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Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Part to the Modern Confederate Conspiracy 05 06 2013 Update # 2

Another Part to the Modern Confederate Conspiracy 05 06 2013

A long time ago an investigative news program revealed how the tanker trucks went don't South carrying fuel and back up north carrying Orange Juice.

So how many things in fuel are bad for you and your genes, do I even have to count the ways?  Like Tar in cigarettes?  Do they ship Cigarettes up North that have tar and ones down south without?  Is it a same issue with the alcohol?  (As if the products by themselves aren't bad enough at causing reproductive harm (that means birth defects too!)

Can we find other issues like this?  Such as crops sprayed with a fertilizer that is bad for you?

What does smaller government mean to you?

Just asking please don't get the hammers and the spikes out.

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They can tell where a genetic strain of marijuana came from because they are the same people who know how to tell where a genetically engineered standard farm crop seed comes from????  Is it the same people from the expertise field?  And it was a British Bank that laundered Mexican Drug money as it was a British Company that provided the musket designed for the Confederate Troops?  Every time you look at  a British person see if you can tell the predecessor to it was a Druid!  

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