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Monday, May 27, 2013

Commentary on 'Murder at Sea' the death of George Allen Smith on CBS 48 hrs.

Commentary on 'Murder at Sea' the death of George Allen Smith on CBS 48 hrs.
Murder at Sea George Allen Smith Analysis 05 27 2013
My notes and commentary.
Right off the bat the name Kaufman sticks in my mind.  That was the name of my Jewish neighbors some 40 years ago when I was a young boy.  The adolescent son liked to point at me and command his dog to “kill.”  The dog would start charging at me and then he would yell halt and it would stop.
Why do four young men go on a cruise together?  I don’t get it?
They say that George Allen Smith had great skills with tools.  So here I thought it might be a satanic thought to steal skills.
Facts:  Jenifer Hagel his wife a school teacher.  Passed all polygraph tests.  Dated him for 3 years before marrying. Does not seem to be a double cross or motive here.  But what is unique about her as a woman?  She is a blonde that is hotter than a supermodel!
Royal Caribbean and cruise ship with Gambling and Alcohol on board especially Absinthe?
Krishinki- a couple that were fellow honeymooners.
At midnight headed to Casino?
Jennifer at the Black Jack table.
****Motive is with regard to the wife!
Three of the suspects names.
Zachary and Greg Rozenburg.  And Rusty Kaufman.
Casino closed and they were drunk
2:00 am George Smith
The Sun Rose at 7:30 AM
There was blood on the life boat canopy.
Jenifer at ships spa getting a scheduled message.
So if he wasn’t there did she look out the window and see that the blood was outside?  She might indeed have feared for her life and still does.
Imagine if your husband was murdered on your honeymoon and you were drugged and gang raped and are alone on a cruise ship.
I would be tempted to say that a satanic skill transfer happened here but she passed the lie detector test.  Which leads me to the next question.  If that date rape drug can put a person unconscious can it also be taken to pass a lie detector test in a smaller amount?
I guess that I don’t get the disconnect between the separation between the wife and the husband?  You stay with her because she is the most important thing in your life unless you are knocked out unconscious?
The Russian boys were all agreeing on an alibi and one is forcing the agreement upon the others, “We never saw him again!”
Casino managers arm around Jenifer.  I don’t like this one bit. Are they part of some same hidden bread?
Shots of Absinth.  They are taking that because they are about to do something crazy aren’t they???
They say that Jenifer kicked George in the groin?  This is alibi building.
George boasted about money in his rooms safe.  Did the Casino manager believe he could make money quicker that way?  What is a Casino manager’s mentality?  That tool at a craps table is called a Rake it is used to rake in money.
3:52 entered the casino
Return George at 4:01 am
Again in the video we see alibi building, “He was never mad. He was never mad.”
That of course after they said she kicked him in the groin.
What happened to that money?  We never heard that.  Brought there to get rid of him and split?
Argument on Smiths balcony.
Good night, good night.  And 3 men left the room.  They had already beat him unconscious and wanted everyone listening to believe that all of them had left the room already whey the lone one left looted the place.  Did his watch have engraving on it.
Lone males voice cupboard doors closed loudly. A criminal acting like he George looking for an aspirin.
2 minutes silence then this,
Jennifer passed out in the hallway.
They the men ordered room service?  But the ships records do not corroborate this.  Usually food is ordered after drinking and partying is done as a way to absorb the alcohol, calm your stomach and go to sleep.  So that is what they wanted everyone to believe happened.  So if the ships records say they didn’t order food and we take the records as evidence then why didn’t they?  Because they had just killed a man and where to high strung to eat!
Those 4 men had no reason to be in that room with that honeymooning couple!!!
That looked like nose bleed blood on the pillow to me but the investigator thought it might be from pinching his wrist to take off the expensive Brietling (sp?) watch.
Was he punched?
Was his wife drugged and date raped?
She might not even remember if she was.  If she was and she did not remember is it because of a satanic controlling influence of the disembodied sperm?
Rusty Kaufman said, We put him to bed.
Zachary Rozenburg.
At the time of press George Rozenburg.  Was in prison for trafficking Oxycontin. Okay isn’t that the date rape drug.  Jesus Christ you would swear that it was a show of fiction and not an actual case believe to be unsolved.
She passed the polygraph and said she didn’t remember what happened.  Consistent with being given the date rape drug.  As is her getting up and going to the massage.  But who can get up early to get a massage after they pass out drunk.  That is an inconsistency with regard to memory!!!  Right?  It doesn’t make sense.  Most people pass out drinking and sleep for quite some time.  Who has the presence of mind to get up 3 hours later after not remembering anything in the meantime in order to make a massage?  Remember there was at least one man left in that room wasn’t there.
Mike Jones.
They never delivered room service food where they raping her.
Oxycontin isn’t that the date rape drug?
She was unsteady when she left the Disco at 3:30 AM.
The four men agree to say, “He wasn’t angry.”  They are fabricating an alibi that he did not fight them and they overpowered him.  It is like a joke isn’t it.  He had to have been raging mad pissed at them!
Date rape?  They had to have done this before!!
And indeed that is just what another woman complained about on that same cruise ship regarding them.  An 18 year old woman complained about a sexual assault.  Not only that they filmed it?  What DA can’t read that as a recurring motive?  They even took a film of it and narrated the film, she is so happy (when she was really crying.)  Narrated as the Girl is taking advantage of the boys.  While she was crying.  What is this?  These filth have made rape pornography films!!!  There have to be quite a few of them out there.  The FBI could use facial recognition software and scan websites to prove this if they wanted to.
The four suspects were rounded up and what did one say like a McEnroe Tennis player brat, “Get ready for the biggest lawsuit!”  For what being asked questions?
Another said, “George was parachute riding off the boat.”
Another said to the other after it, “I told you that I was a gangster.”  What do gangsters do they commit crimes.  That is the definition of a gangster.  Do you need more evidence than that.  It is about the same thing as saying “I just committed a crime” and it was said in context where there was a crime scene.
When George Allen Smith said he had thousands of dollars in his cabin are you trying to tell me that Casino managers ears didn’t go up?  What is a Casino manager hired to do?  To not let those dollars slip through his fingers.  You ever argue with one at a gambling table.  You won’t win.  Sure as a consumer of a product that is broken you can get your money back.  But at a Casino they seem to have an ancillary set of rules to mean you lose and you can’t argue them.
What DA can’t piece together all that evidence and present the case?  Religion and money at work here?
Greg Rozenburg the Russian admits to having Attention Deficit Disorder.  Am I the only human being who has recognized that it is a type of mental retardation?  Oh no don’t you dare call my Russian Jewish son that?
He even admits that something crazy went on!!!  That is the perfect opportunity for a district attorney to ask him to elaborate!
And there is indeed something about the Rosenburg name and some type of corruption in Russia.  And Shakespeare had nothing good to say about that family name either.  To me it seems like deep pocket gold tooth money from all those Russians killed a long time ago.  Don’t ever be ashamed for looking into the history of family surnames!  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Has our criminal justice system been hit on the head with a hammer until they are stupid?
So they watch violence and crime television from the United States and then they come over here and that is the reality that works very well for them.  Remember if you were well off in communism you were about the same as a silver spoon socialite brat in the U.S.
And why become a lawyer other than to cover your own tracks better?
What really bother’s me is the confidence that they will not be caught and the arrogance with which they treated people.
Now you aren’t going to like me for this one at all but I believe a mentally retarded person that sells drugs to others should get the death penalty for it!  Mental retardation evidenced by a diagnoses of attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.  So if you are either of those and you sell drugs you should get the death penalty; in my humble opinion!  What happened in Rome?  They drank Leaded wine a known cause of mental retardation and they indeed granted themselves the government right to be the most mean horrific people in the history of the world.  So that is why there needs to be a very sobering message with regard to this type of activity.  It took hundreds of years to dissolve that ruler ship and the free and good people to be free. I have noticed that the mentally retarded are both mean and strong.
Thomas Paul Murphy

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