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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Luddite Versus Leadite 05 26 2013

Luddite Versus Leadite 05 26 2013

Phonetically they sound exactly the same.  Homonyms being words spelled differently to obscure, erase meaning and historical connotation? Think of how they are said with an English accent and they are even more the same.
A Luddite is a term used to describe someone in England who abhorred increases in technology.  Why?  It was likely incomprehensible to them.  Meaning they could not understand it and therefore feared its effects on their socioeconomic status?
But what would a Leadite be?  Would it be someone who drank lead wine; a Roman?  Lead being a cause of the birth defect of mental retardation?
But what do we know about Luddites?  Were they likely English socialites with strong verbal ability?  Strong verbal ability and abhorred technology?  Doesn’t seem to jive or be congruent to the whole of such a person with strong verbal ability does it?
Were they really called Leadites in mockery of them?  And they changed the spelling to Luddites?
The Roman Empire spread from Italy all the way to England!  And they drank the lead wine causing mental retardation.  But does that make any sense to you?  How can you lead a country if you are mentally retarded from drinking lead wine.  What do we know about all presumed leaders?  At the very least they tell people what to do don’t they?  To be a leader means to tell people what to do then?  There has to be a defined difference between a leader that is true and one that is false?  In other words he is followed because he has strong verbal ability or is the one telling people what to do and they are doing it?  But what of someone telling people what to do and they are not of the will not to do it?  Is that really a leader?  What am I getting at?  To be a leader you have to be followed by people who believe in you, have the intelligence to know what they believe in and are not tricked or coerced.
So the lead wine Romans were leaders but they also have to have been mentally retarded from drinking lead wine.  But in order to lead you have to have the verbal ability to tell people what to do?  Do you see what I am proving?
So where the Luddites in England really vestiges of the mentally retarded from the Roman Empire.  After all Romans would not leave leadership in those provinces to those who didn’t drink lead wine too? You cannot tell me someone didn’t look at one of their faces and say that is a LEADITE!  You can’t tell me that isn’t true.  So what do you have next a cover up of the derogatory term by the creation of homonym! Oh sure they have terms to describe it better than that.
So you are a Luddite?  The words richest man by stock market Investing is a Luddite too!  He does not hide the fact nor is he ashamed of the fact that he does not invest in technology!  He is an American of English Descent?  He made all his money by investing in those high technology things that are so good for you cigarettes and sugar corn syrup drinks.
And what do they want to do in Milwaukee?  Invest in Leadite trolleys?  Some of you can’t tell they are leadites because you yourself are a leadite!
I wonder how many English waifs got their ass kicked good until they were almost dead because they called someone a LEADITE!  When we hear voices in our heads that is Leadites too isn’t it!  That is how they get their verbal ability while still being mentally retarded.
No Leadite should ever lead or presume to lead in the United States of America.
Let’s see, let’s see can you see her proudly wearing her horsey hat and declaring she is a Socialite, a socialite, a socialite.  And what does the child of loving parents that didn’t drink alcohol say to her to bring her down.  You’re not a socialite you’re a LEADITE!
Sounds accurate to me.  But no one believes in me; accept for the LEADITES and they don’t want anyone to ever know the nature of the relationship!
Look at their eyes and see who and what they really are?
And if a person is a low grade mental retard are they likely to be very mean.  Meanness being a trait that is anti to the state of being a human being?  Well when you are a low grade mental retard you aren’t as smart are you.  And if you aren’t as smart you are going to be emotionally insulted quite easily by everything that you see and hear. Including but not limited to great works of achievement such as advancements in technology?   Hence the horror of the Roman Empire.  Also the horror of the political U.S. dynasty; Bush flunked a grade didn’t he?  Dyslexia, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, those are all Leadites.  And what is the drug they give them to the tune of thousands of tons a year?  It is based on speed and is the same one that the Nazi’s gave Adolph Hitler isn’t it.  The Nazi’s would seem to be pro technology but they were Satanic.  It was more of a means of technology being used by Leadites to destroy non leadites?  There is a little bit of everything in the obscurity of analysis of those conflicts that defy conventional human reason.
Honest to God, who believes that being mean is a human skill?  They praise it in the business structure with the glamorizing terms of cost cutting and attrition.  But they talk about people using far worse terms than that in private circles of the rich and wealth executives.  So what do we have?  A culture that teaches from the top down to take what you want.  How can that be good for us?  And I will emphasize the difference between take what you want and achieve to get what you want!  Entirely different constructs of human advancement in society.  You chose!
And when someone is shot with a lead bullet how many times is it a result of a Leadite wanting to convert them to being a leadite by filling them with lead?

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