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Friday, May 31, 2013

Did Piers Morgan Taunt the American Public to figure out how to make Ricin?

Did Piers Morgan Taunt the American Public to figure out how to make Ricin?  That is how I viewed his commentary.

From a student whose Axis minded High School History teacher wanted to flunk ask yourself this,  "How different would the world be today if instead of fleeing from England we had taken it over?"

Piers and all his talk about guns.  What would have happened if we had indeed killed the monarchy instead of Founding the United States?

What would have happened if after we won the Revolutionary War on our HOMELAND, YES OUR HOMELAND, WE DID HAVE A WAR ON OUR HOMELAND EVEN THOUGH YOUR HISTORY PROFESSOR WANTS TO USE LANGUAGE TO LESSEN THE CONCEPT AND THEN NOT TEACH THAT.....what would have happened if after we won the Revolutionary War on our Homeland we chased them all the way back to England and took it over!  Should we have done that?

The British were invaders of the U.S. during the Tea Party.  Sure it was insidious and over a long period of time but they had the troops ready when it happened to invade the U.S. didn't they.  They tried to gain control by taxing us. I was just reading about the millions of lead toys China shipped to the United States; isn't that like a tax too? Hong Kong was controlled by Great Britain until very recently.  So China emerges as a manufacturing powerhouse of lead toys at about the same time Great  Britain leaves.  It is kind of like a teacher saying I am leaving the room now don't beat up the kid you all like to bully.  Keep an eye open.  That heroin in Chicago comes from Mexico.  And it was a British Bank that helped launder money for drug dealers in Mexico.  Is all that money lost to fraudulent Chinese Stocks really finding its way to Great Britain?  Watch out for a military buildup.  And 26,000 sexually molested in our U.S. military?  That is 26,000 new Yankee's isn't it.  A Yankee being someone sexually yanked by a yanker?

So your child has been lead poisoned and is autistic or mentally retarded and you want to deny that is what they really are or how it could have happened?  Or who did it? What good do you do the United States?

And another thing.  Given that the start of gun control in the United States was incited because a President of the United States fraudulently won the election and there was an assassination attempt on his life (Reagan) would we have any of the Gun Violence issues today if the crime of what I will term election fraud was allowed to happen?  Oh sure Hinkley said it was because of Jody Foster.  If you hit a person over the head with a black jack or fry the water out of their brain with a microwave weapon they might not get the story straight?

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Standard Oil was the heart of Oil Companies in the United States.  It was split up by antimonopoly powers.  It is now owned by British Petroleum and we pay $4 a gallon for gas.  All of your Arab oil wealth was educated in English Universities?  And what else do they say that all gas station owners today are Arabian.    Isn't that $4 a gallon a tax?

And what about solar energy? There is a substantial difference in quality and output of two same sized modules!  But would you be able to tell the difference between a plastic toy that had lead in it and one that didn't?

High Crime facilitated in Chicago by a British Bank, isn't that a tax?

I don't see how you could ever call them an ally of the United State!!!!   We saved them in WWII, they have never done anything like that for us, quite the contrary is true.

And paying $200 for a Cable bill and listening to this Druid propaganda is a tax too.  Television used to be free.

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