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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Barrack has it wrong again 05 05 2013

Barrack has it wrong again 05 05 2013

He said that our biggest threat today was "Self radicalized individuals."

Not true, most of those young children in the U.S. were given Ritalin ~ essentially the same thing as speed or amphetamines.  One of the greatest mass killers in the history or the world was given the same thing  Adolph Hitler!

And the major pharmaceutical companies are in Germany?  And what is the most profitable product that they sell?  It is the anti-psychotics!

So these young people weren't "Self radicalized Individuals" by any means!

They were prescribed these drugs because they could not keep up in school.  What was likely the reason that they could not keep up in school in the first place?  A developmental disability related to alcohol and drugs influence on conception.

Other Notes.

Alcohol and Wisconsin?  German immigrant's in Wisconsin?  German beer in Wisconsin?  And then Eugenics big in Wisconsin, New York, California, North Carolina and the South.  It reads like a European Satanic wealth class plot to me.  And indeed it might not be intentional.

But first we had the Dutch West Indies New York Stock Exchange drain us into the Great Depression.  Dutch being the predecessor to Germany?

We also had the South and Slavery.  The Civil War.

WWII and the rise of Vatican II and also the pharmaceutical companies and also the beer industry in the United States?

We had New York Socialites as the basis Port for the goods and grains in the South produced by slave labor.  Kind of like a crime based textile industry.

Then we also had prohibition defeated by what became part of the Axis side in WWII.

We had Russian Immigrant Tesla and the particle beam marketed in Europe Pre WWII. 

What can one do with a directed energy beam?  They can drive people from their homes!  Skip over WWII and Jews leaving their homes and Hitler coming out of a sanitarium (Did they experiment on him without him even knowing it?)  And did he not die?  Can we verify the body?  Could he have been living somewhere just like Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan?  Body brashly dumped in the Ocean for fear of offending some Arab religious belief concerning the person we killed?

We know of legends of Vampyrs in Romania?  Romania being named after Rome or not?  Why?  That indeed was part of the interpretation of the Christian religious belief~ to drink someones blood?  And where are all the missing people going to?

With regard to Russia, isn't that the easiest way for wealth accumulation?  Kill a whole lot of people.  Take all their gold and possessions.  Then make a form of Government called Communism.  And when the Berlin Wall comes down they flood into the U.S. too.  And what do we have in Chicago where Barrack came from?  Much corruption in Government, and Russian based too.

And Wisconsin is nationally known for Human Trafficking?

Then we have the Berlin Wall coming down!

So lets say you want to be a Real Estate magnate?  You have your eye on a property. First you offer one price and then particle beam the guy.  Come back and offer a lower price.  Particle beam the guy.  You would have to have rich Russian connections to get hold of the technology to do it.  Offer a lower price. Particle beam the guy.  Then you get to buy the property for cheap!  Something about a Deal being an Artform?

And to have such Russian Connections you might marry one?

Then we had George Bush let the Mexicans into the U.S. to the tune of 11 million?

So are the son's and daughters of Socialites who drank cognitively impaired to run down the human soul of a being, develop a strong verbal ability and argument that is not based on substance but rather the privilege of knowing that you can destroy anyone who gets in your way?

So you watch a show by a Real Estate magnate and you don't really learn anything about Real Estate from him.  Instead what you see is a pirate cast of characters and the detractive nature again.  10 residents in that apartment building particle beam one and he is homeless.  9 contestants on the show subtract one.

Did you ever have a friend in college who loved to hear the God Father type movies and talk like them?  What middle class father wants to hear his son say, "And after a stint with college he had ambition to run the Tangiers."  Can you hear him say that?  The Tangiers?

No one who runs a gambling business earns their money!  No- one.  And Indian Gambling operations are often run by hired management?  (Not Indians?)

Have you ever read the Bible and the nature of Satan?  What we know of Satan from the Bible?

And where do all the drugs come from?  So your Self Radicalized were given drugs?

As I sit here today I have to say to myself that drugs should be more rare than Dodo Birds.

Derivative coming from the word Derive.  Just like the word Procula comes from procure? And indeed Pro-cula from Rome does sound a lot like Dra-cula from Romania?

Who is the Don of New York?

So you say on your television show that you deal with Scum everyday.  Does that mean you pay scum to do work for you?  Does that mean that you work for scum?  One or the other right, and both are not good.  Does that mean guilt by association?  Does that mean that you are not a man because evil existed and you failed to act?

So you have a television show and everyone on their makes you look good by comparison don't they?  There is never anyone on there that challenges YOU!  There is never mutiny on the Bounty?  I would like to see Mutiny on the Bounty.

Last night I strolled into the TV room and there was Italian Lou Ferrigno giving someone the sleeper hold in a movie and cutting off the circulation to their brain.  Just the other day a man in Wisconsin was arrested for teaching his son to do this.  To mean it seems like a whole bunch of people need to be rounded up!  So the sleeper hold doesn't really hurt anyone?  You wouldn't give it to your son who looks just like Adam Lanza?  It wouldn't be very good for an Autistic person would it?  Then you should not do it to anyone!

And there are 46 million Americans on foodstamps and media personality is one that sold drugs as a youth.  What does that say to the American public.  It gives them false hope that they can use drugs and someday make it anyway?  All this crap about second chances when its very rare anyone even gets a first chance!  "Hey he got a second chance, I didn't even get a first!"  I am surprised we don't here that.  But the Catholic Church say's that only Jesus Christ never sinned!  That we are all sinners!  Speaking for yourself to justify the horror of yourself?

Thank you for reading this.  I have to write it.

This is my small spot on the earth.  And I have an addiction to writing this stuff! I can't stop.

The other day I thought, I would rather be in the Guantanamo prison being fed through a tube than marry a imperceptible mentally retarded woman.  You would have to know what they sound like in your head to understand that.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 05 05 2013 by Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  So he doesn't want to work or learn and drinks.  Drinking is escapism.  Then he has a child who is retarded and no one knows why just like they didn't know alcohol caused breast cancer either or that cigarettes where bad for you.  So you get to have a mentally retarded child and then you get $80,000.00 a year to take care of it from the Government.  Sounds like you got your dream come true doesn't it?

And if you think of Europe as being pocketed by Satanic dependent minded wealth from Rome to England then you start to get the picture of the strings that are being pulled.

In order to defeat our Democracy they (Satanic wealth) needed to bring breweries to the North? Why?  In order to dumb down the population that fought them in the Civil War over slavery?  To gain a stronghold?  You would also have to control California to defeat our Democracy?  Hence the glamorization of criminals as if they are really protagonists in the television and media industry?

Human trafficking?  Human trafficking?  No death penalty?  Didn't we kill quite a few Human Traffickers in the Civil War until we got them to stop it??????  So indeed it was a death sentence in the history of the United States!  I think it was a good one!  Yeah I would bring it back if I was President!  So you pimped your daughter? And she would pimp hers.  And then she would also pimp yours too.  Enough, enough, enough!

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