  So why would someone ever do this?  To obtain or derive a TRAIT or rather ATTRIBUTE that you yourself don't have?

The Primate believes, "My community or tribe will reward me if I bring home that attribute?"

I will have to look it up, just a second......

.....the word ATTRITION was formed from the Latin word Atritus.  Atritus meaning abrasion or scraping.

The other day on Book Television I heard an author say that they are not teaching things relevant in business school.  I agree with him.  So if they are not teaching knowledge are they really teaching the act of Attrition?

Well that is my definition of atritition and why it is such a popular business term.  In the miniature monarchy Corporate structure it really means firing someone by draining the life out of them so that you don't have to fire them.  And it is quite a popular form of behavior among human beings or primates?

Okay maybe I was really thinking of the word trepanning or trephination.  Meaning skull surgery in early history. Yeah I was wrong about all this.  Little difference between trephination and trepidation?

PS.  If someone asks you to join their trephination club best to just say no lest you become like them? Sounds like a new swear word doesn't it?  The Trephin Nation!!!!!

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