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Friday, May 31, 2013

Aesthetics and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 05 13 2013

Aesthetics and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 05 13 2013

So for some reason there is a Village ordinance that you cannot install solar panels on your roof unless approved by some committee but because of a quickly learned reason of necessity that was known already by many of us; it is okay to create a giant Mosquito ditch in Cahill Square.  For how many decades had and have we seen the brown water flowing into Lake Michigan?

With regard to the photo voltaic electric industry:

What should happen is that in the next 15 to 27 months all these solar stocks are going to get wind in their sails and it lasts for very long business cycle. What is the harm of creating more solar electricity than the demand of all current sources of electricity~ none, but plenty of benefit.

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PS. I wouldn't find Chinese, Russian, German, English, Canadian, Mexican, Israeli, Polish, Scandinavian, Iranian, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, Venezuelan, South African tanks rolling through the United States aesthetically pleasing either.  (The tanks belong to whoever they were sold to?)

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